January 17, 2011

Meme Monday: Travelling Meme

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(taken from kalafudra’s blog)

How old were you when you first travelled?

Ooh, that’s a hard one – don’t really remember. Think I was about 18 months old when we moved between states, is that acceptable?

What is your favourite form of travelling: car, bus, train, or plane?

Car – can see where I’m going, can call the stops (or at least have some say in it) and choose the music.

Where did you go on your first road trip?

The first one as an adult when I picked the destination and itinerary? Probably Brisbane–Sydney with my then-boyfriend.

Where did you go on your first bus ride?

Probably Toowoomba–Brisbane to stay with family for the holidays.

Where did you go on your first train ride?

I assume long-distance train? Only time I’ve done that was between Rotterdam and Paris on a European trip, overnight.

Where did you go on your first plane ride?

If it counts, we flew to Brisbane from Sydney when we first moved there…

Motion sickness? Treatment of choice?

Never – I’m very very lucky…

Where would you like to go that you haven’t been?

Italy. Denmark.

Where would you like to go back to?

France (if I could speak French)

Travelling alone or with someone?

I’d be too afraid to travel alone! But I wouldn’t go in a huge group…

Your ultimate travelling dream?

Since it’s an absolute dream – a slow year-long trip through Western Europe where I had whatever money I wanted, could stay wherever I wanted, and could speak the language in whatever country I was in…

October 1, 2010

Friday wrap-up: Crashers, Colds and Curtis

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The week that was!

1) One Good Thing: Mum’s back, and she brought with her an awesome story of her mistakenly gatecrashing an official OPEC function while holidaying in Europe. Told in fits of laughter while proudly wearing her OPEC cap and polo-shirt received in the press-pack she got because they thought she was a journalist, instead of just a tourist who can’t read timetables properly…

2) One Bad Thing:  Have dreadful head-cold. Facing weekend filled with working and marking. Sleeping poorly as a combination of the aforementioned. Not fun.

3) One Thing I Learned: That Tony Curtis died. Made me kind of sad. Vale, sir…

September 24, 2010

Friday Wrapup: Secondments, Scammers and Single Ladies

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The week that was!

1) One Good Thing: Got a lunch invite from an old boss trying to poach me for project work with his new team. I said I wouldn’t commit to anything without doing it all properly (i.e. not annoying my current boss!) and that if anything came up for me we’d sort it out then. But it’s very very nice to be wanted!

2) One Bad Thing: Got a scam email – and then a panicked teary phone-call – from my mother in Hungary; she’d used an internet cafe and they’d stolen her email account and changed her password. The email said she was in trouble in Scotland and needed money, and she was terrified people would have actually sent it over. (Don’t think she realises her Gen Y children are used to that sort of thing. And it was typed in complete coherent sentences, so of course it couldn’t have been from her, my mum emails like a tipsy 15-year-old texts!) My mum almost never cries, and it was awful to hear her do so when she was over the other side of the world. Can’t wait til Sunday morning when she’s home for a big hug!

3) One Thing I Learned: all the real words to “Single Ladies” at last, thanks to The Pigs (see Wednesday’s Post)…

July 16, 2010

Friday Weekly Wrap-up: “D”, Discards, and Driving

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1) One Good Thing: We’re saying goodbye to our awesome prac student today (who I’ll call “D” for anonymity’s sake.)  D has been great fun to work with – he’s worked hard, asked questions, brought in ideas. Moreover he’s been very nice on a social level too, he’s a good conversationalist with a good sense of humour and he’s been fun to hang out with. Probably the most fun prac student we’ve had here in a number of years (like, the last 3 years probably). I hope D keeps an eye out for opportunities here once he graduates (if they ever actually come up) since I can easily say I’d be more than happy to work with him again. (Please note: it’s not D leaving that’s a good thing. It’s having had him work with us. I swear.)

2) One Bad Thing: I’m currently drafting a collection retention policy for my subject area. It’s brain-churning hard work, because while I’ve done collection development based on textbooks and research areas for the last 4 years, when it comes to “keep or pulp” for my collection I have NO idea about long-term importance of works. I have NO idea of key theorists. Paranoia is setting in!!

3) One Thing I Learned: Shorter is not necessarily easier.

Drove to training for scouts a couple of weeks ago. Pulled up my trusty Google Map, and also a map for comparison (because I’m a good librarian and need to view a variety of sources to ensure accuracy of information 🙂 ). Worked out the quickest route there – 35 minutes, cutting through a couple of northern outer-city suburbs. Easy, right?

35 minutes turned into 90 minutes – of getting stuck on a highway I hadn’t known existed, of roundabouts that weren’t really roundabouts, of closures for roadworks, of streets that apparently changed names but didn’t in real life, of unexpected turn-offs, of “veer lefts” which weren’t veers at all leaving me wondering if I’d done the wrong thing. It was, in short, a nightmare, a torrent of tears and bad language. I’m not the most confident of drivers in unknown territory, to be fair, but this was truly an awful drive.

The old route. Note deviation off into the wilds of suburbia. Anguish not depicted above.

