February 27, 2007

“Last night I stayed up late playing poker with Tarot cards. I got a full house and four people died.”

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I would like to point out that it’s late. Too late to still be at work. Seriously, there’s like 1 student here. Why must I sit here for one more hour? I would cry but we’re out of tissues. Forced to cheer my self up with links again…

1) We haven’t had a good cat post in a while, have we? Head on over to Rippin Kitten blog and their entry on how to wash a cat ( I have yet to decide what’s worse (better? worse? I dunno!) – the poor pathetic wet cats, the tips for washing them in the toilet, or the dumb-heads who believed people WOULD ACTUALLY DO THIS and got all outraged. Download yourself a sense of humor, geez…

2) Head on over to the Homophoner ( for guaranteed not-geeky-I-promise fun with words. Stick in your text, it’ll replace words with homophones wherever it finds them. Hours of giggles. And if you’re a high-school teacher, it could prove a valuable translation tool as you find out what your students REALLY mean when they say “Their whir many slaves inn ancient roam”.

3) And last but not least, a charming story of gross misuse of library facilities from the Anchorage Daily News ( Warms the cockles of your heart, every single one of you can go to bed happy that you’re nowhere NEAR as big a nerd as this guy. Those wacky Alaskans!

More for you next week, provided I don’t fall asleep in the book returns and accidentally get shelved…

P.S – Just saw our security guard run hell-for-leather out the front door like his life depended on it. NOW I am worried…


February 21, 2007

Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker (but not so good for 17 year olds)

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Busy little bees this week! I have been accused repeatedly of trying to poison the first year cohort with our vile library lollipops. Boohoo, whine, etc… for goodness sake, people, I ain’t rammin’ them down their precious little throats…


1) Today’s web is all about creating and sharing and stuff…(blah blah blah) and I reckon ( is just about the best example I’ve seen. It’s…it’s…well, basically it’s a big circle picture made up of lots of people’s little pictures, but this crappy description doesn’t do this site any justice at all. Just go look, okay?

2) Anyone reading from overseas who wants to know anything about Australia should take a look at Picture Australia ( – as should any naughty Australian readers who haven’t ever heard of this! The National library has been digitizing old photos of Australia and its people and putting them up in this free database. If you love old photos (and let me tell you, the old fashion model photos are worth it, people) Picture Australia is worth a good time-wastey hour or two…

3) And finally, this (,20867,21231464-29677,00.html) must be about the most disgusting thing I have ever heard of a pet-lover doing…

February 14, 2007

“I enjoy convalescence. It is the part that makes the illness worthwhile.”

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Incredibly, INCREDIBLY ill today. Why am I even here? Xrays this afternoon, should have stayed in bed for sure, “enjoying convalescence” as George Bernard Shaw recommends. At least it isn’t my kidneys.

Anyway, since I’m here, these may as well be too:

If you liked “Lilek’s Gallery of Regrettable Food” (See November 25, 2006) You’ll love “Weight Watchers recipe cards from 1974” ( The horror, the sheer horror.

And finally, today’s video is dedicated to my good mates at the BigPond helpdesk, who in the spirit of fairness treat everyone who calls them like a demented grandma who can’t tell the on-switch from a tea cosy. Apparently there’s quite the historical precedent for this sort of thing.

February 7, 2007

“Life is too short for a long story”…does that count for journal articles too?

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Bad week – no sleep, bad back, and my article is about half as long as it has to be. Never mind, I love Endnote. Five journals, five different styles, 5000 words to reformat? No wuckers. Anyway, here are your 3 sites …

1) Much as I hate to spruik Google products, it’s always worth heading over to Google Labs to see what they’re working on. Today’s suggestion is GoogleMars ( – you know GoogleEarth and how everyone’s mad about that? Well, this is Mars. It’s pretty darn stunning, and I’m in no way a science freak. I promise!

2) Look out! It’s the Pikachizer! ( Translate any webpage into Pikachu speak instantly. Hours of (highly irreverent) fun. Read the New York Times in Pikachese (?). Hmm, we have a web portal to “translation tools” on our library homepage – dare I add this?

3) And finally, for anyone DYING to take a look at the cover for the final Harry Potter, this is for you…don’t say I didn’t warn you… (