November 20, 2009

“Way of life in Australia focuses more on the outdoors…”

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I am going camping this weekend with many many small children – that plus the fact it’s quite grey outside, and six-year olds en masse have the patience of an ADHD capucin monkey, has got me quite worried… think positive sunny thoughts for me all weekend, friends! And enjoy this week’s links (because if it’s a choice between browsing the web and having a panic attack, I’ll choose the first thanks!)

1) I guess every animal’s got to have a fan page (see here for exhibit A) but none quite match the fervour of the Ultimate Goat Fansite. I guess some sites, the answer to “Why>” is just “Why not?”… (though I wouldn’t be the last to admit that a baby goat is quite cute…)

2) Imagine if Garfield never really existed and Jon was just a delusional schizophrenic…

3) This week’s vid is from and is pretty cool – libraries don’t just have to be collections of books… (Note if you’re squeamish, wait til next week for your video fix…)

November 10, 2009

“Over-excitement and boredom are states of mind which I equally shun.”

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Hello pretty readers! Hope you’ve all been as super-busy as I have! Need I remind you it’s CHRISTMAS IN SIX WEEKS!!!!

*runs around screaming and waving hands…*

Now that we’ve all calmed down, back to business… linkety linkey business! 🙂

1) I’m of the opinion that The Daily Squee needs no introduction. At least, one from me could never do it any justice… in a word, *squee!!!* indeed. Bring spare clothing in case you asplode from cute…

2) Nobody could ever say Australians, and young Australians at that, were ever anything but cool….

3) Finally, Youtube – this week in honour of my fellow altos in community choir as we prep for our big recital Saturday. Don’t worry girls – we’ll rock them!