May 24, 2010

“People call it trivia because they know nothing and they are embarrassed about it.”

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Good morning!  Today I’m trying to beef up my brain for our professional organisation’s annual trivia night (and let me tell you – librarians + trivia = the knives are OUT!!) which mostly consists of me spending large portions of the day on and the local newspaper’s website. Sigh – productivity on one hand, trivia triumph on the other – what’s a girl to do?

Actually, what a girl’s to do is to put off BOTH and share some links with you…

1) We all know I like weird food. This one’s not so much weird food as weird homewares related to food… and I’m not sure this wouldn’t just make me sick rather than hungry. Thank goodness customs laws mean these can’t be sent here…

2) Everyone’s got their opinon on Doctor Who. But whose might just make you sit up and listen more than most? Sir Terry Pratchett, that’s who!

3) Finally, YouTube – and here, Improv Everywhere win my undying gratitude, love and affection…


May 11, 2010

“He who laughs has not yet heard the bad news.”

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No bad news, actually. All good! It’s been a great couple of weeks- the Muppets won a Webby. Gordon Brown is going bye-bye.  Adele got eliminated from MasterChef. Fantastic news all round!

Now if only I’d never seen that story about chocolate and red wine not actually being good for you… Never mind. Links. Links are good for you. Yeah…

1) Speaking of the Muppets, they’ve sat down for a chat with Chris from The podcast (and it’s very much true Muppets style) is here

2) iPhone app developers, dog lovers and Japan – you have gone too far this time!

3) Finally, youTube – and if dogs can have fun with new technology, cats would just like to add that they can do it too. And be much cuter while doing it…