November 26, 2010

Friday Wrap-up: Cocktails, Cricket and Communication

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The week that was!

1) One Good Thing: Found the gummy snakes I thought I’d lost on the way to the cocktail night for my local professional association (AKA geeky librarian club), in time to have them in the signature Bookworm cocktails which were a big hit!  Watermelon and guava cocktails with red jelly snakes = delicious! (I’m sure someone took a picture, will share if I can find…)

2) One Bad Thing: Have to work all day tomorrow. Through the cricket. Which is just about the only sport I can stand watching. Booh! (Although on the plus side there’s air conditioning. And a free day off…)

3) One Thing I Learned: More about the vocal expression of emotion than I ever wanted to, after sitting through 90 minutes of the most boring research study ever, listening to voice actors say the same 2 phrases over and over again conveying different emotions… ah well, all in the name of science. I’m a good little guinea pig!


October 27, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Links

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Here are this week’s linky treats. Enjoy!


Batman 3 news – now has a name, but no Riddler. (So thankfully, nobody has to utter the words “Jim Carey” anywhere near this post!)

There’s a new Muppet movie on the way!


The 50 most hated characters in literary history (most of whom are completely justified…)

Only a matter of time…


To honor my probably-very-stupid decision to go back and try my hand at Final Fantasy XII again – in flow-chart form, the plot for every RPG ever made (you may have to zoom in!)

20 heroic librarians who save the world

July 7, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Links

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Here are this week’s linky treats. Enjoy!


More cast released for Game of Thrones:

(I don’t know that this is up-to-date anymore unfortunately. And it’s not as complete as I’d like!)

Five more fictional beings Bella Swan should fall madly in love with


White Chocolate Cheesecake With Dark Chocolate Cream Sauce – I made this on the weekend and can testify it’s totally food-gasmic!


Historical mystery flash game Bow Street Runner is worth a play if you like that sort of thing. It’s a bit like the 221B game brought out when the Sherlock Holmes movie came out, only a bit more straightforward and perhaps a little more gruesome. Good for a couple of hours of timewasting!

Glasses: the ultimate image changer. Very clever advertising. Noted lack of librarian though.

Quick, while the World Cup’s on and we still can!

June 20, 2010

Blogging Month Day 20: Altos, Aussies, Alternate History and Animals

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Another glorious nothing day: beautiful, aren’t they?

1) One Good Thing: I did get out like a good daughter-in-law to watch my MIL’s community choir give a concert (and serve up a MOUNTAIN of delicious cake – yum!) Their Early Childhood choir (4-6 years olds) was definitely the cuteness highlight, not much gives me Mummy Pangs, but that did!

2) One Bad Thing: Didn’t stay up to watch it, but watched the highlights: and I’m going to put it out there – I don’t think the Socceroos will luck their way into the R16. (Yes, I know my citizenship is being revoked and there’s a boxing kangaroo with a vuvuzela on his way to my place right now with a murderous look in his eyes…)

3) One Thing I Learned: about thanks to Sally who posted it on Sophie’s blog post about post-apocalyptic fiction. Basically, it’s a giant database of alternate history fiction: short stories, essays, novels, series. I almost put this in the bad thing category: now my wishlist has gone out of control, and I’m only up to the D’s!

4) Today’s Link: mindless good fun, and because we haven’t had cute animals in a while. I am assuming there’s a sausage on a string involved here somehow…

June 11, 2010

Blogging Month Day 11: School Liaison, Sports Comps, Stingers and Soccer World Cup

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” ‘The Holidays, the holidays are here!’ cried Liberrydwarf as she rushed home from school. ‘The holidays are here and tomorrow we shall go to the seaside!’ ”

Not quite. But at least it’s a long weekend, a well-earned break, and perfect doona+book weather. Bring it on!

(quote above = paraphrased reference to an old childhood favourite book. So old, in fact, I have no idea what it was called anymore.)

1) One good thing: a work thing. Finally, FINALLY got appointment to see the ‘new’ head of school for the Economics school I do my library liaison work with. (After all, he’s only been head of school for 18 months now, right?) And while I didn’t win any of the concessions I went in there asking for (though most of them I didn’t think I would) I did get asked for a couple of proposal submissions for school committees (not quite as yay) and got a couple of good ideas to take to other staff members in the school directly (including one awesome scenario-based learning initiative for IL I would just LURVE to try with the first years…yay!) A big box to tick, and a bit nervous-making so I’m glad it’s done and that it wasn’t an unprofessional disaster.

2) One bad thing: Hubby’s off to Adelaide tonight – alone. He’s going for a sports competition, which he does 3-4 times a year, and has done so for the whole 9 years I’ve known him, so I feel no pressing need to watch him compete. But darn it, I’ve never been to Adelaide, and it’s a long weekend, and it would have been fun! *pouts*

3) One thing I learned: that if you wear pantyhose while swimming in the ocean jellyfish can’t sting you. You will, however, look like an idiot.

4) Today’s link: for those of you who, like me, will be sneaking a look at the poule results (yes, that’s how you really spell it I swear) for the World Cup in your lunch break, planning your wardrobe around your lucky undies for game days, and staring at your library security gates and wondering if they’ll turn into goalposts if you stare *just* a little bit longer: Mashable help us out with their handy How To guide on following the World Cup via Twitter

There will, however, be no Twitter guide to the Dog World Cup 2010... (image from audreyjm529 CC on Flicker)

June 6, 2010

Blogging Month Day 6: Pokemon, Punctuality, Playing Catchup and Pets

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Today’s been a gloriously do-nothing day – last night’s family dinner was great, and today’s featured not much more than fisho hamburgers for lunch and lots and lots of True Blood. Booyah!

1) One good thing: Okay, this is going to out me as such a nerd but… Today’s good thing is yes, after months of gameplay I managed to catch my Pokemon HeartGold legendary pokemon… I will take all geek-bashing with good grace!
Battling Ho-Oh

2) One bad thing: Hubby misread the timetable and missed his final basketball game of the season. A shame, because while they’re in no danger of coming anything but last, it’s been a great opportunity for him to get to know some of his workmates a bit better, and he’s enjoyed it (plus it leaves me Sunday nights to get my Dr Who on alone!)

3) One thing I have learned: that even though I’ll be missing tonight’s Dr Who for Masterchef (hubby gets to pick since he’s alll upset about missing his game) I can catch up on it LEGALLY! On iView! Who new? Welcome to the 21st century, ABC!

4) Today’s link: care of – What Pets Are Doing When We’re Not Home. I can see mine doing at least 3 of these things… though admittedly we’ve been trying to get Cat to do #22 for at least the last 7 of his 8 years with no success :p