October 2, 2009

“You cannot be lonely if you like the person (or cat) you’re alone with.”

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I am all by myself this week (Mr LD is interstate for work) and the one thing I have learned is that If I hadn’t gotten married, I would definitely have been a Crazy Old Cat Lady. It’s sort of comforting, chilling and a little disappointing all at the same time… and Cat is now thoroughly sick of the sound of my voice.

Hopefully you don’t share his sentiments! Here, have some links…. good kitty, goooood…

1) I’m sure if you’re a fan (or training as a travel agent) you’ve certainly seen this one before – but I know where I’m taking my next holiday to…

2) If you’re a Bulwer-Lytton fan, the Redlines & Deadlines blog runs a similar contest, in case (like me) you can’t get enough.

3) Finally YouTube – and though I’m not one to forward plan too much, I now know exactly what I’ll be doing the day I quit working in libraries!

November 24, 2008

“After every storm the sun will smile…”

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Hi kiddies! The storms are all over, the sky is blue, my cat can finally venture outside again… it’s a good life! Smell the fresh air and enjoy the links!

1) This first one’s probably mostly for Aussies (because we wouldn’t blame you overseas types AT ALL if you didn’t know who he is. GWB barely knows who he is, and they’re supposed to be close-as-brothers political allies…) Anyway, Kevin Rudd’s been in power 1 year to the day today. Happy anniversary, Mr PM! If you were thinking of getting him a gift, there’s loads to choose from at the Kevin Rudd Memorabilia Store. Proudly brought to you by the Liberal Party in opposition. Free venomous hate and giftwrapping for the first 100 lucky customers…

2) Next, two great stories about Google’s new super-awesome voice search – apparently it’s racist because it doesn’t like British people. That or Brits really ARE obsessed with sex and talk about nothing else… and who would have thought, “izzit?” isn’t really a word?? Sorry, British people! We Aussies aren’t immune either though, take heart… obviously we need more Hugh Jackman market saturation! Talk more broadly Australian, dammit Hugh! Though maybe since he played Wolverine the world’s been a bit confused, perhaps he’s really Canadian… *finishing here, massive “Australia” rant tangent rapidly approaching!*

3) Finally, this is just SO wonderful I’m not even going to embed it, it’s too big! Apparently after years of being ripped off by YouTube users posting up illicit clips from Flying Circus, the Monty Python boys have decided that if you can’t beat them, join them, and they’ve launched their own Monty Python YouTube channel with all their clips in High-Quality format. Lupins all round!!

August 7, 2007

Small children go to heaven, Goats go to hell…

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The inevitable has finally happened – they put log-in tracking on YouTube and MySpace access here at work. My liberrian’s prerogative has disappeared! Unable to watch pirated episodes of Pokemon with the sound down anymore, I shed a tiny tear (and maybe a mournful “pik-AA”) and bring you tonight’s links…

1) Tonight in The Penny Arcade (another of my favourite webcomics!) they discuss that most perennial of problems – what exactly DO you call a male librarian?

2) Proving with style and substance that there’s a support group (well at least a satirical support group) for everyone out there, it’s The Childhood Goat Trauma Foundation. As a sad and paranoid member of the Donkey, Ibis, Goose, Small Dog and Elderly Bull trauma foundations during my childhood, I certainly sympathise…
3) Finally, from the wacky wonderful world that is South East Asia, the Dallas News reports on a new initiative to clean up bad police behavior in Thailand. Here’s a clue:

Hello Kitty

One word: Suffer.

June 19, 2007

“I hate television. I hate it as much as peanuts. But I can’t stop eating peanuts.”

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Non-event of a week. Watched Deadwood. Cried. Watched Tombstone because I was still on a Western high…couldn’t watch Unforgiven, some other sad Deadwood fan had it out. Cried again. Missed episode 1 of Torchwood, and for the first time in what must be HISTORY there won’t be a season premier repeat… and now I can’t very well watch it having missed the pilot! TV SUCKS!!

So anyway, with no more Deadwood to lose myself in, I’ve had to lose myself in the crazy tripped-out world of the good ol’ Inter-me-net again. And look what I found for you this week!
1) Check out this crazy BBC news article on how the Chinese are cheating their way around the one child policy. Evily ingenious. And kind of stupid, seeing as these are poor starving farmers who already don’t have enough to eat. But who am I to judge people’s devious anti-government plots? I’m already thinking about ordering some of these suckers (the fertility drugs, not the Chinese farmers’ wives) on eBay – surely if I have quadruplets nobody can reasonably expect me to ever go back to work again? Or at least not work nights anymore??