Anyway, I have to go again to roughly the same location tonight. Again, I got my Google Map and Whereis map. This time, I choose a slightly longer option. I studied it. I tweaked it a little in the beginning to take me along streets I know how to drive on. It goes into the city and then out again. It has 3 – count ’em, 3 – turn-offs only. And sure, it’s 50 minutes, not 35. But I’m not in a breathe-in-a-paper bag fit over it this time. As Effie used to say, “Happy Days”.

New Route - note exact same road 90% of the way. Hooray!

April 6, 2010

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”

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Happy Easter, chickens! Hope you’ve enjoyed your Four Days of Play! (This is how a certain evil empire brown caffein-y soft drink company decided to sell the idea of drinking their drink all through the Easter long weekend. Amazingly, been browsing the blogosphere for backlash from outspoken religious types, and there doesn’t appear to be any. Don’t know if that’s perhaps the most disturbing thing of all…)

Anyways, if you’re not in insulin shock from too much sugary goodness already, here are some sweet treats for you:

1) Absolut Vodka has made Where The Wild Things Are director Spike Jonze’s 35-minute short film I’m Here available online for free in its entirety. A librarian falls in love with a robot and together they learn about sacrifice… (You’re welcome!)

2) From the blog that brought you The Aeneid on Facebook – OMG it’s World War II on Facebook! (Note: if you’re a student and you use this to write a history essay, you get everything you deserve…)

3) Finally, we’re always quick to make super-fun of ourselves here in Australia. Moreso to make fun of our government. Particularly where large sums of money are involved. Now, as a (very speedily done, mind you) parody followup to our new “there’s nothing like Australia” tourism campaign, seems this site agrees that indeed this is the case: but not for the reasons you’d think…

There's nothing like a dingo taking your baby...

July 8, 2009

“And finally Winter, with its bitin’, whinin’ wind, and all the land will be mantled with snow.”

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Hooray! It’s finally honest-to-goodness winter! Hot chocolate, wearing gloves as you’re driving to work, electric blankets, dragon breath inside the house winter! No snow unfortunately, we’re far too far North, but it’s fun to play pretend!

(Just got a new 50″ plasma and feather doona to celebrate – yay!  It’s DVD-Box-Set-ember!)

Rugged up against the cold, here are this week’s snuggly warm links…

1) Why was Google Earth really invented? Why, to show you all the ridiculous things around the place you can see from the air, of course! Giant Cowboy Jesus Face in the Desert, anyone?

2) Haven’t had any gross food for a while, have we? Here’s a whole bunch… half the time can’t work out whether to drool or vomit, oh dear…

3) Finally, as I struggle with this week’s challenge to learn all the lyrics for “Ice Ice Baby” for a 90’s party challenge, someone said this clip from Jim Carrey would help – maybe not so much…

September 12, 2008

“[Other people’s] holidays are an expensive trial of strength. The only satisfaction comes from survival.”

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All my colleagues are going on holidays except me. My husband is going on holidays, but not me. Facebook serves me up constant pictures of my friends’ holiday snaps. It’s as if the world is mocking me! Why can’t I have a holiday too?? I’ve earned it, dammit!

Therefore excuse me if this week’s links have the bitter taste of so-near-yet-so-far holidayness about them… *sobs!*

1) As I prepare for my trip (which is only 3 months away now!) I’ve got all the right travel books – Lonely Planet England, Discovery Guide Britain, and even Bill Bryson’s awesome “Notes from a Small Island.” But I don’t have this book… The Clumsiest People in Europe” . In the mid-19th century, one Mrs Favell Mortimer set forth to write a definitive travel guide to the world. There was just one problem: she had never set foot outside her native Shropshire…I’ll leave you to enjoy the wonders for yourself, here’s just one taste, her entry on Wales.

“Though the Welsh are not very clean, they make their cottages look clean by white-washing them every year, and sometimes they white-wash the pig-sties too.”

Well at least I’m prepared now, eh?

2) Still on the subject of travel, I guess – how hard is it to get what you want when you’re in “for’n parts”? The one thing my husband did last trip was make sure he memorised the Spanish word for Orange juice wherever we went, didn’t learn even the tiniest extra bit of Spanish but had that one key priority covered. Even in English, how do you make sure you get the drink you want without mockery or being slapped? Thankfully, geographers and linguists over at Strange Maps have more time on their hands than we do…phew!

3) Finally, I know you’re all as disappointed as I am that the Large Hadron Collider didn’t make the world asplode this week. Now we all have to pay our bills and apologize for saying what we really think to our workmates… Stupid LHC people! Let’s mock them through song… (or technically, just mock them as THEY provide the song. Is rap even song?)

December 25, 2006

Feliz Navidad, Biatches!!

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I’m blogging from Changi Airport in Singapore right now…*squeeee!*

8 hours down, 16 hours to go. I highly recommend the foot massage here in Singapore, once you get used to it.

Sites this week – well, haven’t done much web trolling, can you blame me? This is where I did pretty much all my sight-seeing planning. In fact, I could really just go on here and drool at the possibilities all day. And if you do nothing else, well you could just read the horror stories some people post up there about shitty things that happen to them, if that’s what butters your bread…

And that’s pretty much it, sorry! Well done to me anyway, don’t you think? I might post you all some photies next week, if you’ve been good for Santa. Peace out!