May 4, 2011

Wednesday Weekly Links

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At last I have some things together to share!



Why Cats Are Not Doctors

The Vatican embraces the internet age and puts all its porn online

Cool virtual tour of the Strahov Monastery Library


August 25, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Links

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Here are this week’s linky treats. Enjoy!


25 Classic Science Fiction Movies That Everybody Must Watch (I’ve only seen 9, and I can think of many many glaring omissions from this list but hey, you don’t argue with!)

Cute cartoon art for StarWars geeks (and MAGIC if you’re also coincidentally a Pooh fan)


Sookie and Bill get real-life married! (everyone… one, two three… AWWW!)


If historical events could have Facebook statuses

eHowTo – How to Write Bad Fanfic (I guess in case you were setting out purposefully to destroy minds…)

A “Downfall” parody nobody outside Australia will get, but I’ll post it anyway…

July 23, 2010

Friday Wrap-up: Twitter, Tweaks and Turk’s Heads

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Last week of (relative) sanity before students come back. A wonderful week for looking at everything you should have done, realising you haven’t done half of it, shrugging and going to the university bar at lunchtime anyway :).

1) One Good Thing: gave a Prezi on Twitter – what it is, how it works, what you can use it for – with Skinnibitch, our workplace’s Marketing/Communications manager, and my boss’s boss’s boss :). It went pretty well (with a couple of minor technical hitches and one audience interruption that nearly threw us), lots of people showed up, and seemed genuinely interested and engaged. I will make TwitterFiends of all librarians, mwahaha!!

2) One Bad Thing: Oh gosh, can I think of one? It’s been a not-too-bad week! I did get back the peer review of an article I submitted to a journal – they want me to make some moderate changes and resubmit. And that means more work. At a sucky time of semester. It’s groan-worthy, if not 100% “bad”…

3) One Thing I Learned: Well, I spent last weekend at scout leader training camp, so the answer to “what I’ve learned” is “OH WOW A LOT FAR TOO MUCH”! 🙂 So I’ll just pick one thing – I learned how to tie a Turk’s Head Knot. Not particularly politically correct, but pretty. It doesn’t have any real practical uses, it’s just decorative. You can do it with two loops, like mine (then it’s called a Gillwell Woggle) or with three. Instructions (not particularly good ones, but you’re all creative people, you’ll work it out) are here

Looking through the centre. You can see the end of the leather I have yet to glue down...

The knot from the side - you can see the braiding more clearly here...

June 4, 2010

Blogging Month Day 4: Computer Games, Cooking Shows, Crazy Children and Cartoon Chararacters

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Friday’s here, Friday’s here! And even though the weekend promises to be full (and not long, as I had fooled myself into thinking: that’s next weekend) I can’t wait for a little bit of downtime – final few episodes of True Blood Season 1, it’s a date!

1) One good thing: my workplace runs a lunchtime session of WiiSports once a week: I managed to scrape 15 minutes together and get along yesterday, and it was such great fun! Only had time for a couple of games of table tennis (which I rock at) and basketball (which I quite clearly do not rock at) but I’d been in a bit of a grey cloud for most of the morning and that little bit of fun exercise pulled me out of it perfectly!

2) One bad thing: Joanne should have left Masterchef (because she’s a truly nasty piece of work) but didn’t. I have no great love for Jake, but thought for sure that the elimination challenge in question would have done for Joanne for sure… Also, anyone else think they’re making up the “Immunity Pin” rules on the spot?

3) One thing I have learned: I run a youth group on Thursday evenings. Okay, it’s Scouts – but I don’t know, for some reason saying ‘Scouts’ gets you the ‘weirdo’ label far quicker than saying ‘youth group’ does. Anyways, I have the little kids in my group – 6-8 years old, but the vast majority of mine are 6, and only just 6 by a few weeks in some cases. There are currently 11 of the little monsters, and they keep sending more and more my way. Ever since I started I’ve despaired a bit about discipline – 11 6-year olds cannot sit still, be quiet, refrain from tackling each other, listen to craft instructions, follow the rules for a simple game, and so on. Every week feel like it’s been run shoddily, and I finish up the hour stressed out and depressed that we didn’t get through all 8 planned activities.

Anyway, after the meeting, the mother of one new kid – let’s call him “Kid X” – comes up to see me, she asks how he’s doing in terms of behaviour etc (which I diplomatically lie about) and she says “Oh, X just lives for this. He has so much fun every week. I guess because he’s an only child, he looks forward to mucking around with the other kids, it’s the one activity I can get him to do willingly every week without fail.” She extricates Kid X from the game of “tag other kids and shriek” or whatever it is he’s playing, and takes him home.

After I thought about it, I guess what I learned is this: who cares if we don’t get through all 8 planned activities? Who cares if they can’t play “Fruit Salad” properly? Who cares if someone cuts through their paper snowflake wrong and wants to do another one? Certainly not those kids! And after all, who are we really running the group for? Not me. Them. So I learned that if I can lighten up, de-stress and worry less, just maybe I could start having just as much fun as those kids.

Maybe that’s something we need to think about in libraries too…

4) Today’s link: For the scientifically curious amongst you all – ever imagined what was under the surface of your favourite fictional characters?

Homer Simpson's x-Ray

April 20, 2010

“Don’t blame the boss. (S)He has enough problems.”

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Okay, so for the next 4 weeks while my boss is away (in theory away – she was going to France, she may turn around and come home if she can’t get there and all this will be a moot point anyway) I am THE BOSS! And it is, frankly, quite terrifying. All these people who were my good friends are now somehow beholden to hate me – but only for the next 4 weeks. Then we’ll be super friends again. Sheesh.