2) Check out the crazy Finnish idea (gosh their brains must be frozen in Scandimanavia!!) of the Complaints Choir. A whole bunch of people get together and whine about stuff all in glorious harmony. Interesting to note the whole project started out actually in Birmingham, UK (sweet irony, I believe I made some poorly received comments about whiney Poms last week). Hey, if there’s not one near you start one up and tell me how it goes!

3) Finally, in yet another trip to the world of gross food (and this could even be a clever pun on the word “gross”!) We bring you the Giant Burger – recipe and all! Your digestive system hates you just for looking at this link, you know…

Man with giant burger...

June 12, 2007

And wouldst thou leave me so unsatisfied…? (HBO, not Juliet)

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Well, for the second most deadly-dull week of the semester, it’s been all upsy-downsy hasn’t it just! Upsy because I did really well for my conference presentation (hardly surprising seeing as how I was better than half the keynotes, and NOT just in my own humble opinion I assure you!)

Downsy because I got up, came to work, got sent home at 12 then had to come back again and work all ungodly night… the Great Library God hates me.

Then Upsy AND Downsy at the same time since I bought the final season of Deadwood – up because c’mon, it’s DEADWOOD people! And down because I already KNOW it’s going to end all open and stuff and I’ll have to sit and wait for HBO to make a movie-length closure piece that will NEVER happen…hence our post title tonight!

Anyway, having atypically chronically overshared…then kicked myself for doing it because I promised not to… here are some links to play with. Enjoy, please, thankyou.

1) Statistics/economics buffs, one for you – we all know the US has some obscenely huge GDP, but what about its states, how do they rank with the rest of the world? The Strange Maps blog features one map of US States renamed for countries with similar GDP’s. One one level (the obvious one) it’s pretty scary stuff. On another, it’s pretty crappy because poor Australia ends up as Idaho. On yet another, it’s ironic because seeing as only 10% of US citizens can find even their own country on a map, this might actually help them get geography a bit better…

2) Second, a clever gem from The Onion – which everyone knows is the best news source in the world – about the MySpace Outage of a few weeks ago (I can think of at least 3 people reading this right now who just practically brown-trousers panicked and rushed off to check their MySpace to make sure it was still working…they’re talking about you guys here, you know. Mockery and such…)

3) Finally tonight, we’re upping the cute factor with the (very) short French YouTube film “Un chaton qui a sommeil”. I am told this translates as “A kitten which is sleepy”; don’t worry, whatever you think the subtext is here it really is just a sleepy kitten. Watch him doze off, die from cute and call me in the morning…Dr LiberryDwarf signing out!

May 22, 2007

“If you don’t want green stuff growing out of our plates please wash your dishes. Cheers.”

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Another week, and still partly deaf…oh well, at least when I was seated next to a very drunk grandmother at the family dinner on the weekend I mostly couldn’t hear her. On to today’s timewasters!

1) My sister is leaving the country in 2 days time, so we’ve been reminiscing…partly about some terrible housemates. Ever had a passive agressive housemate? Or co-worker? Or neighbour? This collection ( might make you feel very much at home…

2) A news story from China earlier this year…read this ( and think twice before you criticise YOUR local council for wasting your rates money…
3) Almost through my nostalgic Angel-fest… thought I would share with you my very favourite moment of the show, courtesy of YouTube, when Angel is turned into a hand-puppet by evil magic and confronts his vampire rival Spike…

May 8, 2007

It’s about networking and being nice to people and not burning any emos…

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What makes a bad week? Discovering MySpace, that’s what… talk about time wastey (non)goodness! At least my tween cousins don’t change their MySpace accounts as often as they do their email addresses so I have SOME way of keeping tabs on them… If someone doesn’t throw a bucket of cold water on me, I might even get me a FaceBook account next…Anyway, onto some time-wasting of a less emo flavour!

1) This first one, I guess, is for my Aunt & Uncle, congrats on the 25th wedding anniversary. Anyways, they’re big home-brewers and chocoholics, so this recipe for Oreo Beer ( might intrigue. Or make them (and you) violently ill. Who can tell?

