September 23, 2009

“There is nothing like a challenge to bring out the best in man.”

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Hello!  (Was going to say HAIFRAND after having been set the ridiculous challenge of saying HAIFRAND to at least three people a day for the whole week, but quickly worked out that it’s a stupid word and a stupid challenge anyway… grumble…)

Non stupid links time!

1) We can all go buy “The Lost Symbol” by Dan Brown now, lucky us eh? Just in case you’re wondering what could be in it – or what he might be putting in the next one – try your hand at the Interactive Dan Brown Plot Generator – guaranteed bestseller blurb! (Hey, if you look it up on maybe user “danbrown” has it tagged as “next_book”…)

2) News about J.R.R Tolkein that’s just come to light – in case you didn’t think he was awesome enough already!

3) Youtube – this week, see what cats REALLY do with catnip… (which, by the way, I am SO going out and buying and planting in my yard…)

September 15, 2009

“I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.”

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Hi gang! Feeling much better now weather (and broken air conditioning) back to some semblance of normality. Went off to Melbourne for the weekend with mother, cousin and aunt – very nice, but for some reason we walked a square of about 5 blocks and could not find a single night club. What’s going on there? How can the country’s most cosmopolitan city not have a single CBD night club? (Or a single Cosmopolitan, for that matter?) Dear Minister for Commerce, I object!

One thing (or three things) I do not object to at all are this week’s links…

1) We all know how insanely fan-screamingly popular vampire books are now, thanks to Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight et al . Could Amish be the new Vampire?

2) Epitome of time wasting = cute furry animals. Especially kittens. Especially if they’re all doing the exact same thing but you HAVE to see them all anyway. My friends, prepare yourselves for the epitome of epitomes (? can’t remember my greek grammar, not sure if that’s the right plural or not) … Dreaming of Kittens!

3) Finally, YouTube for the week (and a poked-out tongue to kalafudra who beat me to it but I’m posting it anyway) let’s all get super excited about Dorian Gray!

September 2, 2009

“Exercise: done against one’s wishes and maintained only because the alternative is worse.”

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Hi friends! Well the weather is back to normal, the students are back to crazy, and now it’s only 4 months to Christmas so I am happy! I also did a 10km charity walk on the weekend(gasp! Liberrydwarf! Doing something healthy!) first time ever, and now my muscles have gone back to non-agony state (only 2 days later, haha) I’m happy to be blogging! Here’s the fun I found for you this week…

1) Another for the “Odd but Great Webcomics” file – Goats. The link here takes you to the start of the story arc so you don’t miss anything. Nothing like drunk demonic chickens to make you giggle into your herbal tea…

2) Something intelligent and intellectual yet still weird (and we know that’s why you’re here!) – Peter Leeson’s just written a book about the economics of piracy, but for free you can listen to him on EconTalk discussing why pirates are the best case study of economic rationalism ever. Don’t you feel smarter already?

3) On the subject of pirates, I dug out the sheet music to this to have the guys in choir sing it – best musical song ever. And the Kevin Kline version is the best version ever – nuthin’ but the best here at the Liberry for you!