November 29, 2010

Monday Meme: A Book Meme

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(Taken from here)

1. What book is in your purse/car?

It’s usually whatever I’m reading right now. At the moment it’s Tooth and Claw by Jo Walton.

2. what book is in your bathroom?

There’s a copy of a magazine (if that counts) Cosmopolitan Pregnancy Spring 2010 issue.

3. what book is nearest to your favorite chair?

Oh gosh, we don’t really have armchairs. I guess we have the computer chair in our study? The closest book to that is probably on of my husband’s book on social research and statistics (zzzzz…..)
4. what book is nearest to your couch?

Probably the copy of Anne Aguire’s Grimspace I got from BookMooch a few days ago and haven’t put away yet…

5. what book is nearest to your bed?

Trying to keep my bedroom and bedside table clear of piled-up books, and succeeding at the moment! Hubby has  a copy of Candace Havens’ Charmed and Dangerous on his bedside table…

June 30, 2010

Blogging Month Day 30: The End of the Journey!

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That’s it! This will be 30 days of 30 posts! It’s all done!

Blog every day of June was a fascinating exercise. It forced me to reflect on a daily basis (even if my reflection was rarely very profound). It brought me lots of new readers, commenters and blogs I must follow now. It gave me more than one exhausted late-night “must-post” moment. It taught me things I’d never known before. So thank you, #blogeverydayofjune!

Following MissSophieMac’s example, I am going to treat you all to 30 things I did this month (other than blog of course) and then follow up with a final, overall Good Thing/Bad Thing/Learned Thing/Link Thing to sum up the whole month. So here we go – this month I:

  1. Went to Sea World.
  2. Learned how to make my own fettucine.
  3. Packed both my mother and my sister off to Israel.
  4. Packed hubby off to Adelaide.
  5. Inherited a Clavinova and promised myself I’d take up piano lessons again.
  6. Read and loved The Language of Stones by Robert Carter, looking forward to Book 2!
  7. Read 50 pages of, hated and gave up on The Anderson Tapes by Lawrence Sanders.
  8. Read Princess Pig to small children.
  9. Went to Lifeline Bookfest and managed not to bankrupt myself.
  10. Made a bird-feeder (which admittedly I’ve never seen a bird using, so it must not be very good!)
  11. Polished off Season 2 of True Blood.
  12. Worked on the ERA submission for MPOW.
  13. Got a review published in a journal.
  14. Found out I’m to be a second cousin. Twice over.
  15. Started playing (and obsessing over) The Sims 3.
  16. Got to play with an iPad.
  17. Discovered the awesomely delicious Heat-And-Eat beef goulash my local butcher sells (his wife makes it).
  18. Experienced the bizarreness of Gaga-brarians.
  19. Got a peer mentor at work.
  20. Signed up for the ALIA PD Scheme.
  21. Farewelled a friend at work who’s moving to another institution.
  22. FINALLY met my Head of School and didn’t come off looking like a complete idiot…
  23. Got a taste of not only A Game of Thrones, but also Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, just to test my patience.
  24. Took my dog to the dog off-leash park numerous times.
  25. Babysat my mother’s 16 year old cat.
  26. Mowed my lawn (admittedly for the first time in months. I’m a bad housekeeper.)
  27. Investigated Mendeley to see if I like it better than the reference management programs I already use (yep that’s right. Plural. Gotta do something about that…)
  28. Went to the Aurora Institute Alumni Queensland inaugural meeting.
  29. Played Wii at work
  30. Read blogs, commented on blogs, shared posts from blogs…

So there you go!

To sum up regarding Blog Every Day Of June:

1) One Good Thing: It’s convinced me to blog more regularly. Not every day. But starting from next Monday I think I’ll do three a week – a Monday meme, a midweek links, and a wrapup good/bad/learned/link thing at the end of the week. Stay tuned!

2) One Bad Thing: My Google Reader is now unmanageable because of all the new blogs I’m following 😦 and I don’t even know where to start to clean it up 😦

3) One Thing I Learned: How many passionate, intelligent, thoughtful and just-a-bit wacky people there are out there in Library Land. I’m so glad to have met (well virtually anyway) you all!

4) Today’s Link: there’s only one way to farewell Blog Every Day Of June properly….

June 22, 2010

Blogging Month Day 22: Holiday Gifts, Hard Work, Honest Truths and Hotties

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Last late evening shift of the semester: and it’s the time of year when nobody wants anything, so lots of time for blogging!

