September 23, 2008

“A small town is a place where there’s no place to go where you shouldn’t.”

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I went back to my country home town on the weekend. They have an annual Carnival of Flowers, and I hadn’t been in years because, let’s face it, country towns and flowers are boring and I’m oh-so-cool. (Keep your derisive snorts to yourself, thankyou!)

Well, I went to the carnival. I went to the parade. I stood out in the sun for hours smelling of hay and country-people-sweat. And to be honest, it was daggy but great fun. There were unicycling garden gnomes. There were old-fashioned And miniature horses. And copious amounts of country wine. And found that actI didn’t mind at all…

So the Liberry’s lesson tonight is never to be too cool for your home town. Especially not when there’s cheese tasting and chilli-infused beer in the offering. Humble it up!

And now, to the links…

1) Link #1 tonight is tribute to my mum, who turned up at the parade featuring the Red Hat Brigade (they’re a group of older women who go out and do social stuff; go google it, it’s kinda hard to explain) inadvertantly wearing exactly the same thing as the Brigade were, and then wouldn’t share my hysterical laughter for the rest of the day when people kept asking her for membership details…

So for her, we present a gallery of people who had worse fashion-days than her by far. “Lileks Institute of Official Cheer” has shown up on this site before (think “regrettable food”) and it’s a great favourite. This time we’re bringing you their Highlights of the Sears 1973 Catalogue. ‘Cause there’s nothing better than other tragic fashion faux-pas to make you feel better…

2) Webcomics are great fun, particularly if you’re a geek, and we’ve featured lots before in the library. This week, if you’re a gamer, or a gamer fan, or even just want to laugh at gamers, take a look (best started at the beginning) at Goblins

3) Next week is Banned Books week. I love Banned Books week! I love getting all outraged. I make sure I read one banned book every year in honor. This year it’s “The Witches” by Roald Dahl – if someone can let me know WHY people would want this book banned, please do post, because it’s beyond me…

(I secretly think part of me loves Sarah Palin, because you KNOW she’d make every week banned book week! That part of me is locked in a cage in a dark room though…)

Anyhoo, enough being creepy… erm, here’s what the ALA came up with as a video-treat for banned book week this year. It’s kind of clever…


September 19, 2008

“All things must change to something new, to something strange…”

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Still coming down from a big cheesy-grin high after the pilot for Fringe on Wednesday. Gosh, it was awesome! It feels like I’ve been waiting forever for something new to come and fill the large Alias-shaped hole in my TV-watching life, and I might just have found it! (Fingers crossed now it doesn’t get axed after 1 season. Since I have a bad track record with shows doing that…)

Anyways, when I wasn’t wasting time on Fringe fansites this week, here’s what else I dug up for you…

1) You may or may not know (but if you don’t, shame on ye, scurvy lubber!) that today’s International Talk like a Pirate Day. And if you’re going to be a pirate, you gotta know the rules, right? Never fear. PirateLaws has you covered from Arrr to Zanzibar. (Zanzibarrrr??)

2) has some of the best lists around, from the snortingly-amusing to the tremblingly nauseating. This week, get with the learning (and the slight creepiness) to discover The Disturbing Origins of 5 Common Nursery Rhymes…

3) Finally – it’s long but it’s worth it. Very clever, very cute, and with the faint whiff of obsession on both sides of the equation, combine two of the best nerdy loves of all time – Lego and The Princess Bride…

September 12, 2008

“[Other people’s] holidays are an expensive trial of strength. The only satisfaction comes from survival.”

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All my colleagues are going on holidays except me. My husband is going on holidays, but not me. Facebook serves me up constant pictures of my friends’ holiday snaps. It’s as if the world is mocking me! Why can’t I have a holiday too?? I’ve earned it, dammit!

Therefore excuse me if this week’s links have the bitter taste of so-near-yet-so-far holidayness about them… *sobs!*

1) As I prepare for my trip (which is only 3 months away now!) I’ve got all the right travel books – Lonely Planet England, Discovery Guide Britain, and even Bill Bryson’s awesome “Notes from a Small Island.” But I don’t have this book… The Clumsiest People in Europe” . In the mid-19th century, one Mrs Favell Mortimer set forth to write a definitive travel guide to the world. There was just one problem: she had never set foot outside her native Shropshire…I’ll leave you to enjoy the wonders for yourself, here’s just one taste, her entry on Wales.

“Though the Welsh are not very clean, they make their cottages look clean by white-washing them every year, and sometimes they white-wash the pig-sties too.”

Well at least I’m prepared now, eh?

2) Still on the subject of travel, I guess – how hard is it to get what you want when you’re in “for’n parts”? The one thing my husband did last trip was make sure he memorised the Spanish word for Orange juice wherever we went, didn’t learn even the tiniest extra bit of Spanish but had that one key priority covered. Even in English, how do you make sure you get the drink you want without mockery or being slapped? Thankfully, geographers and linguists over at Strange Maps have more time on their hands than we do…phew!

3) Finally, I know you’re all as disappointed as I am that the Large Hadron Collider didn’t make the world asplode this week. Now we all have to pay our bills and apologize for saying what we really think to our workmates… Stupid LHC people! Let’s mock them through song… (or technically, just mock them as THEY provide the song. Is rap even song?)

September 6, 2008

“Partying is such sweet sorrow…”

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It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and I’ve just finished cleaning the bejeezus out of my house for my hubby’s birthday party, so let’s all chill out and wind down (and get the rancid barbecue grease out from under our fingernails) with some lovely links…

1) This first one – well, let’s say it’s in honour of P’s birthday which we’re celebrating tonight, let it never be said I don’t give good gifts eh? Anyway, seems that for us awful young people, 30 is the bridge that once crossed can never be returned over again. It’s like some one way portal to sensible adult boringness (P still has a while to go thankfully!) So there are lots of things you apparently need to have done before you reach that point. Including 30 books you should read before you turn 30. Get out your fruit-scented Smiggle hilighters and start tickin’ ’em off, people…

2) Any of us who have the misfortune to work serving human beings in any capacity know the old addage “The customer is always right”. (This is particularly difficult for us librarians, since we are right and the customers are always stupid, but we need to pretend this is reversed every day.) Anyways, we service types can’t vent at the customers when they say brain-bleedingly stupid things, can we? Thank goodness for the internet… and for!

3) Finally, this news story (if it’s true) made me very excited. I’m a huge fan of these films (even the second which in comparison was kind of sucky!) It’d be great to see the gang together again, no?

Best library movie scene....ever!!

Best library movie scene....ever!!