November 3, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Links

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Here are this week’s linky treats. Enjoy!



Apparently Jane Austen was about on par with Stephenie Meyer in the “I can write English” stakes apart from the fact that Austen had a great editor


Total time vacuum if you’ve got the sort of mind that can’t leave a jigsaw undone…

Worldometers – all the real-time stats your geeky little mind can handle

Why does the Web love cats so much?

Librarians + Zombies = ? Calendars, apparently

October 13, 2009

“There’s so many things that we could do…”

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I’m racing to finish Assassin’s Creed I this week before I can go get Assassin’s Creed II – dizzy from jumping off things!

Oh, and I’m re-watching Arrested Development, which never fails to make me feel great about myself and gives me something new and previously undiscovered to laugh at ever time… *huge smile*

I’m also reading Jared Diamond’s “Guns, Germs and Steel” to try and wake my brain up a bit – it’s a hard slog, but I guess it is thirteen thousand years worth of history at once, so that’s acceptable, right??

In between times, here’s what I have found for you – enjoy!

1) Have pretties using Tag Galaxy – waste time with photo balls. And realise that user-defined tagging is really lame… but at least there are pretties…

2) When science is so wrong that it’s very very right… it’s the IgNobel prize 2009!

3) Finally, I took my mother to see “Julie and Julia” on the weekend (and EVERYONE I know who’s gone has either gone with their mother or their daughter – it’s that type of movie!) and thus I have celebrity chefs on the brain. And you don’t get much more celebrity than this…