1) One Good Thing: hubby on holidays = hubby that goes shopping and buys me gifts! (We won’t mention the new digital camera he got himself which I am afraid to ask how much it cost). I got home yesterday to find new books and The Sims 3 waiting for me, and he even got off Assassin’s Creed II long enough for me to have a go before bedtime. Booyah!

2) One Bad Thing: Having visited my Head of School a couple of weeks ago, I was gung-ho to prove to him that yes, librarians could be helpful. And yesterday an opportunity came up where his PA wanted some figures on economics publications. I said yep, sure, no problem, I could help with that. BIG MISTAKE. This was a complex query. Very complex. Compare numbers of publications in top ARC ranked journals by staff in similar discipline departments to ours at other universities for the past 4 years. It took me 2 hours just to write the search syntax. And the job just kept getting bigger and bigger. It’s done now. The PA is grateful. The presentation can go on. But it makes you wonder (well it makes me wonder anyway): what was it all for? Aside from that it’s my job, of course. This took me the best part of a whole day to do. The figures aren’t perfect, there was no way to account for the dozens of variables in the scope of this project. The PA has no appreciation of how much time and anguish it took, and I doubt the HOS will ever get to hear that it was me that found the figures. So what exactly do I get out of it that I wouldn’t get out of Business As Usual?

3) One Thing I Learned: that apparently, following yesterday’s Meme Monday, I’m not as shrouded obscurely in mystery as I thought I was! Yes, most of you guessed that I do not, in fact, write Twilight fanfic. I dabble in a bit of writing (more so when I was younger in school) but most of what I right is original. I think the rabidness (rabitidy?) of fanfic devotees frightens me off. The whole “Character X so would not do that!” thing. And I dislike Twilight and accompanying Twi-Hards very much.

Now, comments have asked for clarification on the two truths, so here you are:

1. I’ve been to every continent except South America and Antarctica.

I have indeed. When I was 14 we had lived in a rent-free house for the last 3 years (my mum was a residential director of a mental health facility and we lived there free. Yes, I grew up in a mental hospital. That should have been one of my truths!) Anyway, since she’d had no rent or mortgage bills for 3 years, Mum had a whole bunch of savings, and as she was preparing to quit that job she figured we’d blow it all on a round the world trip. So in 12 weeks we went to North America (US & Canada), Europe (UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Greece) and Africa (Zimbabwe). I’ve also been since to Spain and briefly to South Korea. Hubby argues that it’s in fact part of Australasia and not Asia, but I’ve also been to NZ. I haven’t ever been to South America: though my father grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and I’d love to go visit with him some time and see what it’s like now. I have never met anyone who’s been to Antarctica – many of my little Scouts claim to have, but they are dirty little liars and I don’t believe them at all.

2. I have done modelling shoots for several Australian fashion magazines.

Yep, done this too. Two of them (which I’m totally going to say is several). A couple of years ago I did Weight Watchers Online, and mostly through sheer stubbornness managed to lose about 25 kgs. Once it had stayed off for 6 months, I figured there wasn’t much point keeping on giving them money, so I cancelled my account. When you do this, if you’ve been successful, they invite you to fill out a success survey and send them before and after shots, which I did. They then phoned me to say they had an opportunity for someone who’d successfully done WW Online to appear in an advertorial-style thing in Cleo Click magazine, did I want to do it? I did – flew down to Sydney for the day, did hair and makeup and dresses in this gorgeous house in Mossman, flew back in the evening and was sent the photos and a copy of the magazine a month or so later. They also called me a few months after that to do a similar story for their own WW magazine, which I also did – a bit more relaxed of a shoot than the Cleo one which was full of models, but pretty much as surreal. At least I have some photos to one day show my grandkids how hot I was. I present them below for your viewing pleasure…

4) Today’s Link: In the words of Flight of the Conchords: “Just wanna do something special / For all the ladies in the world”. Thus I present, for your viewing pleasure, Hot Guys Reading Books. You’re welcome.

June 16, 2010

Blogging Month Day 16: Bouquets, Bingles, Books-into-Movies and Bad Postcards

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1) One good thing: not much explanation needed. Just these, last night, from hubby. Lucky me! And I’m pretty sure he didn’t even do anything wrong!


Aren't they pretty? (Ignore the messy kitchen bench please...)

