February 1, 2010

“Behavior is the mirror in which everyone shows their image”

Filed under: Books, Comics, Humor, I.T, YouTube — liberrydwarf @ 12:44 pm

Hi gang! Hope we’re all over our turning-of-the-year shennanigans (including Australia Day – did you eat lamb? You better have eaten lamb!) and working super-hard again and being on our best behaviour. In between setting up Twitter for work (and accompanying celebrity stalking) and trying to cram 4 weeks worth or work into 2, here’s what fun I’ve found for us all…

1) Neil Gaiman tries his hand at Sherlockiana… *drools* pass the extra-special-oversized-fangirl-handkerchief, please!

2) XKCD share with us all why being the next Harry Potter/Percy Jackson might not be all that hot after all…

3) Finally YouTube: and it seems Apple should really have done their homework this week… (this is about 2 years old, so they have no excuse really!)