June 25, 2008

“No great intellectual thing was ever done by great effort…”

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Groan… why is is taking so much effort to pick up the energy to blog this week? Our students are on holidays a month starting this week and we’re not… you’d think the bitterness and outrage at such unfairness would bolster my spirit! Instead I’m expending most of my energy actively boring our prac students to tears, passively boring my colleague’s Education students to tears, and alternately dreaming and fretting about possibly being on TV…. Nargh, enough about me, we all know what we’re here for!

1) Following a comment tip from Vena a few weeks back I checked out for some more fun animation for us all. And what I did find was a very silly, very cute, and terribly cruel little game – Smacky the Squirrel. The premise is pretty simple. You, an angry mean squirrel, use your mouse to bash up your cute squirrel neighbours before they come to your house and annoy you to death. Cathartic? Oh yes…

2) If you were smarter than me and forewent (? I assume this is the past tense of forgo. Latin is so much easier than English!) the new Indiana Jones movie, you can get pretty much the entire gist of it here at this unofficial “Abridged Script”. Even if you did go and see it (silly!) it’s still probably worth a look for a giggle. Unless you really loved it. Then give it a miss. Go rub salt into your eyeballs, by all means. But give this a miss…

3) Finally, our YouTube clip this week tries to give a shout-out to all of those doing good in this world. Even if Doing Good involves freezing your underpants in liquid nitrogen and smashing them up with a mallet in public. No doorknock will ever be successful again!


  1. “City of Gold? Isn’t that what Nicolas Cage was looking for in National Treasure 2? Are we seriously getting the plot for our shitty sequel to Indiana Jones by ripping off the plot of a shitty sequel to a shitty knock-off of Indiana Jones? I feel like that should unravel the space-time continuum or something.”

    God, I love The Editing Room…

    Comment by kalafudra — June 25, 2008 @ 7:39 pm

  2. […] After bringing you the Editing Room’s version of the Indiana Jones script a few weeks ago, I’ve another Crystal Skull treat for you. Grab this year’s two biggest […]

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