2) One bad thing: we were hoping that the woman who’s 4WD hubby clipped merging into traffic the other day wouldn’t bother taking her vehicle off for minor cosmetic repair and make us pay for it… but she did (to the tune of $1100! Seriously, how much can a bumper bar actually cost?) and even though we could use our 3rd party insurance, we’re still up for $500. Which I would have liked to use for something far more fun…

3) One thing I learned: they’re making a live action Tintin movie! (Tintin is one of the biggest book influences from my childhood, even though I was far too embarassed to put that on the #booksthatchangedmyworld Twitter meme. I was all set to be a journalist because of Tintin, until my evil sexist father told me that girl journalists didn’t get to shoot rifles or go to the moon, they only got to report on fashion shows and bake sales. Thus died the dream…)

4) Today’s link: It’s only new, but the Bad Postcards blog already has many delights for those of us who like the kitsch, kooky or the vaguely disturbing in stationery… exhibit A below.

November 3, 2008

“There is nothing funny about Halloween…”

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Man, I hate Halloween. Let me put this in perspective for you. Halloween is NOT an Australian holiday. We don’t have the cultural background for it. We don’t have the consumer hype for it. We don’t have… well, we’re not crazy like you are in America. But still, every year, there are those dozen or so local families that think “yeah, it’d be super awesome if I took my kids around to annoy every single on of my neighbours I haven’t deigned to talk to all year…” And so they dress their nine-year-olds up like goth hookers, they march them around to your house, they scowl at you if your poor confused dog makes so much as a peep at them and their shrieking brood, and then look at you with disgust when all you can dig up in the way of confectionary for the little monsters is a handful of licorice allsorts because, let’s face it, this isn’t America and we don’t do Halloween. Plus, a bunch of drunk guys dressed as ghosts kicked down all the trees in my street. I kind of liked those…

Rant over. Well, over-ish. Let’s get down to business, shall we?

1) Last reference back to Halloween, I swear. As annoying as my neighbours are, at least nothing got quite as weird as this. You Americans! “Hey, it’s a national confectionary-based holiday! I know, let’s humiliate our household pets!” If you’re with me, say “aargh”. Or “woof”. But mostly “aargh”…

2) Actually, the previous is a pretty good segue into the next site. A never-ending treasure trove of stupidity, schadenfreude and clever photography, FailBlog will never disappoint. Plus, what’s funnier than making fun of Engrish, people??

3) Another goodie from one of my “learn new web stuff” course colleagues from YouTube. If anyone knows what country (I assume European?) this particular Idol clip is from, please let me know, I will visit there as a reward! (Note: you can hardly blame this woman, the singer in question IS rather hard to understand!)

September 6, 2008

“Partying is such sweet sorrow…”

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It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and I’ve just finished cleaning the bejeezus out of my house for my hubby’s birthday party, so let’s all chill out and wind down (and get the rancid barbecue grease out from under our fingernails) with some lovely links…

1) This first one – well, let’s say it’s in honour of P’s birthday which we’re celebrating tonight, let it never be said I don’t give good gifts eh? Anyway, seems that for us awful young people, 30 is the bridge that once crossed can never be returned over again. It’s like some one way portal to sensible adult boringness (P still has a while to go thankfully!) So there are lots of things you apparently need to have done before you reach that point. Including 30 books you should read before you turn 30. Get out your fruit-scented Smiggle hilighters and start tickin’ ’em off, people…

2) Any of us who have the misfortune to work serving human beings in any capacity know the old addage “The customer is always right”. (This is particularly difficult for us librarians, since we are right and the customers are always stupid, but we need to pretend this is reversed every day.) Anyways, we service types can’t vent at the customers when they say brain-bleedingly stupid things, can we? Thank goodness for the internet… and for!

3) Finally, this news story (if it’s true) made me very excited. I’m a huge fan of these films (even the second which in comparison was kind of sucky!) It’d be great to see the gang together again, no?

Best library movie scene....ever!!

Best library movie scene....ever!!

June 17, 2008

“Rejoice with them that rejoice, and weep with them that weep.”

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Well, if tonight’s post looks a little red-eyed and tear-stained, it’s because the Liberry is awash with sorrow tonight – yes, this poor little LiberryDwarf is sobbing her poor little heart out as she stares again and again at that awful screen… “We’re sorry, but all 18+ tickets to Opeth are sold out…” Ohhhhhh… am I too old to have a tantrum? Damn Damn Damn!!

We’ll just push my anguish to one side for the moment, shall we? Here are some links…

1) An ongoing and interactive new toy first up – too cheap to fork out for World of Warcraft? Have a crack at Kingdom of Loathing instead… Just as much fun. A billion times more witty and satirical. And more Gnoll Crossdressers than you can poke a stick (or a seal-clubbing club) at…

2) I heard about this guy Thiel on the radio the other day: he’s making 2008 the Year of Following People. He’s an Aussie living in Paris, and every day he follows one random stranger to their destination to see what they’re doing, and blogs about it. Cool? Creepy? You decide…

3) Youtube. Harry Potter. Naked Dumbledore Puppets. Six words to describe awesome, sweet, deliciously silly internetness…

May 27, 2008

“Those who never retract their opinions love themselves more than they love the truth.”

