February 27, 2009

“The object of (wo)man’s worship, whatever it be, will naturally be his (her) standard of perfection.”

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Before we get into links this week, I just want to say congrats to Kate Winslet on her Oscar. Kate’s awesome, she’s a wonderful actress, a gorgeous non-stick-figure woman, and miracle of miracles a real person who doesn’t mind heading out the door without a truckload of makeup every morning. So well done Kate.

(My secret dream to play alongside KW as her brainy-but-gorgeous younger sister continues…)

Creepy stalker post over and done with. Over to links…

1) We all know how much I love lists. And regardless of the fact that, since I can’t eat store-bought pizza anymore, this one’s not much use to me, here are 101 Ways to Order a Pizza. Not many of them will get you a pizza, to be fair, but probably good drunken fun. (Voice of experience = my elitist history friends and I used to order pizza under the names of various World War 2 generals to see if we’d get a reaction. No, not even “pizza for Trotsky” gets a blink of an eyelid these days…)

2) Can’t get a song out of your head? Want to know what on earth it is GlasVegas are actually singing about in “Geraldine”? Want to win whatever music-lyrics-related bar bet your boozy friends throw your way? Internets to the rescue! WhoDitty claim to be able to help you “find a tune by lyrics, artist, tags, or where you heard it…” I’m dubious about tags, and even more dubious about the last claim. And it’s ad-laden and clicky. But it did manage to find me the obscure song with lyrics that read “you eat the bivalve anyway you’re sick with salmonella” (and no, that doesn’t rhyme with anything in the song, don’t worry) so it’s not all that bad…

3) Finally, YouTube. What’s awesome? Why, Lego, of course. What else is awesome? Monty Python. So in combination…


February 16, 2009

“Baseball has the great advantage over cricket of being sooner ended…”

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If you don’t live in a cricketing country, let me just tell you one thing – going to spectate at this sport is FRAUGHT WITH PERIL, people!! Rather than either play on anyway or cancel a match like a SENSIBLE sport, cricket enjoys putting off the decision to play until 5 minutes before the point of no return, once you’ve just changed into your pajamas and resigned yourself to no cricket, then cheerfully letting you know “We’ll be starting in 10 minutes, see you there or lose your ticket!”. So then you run around the house mad trying to find your shoes, race the 30 minutes from home to the cricket ground only to find your 30 minutes is now 60 because of all the OTHER poor schmucks caught out just like you. And then they don’t even have the decency to finish the game properly!

Gentleman’s Game my foot!!

*sulks and retreats to this week’s links…

1. Is this possibly the BEST BOOK EVER??? For example, maybe : “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of… braaaaaains…. ” (And now I’ve given it away, haven’t I?)

2. Now I’ve found the (well, a possible) answer to a question I have every day without fail – how should a Librarian decide what to wear to work? (Of course now I’ll do it consciously instead of it just happening that way, and that’s a bit wrong…)

3. Finally, from YouTube this week (featuring lots of shots of our campus looking green and not ghastly and soggy) a story of love, loss, pie and the uneasy relationship between man and ibis…

February 10, 2009

“I feel bad that I don’t feel worse…”

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I feel bad for bitching about the heat last week, considering how bad the bushfires are down south. Sorry! Minute’s silence for everyone who’s lost their home or worse, our thoughts are with them (if yours aren’t, shame on you!) . Let’s see if I can go a week without trivialising anything this time…

1) The good thing about drinking games is that – well, they’re games, and they’re drinking. The bad thing about drinking games is that you always forget the really good ones, mostly because they involve too much drinking. Fear not! Barmeister has their own Drinking Game wikipedia – so now as long as you can drink and Google (and you know you can, it’s one ability alcohol never affects. Just your search choices.) you’ll have a wealth of drinking games to enjoy. I highly recommend the TV/Movie category!

2) We all love a feel-good library story in my profession. And it don’t get much more feel-good than babies. Except for babies that are born in a library… I find the comments amusing. Sure, there are the usual “that’s lovely” inane ones. And there’s a heated debate over whether the mother was an illegal immigrant or just a welfare cheat (or both). But did anyone stop to think of the HEALTH RISK! If I haven’t convinced you by now, LIBRARIES ARE FILTHY, people!  (At least mine is.) The real Library Miracle here is that she didn’t get septic and die…

3) This is awesome! Would you wear a computer around? I know I would! (If it matched my shoes, at least…)

February 2, 2009

“Heat not a furnace for your foe so hot that it do singe yourself…”

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So much for posting on the weekend – I know, I know, it’s not as hot here as it was in SOME parts of the country, but we still spent the weekend a bit like dying lizards (that is, just sort of lying there, scaly and a bit smelly, making little hissing groaning sounds) Who’d ever think you’d be glad to go back to work? (Even if it is the mystical fountain of air-conditioned comfort!) Not to mention the fact that any temp above 30 degrees has my home computer resetting itself every ten minutes as punishment for DARING to wake it up in such heat!

So here are last week / this week’s links from an apologetic, yet arctic-cool, LiberryDwarf…

1) I promise this isn’t a vain attempt to hang onto any remaining threads of my holiday! I’m sure everyone’s already seen this one before – but if you haven’t, you (like me) may never be able to complain about airline food again. At least not with a straight face…

2) I apologize in advance for all the pain and groans this one’s going to cause: this one’s for my friend LB in honour of her awful Orange joke (which nobody but her seems to even get!) – let’s drown in really bad jokes. Randomised bad jokes! Try limiting to under an hour the times you go “Groan! Well, maybe the next one will be funny and not terrible…” (Dare you!)

3) Finally, this week from YouTube – it’s cricket season, and cricket season means ads. Not only repeated ad nauseum ads (excuse the pun) but blokey stupid ads, usually for drinks (yes, the only people who like the heat are advertisers!) Usually I hate them – this one made me laugh, which for a cricket ad, is a rarity. Of course, when I’ve seen it ninety thousand more times, sure I’ll probably hate this one too. But for now, enjoy…