2) Actually I lied and haven’t really moved on from myMySpace addiction. The first band to ever friend me, Barenaked Ladies, have theirs here ( Tasty new music samples, videos and tour dates abound (of course never any tours in my hemisphere, but we can dream…)

3) Yet again I get another reminder of how very lucky I am I don’t work in the public sector….although it is nice to see that the librarian still commands a little respect around, as this entry from Overheard in the Office ( demonstrates…

April 24, 2007

“When it comes to cars, only two varieties of people are possible – cowards and fools.”

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Having a crap week, having broken 2 cars in 5 days, and in a pouty mood….what would make this Liberrian happy, you ask? Links, links, and more links, kiddies…

1) For a laugh today – the winning candidates in the B3TA “Phallic Logo Awards” ( .Maybe not one for opening at work. Or if you aren’t a woman. You might get terribly offended, or possibly insanely jealous. You never know.

2) I have discovered a new band – the Riverboat Gamblers. Read a review here ( and by all means tell me what you think if you’ve heard them!

3) And finally, in this week’s “The internet is stupid but scary” category, this story from the International Herald Tribune ( tells you why you shouldn’t bag out your boss on your MySpace, children. At least not in Hong Kong.

February 27, 2007

“Last night I stayed up late playing poker with Tarot cards. I got a full house and four people died.”

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I would like to point out that it’s late. Too late to still be at work. Seriously, there’s like 1 student here. Why must I sit here for one more hour? I would cry but we’re out of tissues. Forced to cheer my self up with links again…

1) We haven’t had a good cat post in a while, have we? Head on over to Rippin Kitten blog and their entry on how to wash a cat ( I have yet to decide what’s worse (better? worse? I dunno!) – the poor pathetic wet cats, the tips for washing them in the toilet, or the dumb-heads who believed people WOULD ACTUALLY DO THIS and got all outraged. Download yourself a sense of humor, geez…

2) Head on over to the Homophoner ( for guaranteed not-geeky-I-promise fun with words. Stick in your text, it’ll replace words with homophones wherever it finds them. Hours of giggles. And if you’re a high-school teacher, it could prove a valuable translation tool as you find out what your students REALLY mean when they say “Their whir many slaves inn ancient roam”.

3) And last but not least, a charming story of gross misuse of library facilities from the Anchorage Daily News ( Warms the cockles of your heart, every single one of you can go to bed happy that you’re nowhere NEAR as big a nerd as this guy. Those wacky Alaskans!

More for you next week, provided I don’t fall asleep in the book returns and accidentally get shelved…

P.S – Just saw our security guard run hell-for-leather out the front door like his life depended on it. NOW I am worried…

January 31, 2007

“Haul up the flag, you mourners, Not half-mast but all the way; The funeral is done and disbanded; The devil’s had the final say.”

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A short week, a long weekend – and don’t you just need a weekend-end to recover from it! Special snaps to Sydney’s BDO organizers for taking back their ridiculous ‘ban’ on the Australian flag – as our PM most eloquently put it (thereby proving that FAR too much crack is smoked in Canberra) “Flags don’t have arms or legs.” Whether this means that A) the flag isn’t responsible for violence, or B) all the flags that bought BDO tickets and then couldn’t walk or drive to the venue really needed someone to carry them, I guess we’ll never know….

But what we WILL know is this week’s time-wastery treats!

1) A game my 16-year old (today! Happy bd Larry! ) brother can surely vouch for, “The Profane Game”. ( The rules: Get points by typing profane words in the box. No guesses as to whether or not this takes Australian swear words too, but get creative, people! Break that record!

2) I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned BookCrossing yet! Lax, naughty dwarf! (Although seeing as half of you reading probably came over from BookCrossing or a similar site, perhaps it’s a moot point!) Anyway BookCrossing ( is a wonderful experiment in “literary karma”. 1 – get a book you don’t want anymore. 2 – register it on BookCrossing. 3 – leave it somewhere, and make a release note on the site saying where it is. 4 – sit back and wait – if someone finds it, you’ll get an email telling you who they are (roughly), what they thought of it and where they’re releasing it next! If the randomness of it all is a bit too much, there are hundreds of affiliated book swapping and sharing sites you can use in combination to make sure your book has a safe journey. Read and Release!

3) More YouTube – this one thanks to Koji from the BA First Year English Lounge blog. Just when you thought it was all too much for you, along came Japanese game shows…educational Japanese game shows!

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