June 29, 2009

“Tourist, Rincewind decided, meant “idiot”…”

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Hi Gang! Had last week off playing Tour Guide – lovely English visitors for the week, and lovely English weather to match, unfortunately! Plus the one beach we take them to turns out to be low-tide mudflats… *groans*! At least Project Cute Koala Failsafe executed perfectly and they went away reasonably happy…

On your left, you’ll see this week’s links…. and we’re walking, and we’re walking people… no flash photography…

1) Why Lego is, and never will be, JUST a kid’s toy… (unless it’s that girly pink Belleville garbage… spoken like a true Camelot Lego girl!)

2) If you’re into social commentary sci-fi and you haven’t read Down & Out in the Magic Kingdom yet, get it free here. (And shame on you! But mostly get it free…)

3) Again, Youtube this week I’m CERTAIN everyone’s seen – worth a post anyway. Not sure I agree about the whole “doubles as a metaphor for the ongoing battle between two opposing visions of gender roles in the 21st century” thing, but I will admit it’s excellently edited, and satisfies the crossover fangirl within quite handily…


June 17, 2009

“It takes patience to appreciate domestic bliss; volatile spirits (i.e. cats) prefer unhappiness”

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Hi everyone!

Well, a week on, and I still have all three cats, no new bite marks, and most of my sanity. Hooray!  (Now if we could all just learn whose food is whose, and that the bathtub is not a litter tray, 100% domestic bliss will be achieved!)

Mr LiberryDwarf is bitter this week since Swine Flu has broken out at the highschool where he works (cue the “students are pigs” jokes in 3…2…1…) but although the kids get the week off, he does not. And while he does tend to rant like an old person when grouchy, at least he’s got lots of time to road-test and add suggestions to the Time-Wasters list that forms this blog. So there you have it – this week’s links have passed Bored Teacher Quality Control inspections! (So don’t say you weren’t warned…)

1) What do you do if you’re an artist, architect, devoted Holmes fan and have far too much time on your hands? Probably something a lot like this

2) If you ever watched 30 Rock with a strange sense of Deja Vu, this might explain why… (Actually I think it’s scarily accurate and does go a long way to explaining why I like both shows…)

Clue =

3) YouTube this week – and yes, naughty cats are back in the good books. Couldn’t stay away long, could I?

June 10, 2009

“Some people say that cats are sneaky, evil, and cruel. True, and they have many other fine qualities as well.”

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Hello everyone! Happy birthday, Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II! (Yes, we know, not your actual birthday, but thanks for the long weekend all the same!)

Want to know how I spent my 3 days of freedom?

Chasing cats. No metaphor here. Literally, I got given my mother’s two cats, lost them, roamed the neighbourhood handing out fliers and hunting for them, lured them back with food, lost them again, repeated previous two steps, etc… oh yeah, and earned a nasty bite for a failed attempt at claw clipping.

Cats suck. Other people’s cats suck. Even mine (who’s been sulking under the bed for the last 3 days, and will probably continue to do so for most of the next 3 weeks) sucks.

Welcome to a week without cat links…

1) Picture this: you love a particular someone in your life very much. More than can be adequately verbally expressed – what words could you possible find to say just how much you love that someone? Never fear – let social internet experimentation do the work for you. I Love You More Than Blank not only lets you tell the world how much you love someone, but also lends you someone else’s ideas for declaring your passion. So, whether you love your significant other more than fruit parfait (or slightly more creepily, more than your mum…) this is the site for you. Unless you mention Edward or Bella anywhere, in which case go back to your corner and sit there alone…

2) In the current economic and environmental crisis, it’s good to see that Britain’s still battling on tackling the questions we all really needed answers to… like this one…

3) I’m told that ABSOLUTELY everyone has already seen this, but anything from YouTube which makes me shriek with laughter for almost 10 minutes straight is totally worth blogging anyway. If you haven’t seen this clip before, be patient – and maybe don’t watch if you’ve got a heart condition and can’t take sudden shocks. Or are at risk of dying from cute.

Better than cats. A million times so.

June 1, 2009

“If you look at life one way, there is always cause for alarm.”

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Hi friends! Back after a long bout of “how to fire people” workshops, last minute research office slavery, and flu-of-the-not-swine-kind. Nice to see you all again!

At the moment, I’m sharing my morning with a malfunctioning office alarm system, which shrieks every thirty seconds to remind me that it’s here and in pain, and nobody seems to want to come and save me from it. So quick, this week’s links before my brain asplodes!!

1) Does it annoy the heck out of you when people quote things wrong? Especially movies? You might be doing it yourself, you know… here are the Top Ten Misquoted Movie Quotes, hang your head in shame if, like me, you’ve been guilty of dropping the odd one of these!

2) Happy (and long overdue, for my mind) news for Terry Pratchett fans

3) I just finished off (and really quite liked) “The Boleyn Inheritance”, and now (other than a strange desire to see Jonathon Rhys Meyers in a fat suit) am gleefully passionate about all things Tudor at the moment… let’s celebrate that in Cartoon form…