October 27, 2006

Nice to meet you – roll for initiative…

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Ha…so great. Going to get that on a shirt. Would have been way better than the boring “RPG Geek” one I have ordered. Last shirt I bought was “I’m not your damn search engine”, went over a treat at work at the library.

Barenaked Ladies are offering their new album for USD$10 download from their website – yeah, stick it to Warner music!! And screw waiting six months for an import! I got me some “Peterborough And The Kawarthas” action right now, baby!
Anyway, inaugural post….um, let’s think. For punters this week, three new goodies to waste time with – let me know what you think.

1) Serious one up first –, lots of stats from places like the CIA factbook and collated side by side. Loving the graphical representation features and the really quirky categories…hmm, which country has the most roller coasters per capita?? Won’t that make you look clever next dreadful nerd party you go to… oh, then you can bring out your damn blackberry and show off the nationmaster pie chart that backs your facts up. You gimboid… That being said, educational-tool-wise, it’s pretty comprehensive, pretty darn good lookin’, and pretty (well, totally) free.

2) An oldie but a goodie, Lore’s Book of Ratings at Lore rates stuff with hilarious consequences. We’re particularly tickled by his Magical Artifacts from D&D and Aspects of Pirates ratings…

3) Speaking of pirates, I read this guy’s blog far too late at night, almost peed myself laughing. Terrible terrible pirate jokes (also take to party if your rollercoaster stats don’t get you into bed with someone’s older sibling…) at

Until next time, waste time, and good luck at that party. You gimboid.