February 18, 2011

Friday Weekly Wrap-Up: Heroes, Herbs and Hairdresser Gossip

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The (2) week(s) that was! (Or were, rather. It’s been an exhausting fortnight. You can have a double concentrated dose.)

1) Two Good Things: Rediscovering Heroes: Season 1. And watching it with hubby this time (rather than alone) and he’s really enthusiastic, it’s kind of cute… 🙂

On the other hand, it's really going to suck when it gets crappy and breaks his heart...

Also got to attend a follow-up session for a conference I missed (apparently big fat preggos don’t fly interstate real well) and catch one or two of the presentations I was really sore about missing. Of course, with one more week of work there’s not a whole lot I can actually DO with all these cool new ideas, but at least I now have them. Fodder for daydreaming, at least.


2) Two Bad Things: All my lavender has, through a combination of drowning and drying out, died horribly. 😦

Was aiming for this. Needless to say, do NOT have this.

Also, apparently nobody makes children’ s face paint anymore. It’s impossible to get. And despite one’s best efforts to improvise with water-based acrylics and baby lotion, apparently today’s children are far too fussy to have their faces painted, delicate little flowers that they are. What is this sad world coming to?

3) TwoThings I Learned:

Pretty much every intimate detail about the shopkeepers who were flooded out at our dearly-departed local shopping centre – who was insured, who’s coming back, who was going bankrupt anyway. Apparently dog groomers are much like hairdressers are in the human world, and know EVERYTHING.

Nothing like what actually happens. Nothing to do with this story at all, really. But amuses me nonetheless...

Also – Do not wear Mary Janes when you’re pregnant, or a Sumo Wrestler will swap feet with you when you’re not looking and you will end up with scary jelly ankles and be forced by your colleagues to lie down with your feet in the air for most of the afternoon.


January 7, 2011

Friday Wrap-up: Horticulture, Hamilton and Hot Air

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The week that was! (And I’m enjoying doing very little at the moment, so it’s a bit tricky!)

1) One Good Thing: We’re not under flood waters or anything here on the outskirts of Brisbane (though we’re at the bottom of an easement so the front yard does become a bit of a lake at times!) but we finally had 2 dry days in a row and got the front lawn mowed. For, like, the first time in a month. I no longer expect Tarzan-yodeling neighbours in loincloths every time I go out to take the rubbish to the bin 🙂

2) One Bad Thing: I guess it’s my own fault, but I keep reading Anita Blake novels and being morosely disappointed by the complete lack of character progression and anything interesting happenning at all. (This week it was The Harlequin, which someone else swore to me was “kind of a bit cooler than normal”.) Maybe I should go back to Harry Dresden novels. I’d welcome any suggestions!

3) One Thing I Learned: my aunt taught my brother and I a different diaphragm breathing technique (she said as a punk singer and a pregnant lady we’d probably both benefit for different reasons!) It was funny, but all of a sudden it WORKED, where years and years of singing lessons hadn’t taught me a thing about breathing. Now if only they’d taught me decent pitch…