March 30, 2011

Wednesday Weekly Links

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Here are this week’s linky treats. Enjoy!


10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Doctor Who


10 Reasons why Gandalf is a terrible wizard (hey, totally not saying I agree or not, this isn’t my list. Just bringing it to you.)

Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods” set to become a movie (and about time too!)


This is horrible. Just horrible. Is this really what real people think  about librarians? If I was still working I’d be doing jeans and heavy metal t-shirts for a month to try and tip the balance…

10 Megalomaniacs Who Should Rule You (And Why)

Results from the Oxfordshire World Poohsticks Competition (I can’t even begin to say how sweet it is they actually hold this…)


March 28, 2011

Meme Monday: What TV shows do you currently watch?

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(Taken from Kalafudra, as usual. But limiting my answers to one of each…)


Older Shows That I’m Finally Getting Around to Watching

Mysterious Cities of Gold. My husband used to watch this as a kid and they recently brought out a DVD box set. It’s… well it’s dated, and more than a bit racist, and the dubbing is really bad. Plus they have these weird “educational” segments at the end of each episode. Usually we sit and MST3K-style heckle, then feel bad…

Guilty Pleasure Shows

The Amazing Race – I know it’s tacky and trite. And I know Americans are awful, particularly when they’re overseas. And I know their team stereotypes are horribly offensive, and that lots of the high interpersonal drama is totally scripted. I know it probably should have run its course ages ago (although it’s nothing compared to Survivor on that count). I don’t know, maybe it’s Phil. But I just can’t look away, every single season.

Shows That Are Really, Really Awesome

Ooh, controversial – should be “shows that I think are really really awesome that others might not agree with”, really. Deadwood probably tops my list here…

Shows That I Continue to Watch Though I Don’t Really Know Why

Glee – I thought most of the first half of Season One was funny, fresh and bold. Most of the second half of Season One was week-on-week-off hit and miss. Season Two seems to be mostly “tired old stuff we’ve done before with the occasional new joke”. I used to laugh out loud at Season One, now I can go a whole episode without cracking a smile. Sad. (Maybe you should bring back Neil Patrick Harris, Glee. That might just cure everything…)

Everything Else you’re watching now

Surprisingly, not much else at all. Nothing regularly. If something like The Simpsons or Big Bang Theory is on and I’m channel surfing I’ll stop to watch the whole episode, but we tend to do our serious TV watching from DVD, and do one series at a time.

Current Shows That I’ve Been Meaning to Start Watching

Dexter. Though I have promised myself I’ll read the Book 1-3 omnibus I have first.

Currently On Break, But Awaited

Waiting for True Blood season 3 on DVD. Yes, I know I could download it. But I won’t… I’m a good responsible copyright-considerate librarian…

Looking Forward To

To quote Kalafudra verbatim – “Game of Thrones. Of course.” Enough said. (And this one I will be trying to watch online weekly. Because morally I can cope with that better than I can cope with downloading. I know it’s such a fine line as to be pretty much non-existent, but it helps me sleep at night.)

March 25, 2011

Friday Weekly Wrap-up: Growing Old, Growing Up and Growing Spring Onions

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The week that was!

One Good Thing: Happy Birthday to Me for yesterday! (And yep – DID get Sims Medieval! Happy days!)

One Bad Thing: Had my last night with my little Scouts last night for a while – sad thing is. I’ll only be away for a few months (unless I’m making the assumption that six-month-olds give you an hour off a week incorrectly) but by the time I get back many of those kids will have had their birthdays, moved on and I’ll never see them again 😦

One Thing I Learned: There is a spring onion growing in my front garden. I didn’t plant it there. I didn’t use another spring onion and then put the remains in the compost, thereby inadvertently causing a new one to grow. So, how did it get there? And is it safe to eat?

March 23, 2011

Wednesday Weekly Links

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Here are this week’s linky treats. Enjoy!


New Discworld TV series coming (and from the makers of “Hogfather” so hopefully it’ll be done right!)


10 potentially great sci-fi movies coming out in 2011


Fact: Boy toy ads sound different to girl toy ads. Interesting: swapping the sound around


This comes out here tomorrow – on my birthday! Mere coincidence – I think not! (Plus – Turk!)


March 21, 2011

Meme Monday: Book Excerpt Meme

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Book meme (from here amongst other places)
– Grab the nearest book.
– Open it to page 56.
– Find the fifth sentence.
– Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.

“Baptiste must have answered him satisfactorily, for he nodded, then dismissed them with a curt word and a gesture of his head”.

– “Beasts of Burden”, Wild Cards vol.IV “Aces Abroad”, edited by George R.R. Martin.


