December 29, 2008

Happy New Year!

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Seasons Greetings! I’m blogging from Nottingham in the UK… Nothing on tv, killer head cold and it gets dark at 3pm, so perfect blogging time it is!

Okay, so blogging from an iPod means no links, but I do have a YouTube recommendation for you – search for “ford focus beautifully arranged”. See what instruments made from car parts sound like ! (Okay, so to hear what they REALLY sound like, search for “ford focus before overdub” and giggle at the difference!)

I’ll check in again in a week or so to let you know I’m alive! Peace out!


December 16, 2008

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.”

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Merry Christmas in advance, readers! Frantic final post before I enjoy a 4 week hiatus (I might drop you an occasional note to say I’m alive) as I’ll be travelling around the UK and (blessedly) leaving all my computer junk behind except my iPod Touch (which doesn’t handle WordPress well at all!)

So feel the festivities, enjoy the links, and have a damn happy New Year!

1) If you haven’t done your Christmas shopping yet – has the 25 Baffling Toys from Around the World to give you a few ideas. Anyone know where we can order the Teddy-Bear gun?

2) Ever wondered what a cat thinks of Christmas? (Other than “that turkey is mine, stupid human”, “don’t dress me up” and “trees were made for tackling”, that is?) Fortunately, the cats of FluffyTails are here to tell us how to make the Yuletide gay feline style… aren’t we lucky?

3) Finally, courtesy of YouTube – have a very MST3K Christmas, everyone! See you next year!

December 10, 2008

“Technology is a queer thing. It brings you great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in the back with the other…”

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Sorry for the delay – I’ve been at a conference, and until they come up with a mobile-friendly version of WordPress for iTouch there’ll be no conference-blogging for me!

Anyway, when I haven’t been learning about weird and wonderful Apple stuff, I’ve been staying out of the heat and finding some links (let me tell you, one’s much easier than the other!) Here’s this week’s serve. Enjoy!

1) Satisfying my love of lists (in case you didn’t get enough last week!) get out your pen and start adding to your Christmas list if you haven’t got them – it’s the NY Times 100 Notable Books of 2008… (Actually, I think this is a bit America-centric, this list, as I haven’t read many at all! Or is it another case of ‘Shame on Me’?)

2) A bit of nerdy fun – sing your favourite Christmas carols in the best language in the world – Latin! At Gaudium Mundo, you’ll find everything from the obvious “Silens Nox” to the slightly more obscure “Dum Servant Pecus Pastores” (AKA “While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks”) . They’ve even got “Rudolphus Rubrinasus” on there – see if you can guess that!

3) Last, a pretty cool YouTube video – actually, everything on their channel’s pretty cool, and highly recommended. This group, Topology, performed at this conference I’m at and pretty much blew everyone away. What they do shouldn’t even ATTEMPT to be explained by a music-less person like me, but basically they look at the musical inflection within voices, particularly in powerful emotive pieces of oration, and build their music around it. Here’s a particularly famous one…

December 1, 2008

“There is nobody as enslaved as the fanatic…”

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One thing that has often been said about me is that, well, I’m a bit of a fangirl. A crazy theme-song-singing, cry-when-you-meet-Neil-Gaiman, Edward-Scissorhands-wearing limited-edition-box-set-collecting fangirl… (and hence difficult to buy Christmas presents for. Seriously, spent the weekend getting scolded for exactly this!)

So, this week’s links all have a bit of a pop-culture fangirl theme running through them. Actually, kind of more like a wave crashing over them… ah well, immerse yourself!

1) I was rewatching the first season of The Muppet Show last week, and wondering just how on earth the human brain could come up with some of those characters. Take a nostalgic look at a gallery of the best with the 8 Most Underrated Muppets list… I used to have nightmares about Uncle Deadly when I was a kid!

2) Continuing the list theme: November was the 20th anniversary of the release of the first Sandman graphic novel-slash-comic. io9 gives us a list of 5 Ways that Sandman Changed the World. (Yeah, I know – they managed to limit it just to five?) Worth a read JUST for the teasers in the comments about possible new Gaiman projects!

3) Finally, this one’s a special gift for a few regular readers, and anyone else who’s been missing Joss Whedon’s work lately. If you like this first taste of “Dr Horrible’s Singalong Blog” let me know, I’ll pop the links for the other bits in next week…

(with love from the fangirl puddle on the floor, Liberrydwarf!)