August 25, 2009

“If you saw a heat wave, would you wave back?”

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All I have to say is this. It is WINTER here right? August? Not even the last week of August?

It’s Thirty Seven Frickin’ Degrees out there. Celsius. Yep.

To use a phrase my 13 year old cousins are fond of – WTF?????

Quick, duck into the air-conditioning at get cool again with links!

1) Regular readers will know I’ve a penchant for blogging cute baby animals. (Exhibit A here. Exhibit B here. Other exhibits too numerous to mention.) Let’s venomously redress the balance

2) I’m sure you must all have loved Pokemon as much as I did (and I’m playing it again right now, yeah baby!) but surely you must, like me and like VG Cats have sometimes thought – “… are you serious??”

3) Youtube – more from the creative geniuses (genii?) who brought you Dr Horrible. Oh for an all-region DVD player!

(Side note: Felicia Day is already super-hot! How could her avatar possibly be even hotter than reality?)


August 19, 2009

“These are a few of my favourite things…”

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Three things I like a lot this week:

  • Blackadder. Just bought a box set, about half-way through Blackadder II. I cannot remember laughing quite so much ever, nobody on the planet does comedy like the Brits did it back in the day.
  • My cat, who finally was useful for the first time in his life and woke me up in perfect timing today so I wasn’t late for work.
  • That I impressed everyone I saw “Public Enemies” with with my awesome knowledge of J.Edgar Hoover’s cross-dressing predilections.

Three things I hate a lot this week:

  • We have these cute vanity plates here in Australia which are designed to mimic cool European plates. I hate when people get them put on their Japanese cars. You have missed the point, my friends…
  • That my new keyboard is a bit unsure about what you want to do with quotation marks, and won’t put them in until you’ve typed the next character, so you put in “quotes”and you miss out all the space keys afterwards so you look stupid. See above.
  • New frickin’ WordPress. What was wrong with the last dashboard screen, why is it now five times as many clicks to post?

There you go. All I need to do now is find a melody, and Julie Andrews eat your heart out…

Here are this week’s links. Needless to say I love them!

1) Another “100 books you should read before you kick it” list. I have personally read 16 off here (it’s mostly an American lit list – knew it was worth taking American lit class!) and I think that’s better than I did on the TLS list, but I’d be interested to know if anyone out there has read lots more than that…

2) I often complain that we run dumb programs at my institution. (Being in charge of teaching research for hospitality and recreational tourism research, and buying books about the economics of running a day spa, you might see why…) These courses blur the line between “that’s the dumbest thing I ever heard” and “that’s the coolest thing I ever heard”. And you know you pretty much wish you could take all of them…

3) Youtube = could this be the greatest (most unlikely perhaps but greatest) mashup ever? Both my mother and I like it for different reasons – it WOULD make long car trips with her easier…

August 10, 2009

“So foul and fair a day I have not seen…” (bad pun, sorry!)

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Morning! This week we’ve got Wednesday off, ostensibly to go to the Royal Exhibition (kind of like a big county fair, I guess) spend too much money on crap in brightly coloured bags, vomit on the swing chair and completely ignore the animals which are the entire reason for there being an exhibition… I will be spending it at home sleeping in, I think! (Even though we’ve only just had a weekend – mid-week public holidays RULE!!)

Here are this week’s links – tastier than overpriced and slightly-melty strawberry icecream, more variety than an overcrowded petting zoo and more fun than district wood-chopping finals! Enjoy!

1) Like Shakespeare? Like DOS-based text adventures? (If you just said yes to both – hello kindred spirit!) Perhaps you’ll like Hamlet: The Text Adventure… that is the question! (*apologies, that was a cheap one…*)

2) Reasons why Winston Churchill is awesome and every guy on the planet should aspire to be like him…

3) YouTube this week – and who could possibly go past David Tennant in bad drag…?

August 3, 2009

“Health food may be good for the conscience but Oreos taste a hell of a lot better.”

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Full of yummy naughty food – pizza, sausage roll, ginger biscuits. I got raisin toast (for poor impoverished people in strange countries like England where they don’t appear to have this delicacy, it’s bread with raisins and cinnamon mixed through the dough) for breakfast at a cafe yesterday, and when it came out, no joke, each slice was about as thick as 3, maybe 4 slices of normal bread. So I consumed the equivalent of a third of a loaf of bread before 9am.

And I wonder why I get chubby in winter… *shakes head*

Here’s hoping this week’s links are equally as satisfying!

1) Food is awesome, we know. (See above!)  Chocolate especially! Now we hear that Blue M&M’s save lives! Only in the loosest sense of the word, but hey, we’ll take what we can get, won’t we!

2)This week, in the “I can’t believe there’s a whole site dedicated to this” category (to which the answer is always “it’s the internet, of COURSE there is…”) Because the world needs an archive and tracking system for small children raised by wild animals… you KNOW there was something missing in your life before, a hole has been filled!

3) Until they finally come out with Ghostbusters 3, I’ll just have to content myself not only with the originals, but the wealth of YouTube Ghostbusters takeoffs and tributes. A particular favourite – what might Ghostbusters have looked like if it had been filmed 30 years earlier?