I’m giving the Wild Cards volumes I hadn’t tried before a read – perhaps spurred on by recently watching “Heroes” and missing season 1 when it was novel and cool. Wild Cards seems to retain that feeling without getting too tired – I think maybe because so many different writers are involved?

Anyway, in “Aces Abroad”, a delegation of the American Aces and Jokers already established in the earlier books are travelling to other countries in search of Ace and Joker experiences there. In this story, “Beasts of Burden”, they’ve gone to Haiti where a mysterious evil Joker has kidnapped some of the group to make them his slaves…

March 18, 2011

Friday Weekly Wrap-Up: Movies, Melting and Maternity

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The week that was!

One Good Thing: Saw “The Adjustment Bureau” on Tuesday – highly recommended, very enjoyable. Not sure it’s quiet “Bourne Identity Meets Inception” as the trailers seem to indicate, but a great story and very entertaining.

I wish I was Emily Blunt - she's so gorgeous!

One Bad Thing: It’s still horribly horribly hot. It’s almost the end of March, and still sweltering. Yuk!

One Thing I Learned: Apparently my husband is terrified of me going into labour. Like, keeps-him-awake-at-night terrified. And would insist on a caesarean, all side-effects notwithstanding, 100% to prevent the whole labour thing. But he won’t tell me why…

March 16, 2011

Wednesday Weekly Links

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Here are this week’s linky treats. Enjoy!


Time magazine’s list of the 25 Best Movie Soundtracks.

“Journey to the West” (AKA “Monkey”) being adapted for new movie. Extra win – by Neil Gaiman!


English people are super-gullible and think science fiction is real… (You can also take a cut-down version of their survey for yourself)

The BobCats (or why it’s best cats don’t have careers…)

March 14, 2011

Meme Monday – “I see dead people” meme

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That’s what it’s called, strangely enough. Kalafudra did it a couple of weeks ago…

1. You can travel anywhere in the world; one destination per day from Friday through Monday. Where do you go and why?
Friday: Rome
Saturday: Paris
Sunday: Istanbul
Monday: Disneyland

(There was nothing that said it had to be realistic…)

2. Would you keep a secret from the closest person to you if you thought it was in their best interest?

No – in no small part due to the fact that I’m dreadful at keeping secrets.

3. Tell me one odd/interesting fact about you that you have not revealed in some other crazy meme.

I went to five different primary (elementary) schools in 7 years… (don’t think I’ve revealed that elsewhere…)

4. You can have three wishes (for yourself, so forget all the ‘world peace etc’ BS) – what are they?

Better muscle tone and fitness, a perfectly healthy and extremely intelligent baby, and enough money for a bigger house complete with house cleaner…

5. If you could change anything about your living situation, would you?

I would like it far less cluttered. That’s about it.

6. Who is your favorite character from a comic strip? Please post one strip for us to laugh at.

I love Cat from “Cat and Girl

7. Now we have found you dead. What five people do you want to MEET in Heaven?

Presumably they’re to be people I never met before – Shakespeare, Admiral Lord Nelson, Gandhi, Augustus Caesar, and my paternal grandfather. This is, of course, assuming they all went in that direction and not Downstairs…

8. So since you are dead, what will the title of your life story be?

“A Dream of Libraries” – at this stage I think it sums me up professionally, and personally through my habits/hobbies. Of course, that’ll probably all change in a matter of weeks.

9. Word association time! What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see the word pleasure?

A nice long nap in cool soft sheets…

March 11, 2011

Friday Weekly Wrap-up: Fantasy, Frozen Treats and Family

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The week that was!

One Good Thing: I have rediscovered and started re-reading Jim Butcher’s “Harry Dresden” books. I’d have to say, for my money, definitely best paranormal/urban fantasy books out there, haven’t yet disappointed by devolving into the usual pornographic drivel that these things usually do. And laugh-out-loud-awkwardly-on-the-bus enjoyable!

One Bad Thing: They’ve closed the Cold Rock Ice Creamery near my place! And in summer! Booh, shame on  you!

One Thing I Learned: My awesome mother-in-law was back in the country for a whirlwind 4-day visit, so we caught up and I learned lots of things about my husband as an infant – you know, the kinds of things that are probably very genetically relevant that men have absolutely no clue about? It was good to clear a couple of things up and get some idea of what to expect from that side of the gene pool. (Plus, she bought little vests, hooray!)

March 9, 2011

Wednesday Weekly Links

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Here are this week’s linky treats. Enjoy!


Not to be outdone by Wolverine, Peter Pan’s getting an Origins movie too. Probable bad idea made worse by involvement of Channing Tatum…

Geeks make the house from “Up” in real life!


Firefly was divinely inspired (if you believe The Cutting Room webcomic, that is)


Never cared much for the original song, but in parody form it’s quite amusing. Watch for minor celebrity cameos!


(I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I SO want to do that!)



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