November 24, 2008

“After every storm the sun will smile…”

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Hi kiddies! The storms are all over, the sky is blue, my cat can finally venture outside again… it’s a good life! Smell the fresh air and enjoy the links!

1) This first one’s probably mostly for Aussies (because we wouldn’t blame you overseas types AT ALL if you didn’t know who he is. GWB barely knows who he is, and they’re supposed to be close-as-brothers political allies…) Anyway, Kevin Rudd’s been in power 1 year to the day today. Happy anniversary, Mr PM! If you were thinking of getting him a gift, there’s loads to choose from at the Kevin Rudd Memorabilia Store. Proudly brought to you by the Liberal Party in opposition. Free venomous hate and giftwrapping for the first 100 lucky customers…

2) Next, two great stories about Google’s new super-awesome voice search – apparently it’s racist because it doesn’t like British people. That or Brits really ARE obsessed with sex and talk about nothing else… and who would have thought, “izzit?” isn’t really a word?? Sorry, British people! We Aussies aren’t immune either though, take heart… obviously we need more Hugh Jackman market saturation! Talk more broadly Australian, dammit Hugh! Though maybe since he played Wolverine the world’s been a bit confused, perhaps he’s really Canadian… *finishing here, massive “Australia” rant tangent rapidly approaching!*

3) Finally, this is just SO wonderful I’m not even going to embed it, it’s too big! Apparently after years of being ripped off by YouTube users posting up illicit clips from Flying Circus, the Monty Python boys have decided that if you can’t beat them, join them, and they’ve launched their own Monty Python YouTube channel with all their clips in High-Quality format. Lupins all round!!

November 17, 2008

“Why didst thou promise such a beauteous day, And make me travel forth without my cloak, To let base clouds o’ertake me in my way…”

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Hello! I’m in a good mood (despite having no electricity for the better part of a day, and having to wade out my front door this morning) because my UK trip is all booked, all organized! And yes, bring on the jealous – this includes tickets to Romeo & Juliet by the Royal Shakespeare Company at Stratford-Upon-Avon! Woohoo, rocks to be me!

(Yes, I know, I have been looking at the weather reports, I know it’s shaping up to be the coldest European winter for years. Don’t bring me down, haters!)

Come share in my good mood, indulge in some delightful (and toasty-warm) links:
1) Just in case you missed it, the world’s going to end on December 12, 2012. Or December 21, 2012, if you prefer (and you’ve got big plans for those 9 days). Be super-prepared for Doomsday (because obviously it’ll make all the difference!) at December 21 I’m pretty sure this is for serious, people. I mean, Indiana Jones 4 as proof? That’s science in all its glory! And hey, if Mel Gibson’s a celebrity believer, we all should be too, right?

2) If you’re not quite sure how to fill in your remaining 4 and a bit years (or if you’re not quite convinced by The Smashing Pumpkins & Friends above) and you fancy yourself a bit of a writer – especially if you’re a lazy writer – why not drop past It’s a wiki-style collaborative novels project – someone starts a story, and then others can chip in with more story, plot ideas or character suggestions, and then people can vote on which direction they think the story should go in. Most collaborative novel projects online I’ve seen tend to fail dismally, but some of the stuff in here is fun, and anonymous as you like!  (Note: I am going straight to hell for the next sentence…) Hey, if Michael Crichton were still alive, I’m sure it’d be perfect for his next book!

3) Finally, because I just rewatched it again (is it possible to wear out DVD’s by overwatching?) here’s a snippet from one of the best songs ever, from the best movie ever, by the best felt puppets ever. And the latter’s a big call…

November 10, 2008

“Examinations are formidable even to the best prepared, for the greatest fool may ask more than the wisest man can answer.”

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I spent this weekend helping my dad prepare for a tertiary entrance exam. My dad’s almost 60, never finished 9th grade, and is (with all love and respect) a complete psychological mess, so even though this blog’s anonymous (mostly) and I KNOW he’s never going to read it, I just want to say how proud I am of what he’s doing. I have uncrossed my fingers to type this post, as soon as it’s published they’re getting crossed right over again until he’s done the exam! (It’s going to be a long day…)

So quick, while the circulation is returning, here are some links…

1) If you enjoyed the delicious schadenfreude of last week’s entry on Failblog, here’s another dose for you – GroupHug is kind of like PostSecret without the postcards. Now, I know the point of things like PostSecret and, presumably, this too, is that the anonymity allows people to unburden and in reading something so open it touches your life and makes you a better person. But maybe you just smile a tiny bit inside when you see “I don’t have the heart to tell my girlfriend that her mother is more attractive then she is”. Don’t you? Or am I just a big mean freak??

(Note: the site’s pretty slow to load, but I recommend sticking with it…)

2) On a lighter note (and the perfect remedy if GroupHug’s got you feeling a bit depressed) have a play with these cute little guys for a bit. Bet you five dollars you can’t stop after just one go! (Oh, that’s 5 Aussie dollars, by the way, so about 3 cents everyone else’s currency…)

3) Finally, I’ve just (finally) finished the first season of “Torchwood”, and managed to get my sister hooked on it too. She’s been living in the UK so gets all the good stuff first: in this case, “good stuff” is the BBC comedy “Dead Ringers”, and their spoof of the show…

A tiny warning (other than maybe NSFW) is that while I thought this was pretty funny, my husband thought it was awful. We’re both big Torchwood fans, and both sketch comedy fans, so I’m not sure why there’s differences in opinion here. Let’s just say I don’t GUARANTEE you’ll love it. Just wanted to share…

November 3, 2008

“There is nothing funny about Halloween…”

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Man, I hate Halloween. Let me put this in perspective for you. Halloween is NOT an Australian holiday. We don’t have the cultural background for it. We don’t have the consumer hype for it. We don’t have… well, we’re not crazy like you are in America. But still, every year, there are those dozen or so local families that think “yeah, it’d be super awesome if I took my kids around to annoy every single on of my neighbours I haven’t deigned to talk to all year…” And so they dress their nine-year-olds up like goth hookers, they march them around to your house, they scowl at you if your poor confused dog makes so much as a peep at them and their shrieking brood, and then look at you with disgust when all you can dig up in the way of confectionary for the little monsters is a handful of licorice allsorts because, let’s face it, this isn’t America and we don’t do Halloween. Plus, a bunch of drunk guys dressed as ghosts kicked down all the trees in my street. I kind of liked those…

Rant over. Well, over-ish. Let’s get down to business, shall we?

1) Last reference back to Halloween, I swear. As annoying as my neighbours are, at least nothing got quite as weird as this. You Americans! “Hey, it’s a national confectionary-based holiday! I know, let’s humiliate our household pets!” If you’re with me, say “aargh”. Or “woof”. But mostly “aargh”…

2) Actually, the previous is a pretty good segue into the next site. A never-ending treasure trove of stupidity, schadenfreude and clever photography, FailBlog will never disappoint. Plus, what’s funnier than making fun of Engrish, people??

3) Another goodie from one of my “learn new web stuff” course colleagues from YouTube. If anyone knows what country (I assume European?) this particular Idol clip is from, please let me know, I will visit there as a reward! (Note: you can hardly blame this woman, the singer in question IS rather hard to understand!)