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Well, having just finished off the first season of Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ “The Tudors”, I take back everything I said about “The Other Boleyn Girl” being porn the other week – this taketh the jackpot! This baby needed three discs just to fit all the porn-y-ness in! On the upside, JRM does make an excellent petulant monarch (and if my friends are anything to go by, who wouldn’t want to screw him six ways to Sunday anyway??) And there’s a lot more there for Tudor lovers than there was in TOBG (and lots of awesome hats and man candy). Thumbs up!

Now, back to the web…

1) Live and direct from the UK (cannot BELIEVE I am visiting this sick sick country) it’s The Man Who Has Sex With Cars. ‘Nuff said. Even as an Australian (we have a racial sick love for bad cars) I cannot possibly identify…

2) Do you love science fiction? Old science fiction? In particular, the crazy world of flying cars, teleporters and promiscuous sex-bots they promise in the mythical faraway year 2000?? Then Modern Mechanix is the blog for you – and it’s all true, baby!

3) AniBoom is kind of YouTube for cartoonists and animators. There’s some weird, weird stuff there. I warn you now. This, however, is pretty cute, and very true… (you’ll have to click the image below to go there – they haven’t discovered fire or embedding yet…)

5 reasons why I love cats

May 15, 2008

“Art (like food) begins in imitation and ends in innovation…”

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Hello everyone! It’s a lovely day, too lovely to be kept inside. Today we’re having a staff lunch at our uni’s pizza cafe, and I am EXCITED! We’re having POTATO PIZZA! POTATO! On PIZZA!!! That’s like the two best foods ever in one… Australia really is the lucky country!

So I’ve been starving myself all morning so I’ll enjoy it more… here are some links to snack on! Bon Appetit!

1) I come from (well, I grew up in anyway) a smallish country town. Now that I’ve escaped to the big city, it’s always great to hear about my hometown on the news (just to reassure me it hasn’t sunk into the ground overnight and nobody noticed). Now, usually it’s drug murders or public health crises… though we did have that big recycled water thing a couple of years ago. But nothing beats slightly silly small-town revenge stories like this one… yes, I lived here, folks. And this does not surprise me. Not one tiny bit…(though the lack of total ugliness in the dress does, slightly. And the fact the girl’s name wasn’t Sharnay or Dakota or Maddddddisssson or some other bogan/trailer-trash name does… )

2) Librarians are an odd bunch (I believe we’ve established that time and again in this blog!) They like to write about themselves as a profession. They’re often quite glib, or very very depressed about it. And they’re often quite isolated and alone about it, which is what make Sh…, an interactive blog novel about a bunch of fictitious library workers, so interesting. If you liked “The Librarians”, or even “The Office” (probably more the UK version, not that awful Yankee ripoff) you might very well enjoy a peek…

3) Finally, are we all on agreement – monkeys are fun, yes? And monkeys helping people = extra fun? And monkeys helping people while hiding in car boots? Let’s find out, shall we?

April 16, 2008

“Oh, to be in England now that April’s there…”

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I have tickets to London – squeeeee!!! Now I’m poor and have no money, and will probably starve to death, but at least I’ll do it in London…

As tribute to my impending tourist-in-Britain-ness (it’s still 8 months away, but hey, I’m excited!) this blog post is getting a British theme…

1) Who’s the ultimate London blogger, I hear you ask? Would you believe Samuel Pepys?? No? Well think again! Some clever souls are blogging Pepys’ diary, day at a time. It’s actually kind of cool, imagining Pepys there with his iBook by candlelight… for those not 100% up on their 17th century social and historical references (read: not a die-hard history nerd) the kind transcribers have nifty hover-overs for anything tricky to give you all the details. Perhaps not as tourist-friendly as Lonely Planet, but heaps more fun!

2) I believe I’ve probably brought you things like Overheard in New York, and Overheard at the Beach, in previous posts? Well, Londoners have their own version, sort of Overheard on the Underground. I like to think it proves the differences between Brits and Americans – Brits slightly less blankly unredeemable dumb, slightly less random, and slightly less bite-sized-pieces with the web design… anyway, it’s a giggle!

3) Finally – how could we go to Britain without Monty Python? Managed to find for you my favourite… The Body in the Library. I must ask that nobody leave the room!

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