Anyway, you all still love me, so here’s your reward for the week…

1) Even celebrities have guilty-but-not-thoroughly-researched pleasures… Mr Keith Richards, I will  gladly swap you, and then after you answer the same dumb first-year management assignment question fifty frickin’ times see if you’re still keen!

2) Art. Politics. Dacshunds. What a combo! Not sure entirely what the artistic point this is, but Dacshunds can be nasty little buggers, it should be quite fun to watch (hey, maybe that IS the artistic point!)

3) Only been waiting SINCE I WAS 13 for this film to be made!!!

June 29, 2009

“Tourist, Rincewind decided, meant “idiot”…”

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Hi Gang! Had last week off playing Tour Guide – lovely English visitors for the week, and lovely English weather to match, unfortunately! Plus the one beach we take them to turns out to be low-tide mudflats… *groans*! At least Project Cute Koala Failsafe executed perfectly and they went away reasonably happy…

On your left, you’ll see this week’s links…. and we’re walking, and we’re walking people… no flash photography…

1) Why Lego is, and never will be, JUST a kid’s toy… (unless it’s that girly pink Belleville garbage… spoken like a true Camelot Lego girl!)

2) If you’re into social commentary sci-fi and you haven’t read Down & Out in the Magic Kingdom yet, get it free here. (And shame on you! But mostly get it free…)

3) Again, Youtube this week I’m CERTAIN everyone’s seen – worth a post anyway. Not sure I agree about the whole “doubles as a metaphor for the ongoing battle between two opposing visions of gender roles in the 21st century” thing, but I will admit it’s excellently edited, and satisfies the crossover fangirl within quite handily…

May 8, 2009

“All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That’s his.”

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Hi everyone! Happy Mothers Day (in Australia anyway) to all the mothers out there reading this (even if you mother a small animal rather than a child, as I do. But did Evil Cat get me flowers? Nooooo….) I got my mum art supplies, and let her beat me at Trivial Pursuit, so all-in-all a successful celebration of maternity all-round!

Here are this week’s links (and not bought last-minute by the side of the road at premium prices like most Mothers Day flowers are… or is that an Australian thing too?)

1) How are we in the modern library supposed to know what to DO? Given that library schools are so poor and teach you nothing about running an actual library… thankfully for all our sakes, there’s the internet. Specifically, there’s the Librarian’s Guide to Etiquette blog.  For example, “A polite librarian should always insert a the before proper names of Internet name brands. Demonstrating your familiarity with the Google, the Facebook, or the Twitter, is a good way to establish some internet-cred with the kids.” Duly noted…

2) Some very cool and interesting art and short story material in this year’s Thoughtcrime Experiments anthology, if that’s your sort of thing. I particularly liked “Daisy”…

3) Finally, more iPhone bashing…

October 27, 2008

“The sources of poetry are in the spirit seeking completeness…”

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Feeling very fulfilled this weekend – forced myself to do my taxes and plan the tail end of my UK trip, and now I’m full of smug completing-stuff goodness! Hooray!

Now, let’s not ruin the run of box-ticking, here are this week’s links…

1) I blame the heat, but I’ve been having weird dreams lately. Last night I dreamed that someone kidnapped my laundry hamper and I found it out on the highway median strip filled with grass clippings. And that’s pretty much par for the course at the moment. Anyway, to help me out… delving into the world of deeply-psychological-meets-internet-narcissistic, meet – you can record your dreams, tag them style, and (here’s where it gets weird) search by keyword for other people’s dreams. You can even request people interpret them for you. Just don’t blame me when every interpretation you get inevitably leads back to sex, your childhood, or both…

(And an aside: who the hell dreams about Mark Ronson? Really!)

2) A friend at work sent me this one – wonder what the Oval Office would be like if S.P ran the joint? Probably not a bit like this, but it’s good clean mouseover fun anyway…

3) Finally – I’m sure everyone on the whole planet has seen this clip of Animator vs Animation before, but it’s cute anyway…

June 10, 2008

“Any truth is better than indefinite doubt… – Arthur Conan Doyle”

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I’ve a conundrum at the moment – the sitch (I hate that word, but I’m feeling particularly lazy today. Write it off as an Australianism…) is that I’ve got a trip to the UK booked for the end of the year. And I will never never forgive myself if I don’t go to Baker Street, trek up to 221B and take a look. But what if I’m so very disappointed it breaks my heart and my love for all things Sherlock? What if it’s crap, and the dream dies just a little? But then, what if I don’t go and it’s actually awesome? Aaargh! Head asplode! Have any readers ever been???

(Good thing it’s still 189 days til I go, eh?)

Anyway, here’s what I’ve tracked down for you all in between mental crises…

1) Bored? Take a look at Wikipedia’s “Unusual Articles” list. (Yeah, irony, I know…) Wikipedia defines this as “This page is for Wikipedians to list articles that seem a little unusual.” I have one word for you… Phantom Kangaroos. Oh, yeah, this is what the internet is for…

2) For cool old photos, look no further than Shorpy: the 100 year old photo blog. Great old candid photos, there’s heaps of interesting, quite beautiful, and downright creepy old stuff there.  I particularly like the Mah Jongg set for the pool on page 5. History rocks!

3) Finally, this week if you haven’t ever seen Flight of the Conchords – what the heck are you doing? Get out of this blog entry and onto YouTube right now? FOTC are a terribly funny comic music duo from New Zealand (so yeah, we can practically claim them) and are well worth a peek. Here’s a taste…

May 20, 2008

“If we do what is necessary, all the odds are in our favor….”

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I saved a guy’s life at the university bus-stop today. At least I think I did… Some old guy collapses just as the bus is pulling up. Now, half the students start boarding the bus. The other half (minus the two nice guys who caught this old man as he was falling) stand there dumbly. So yes, that leaves the short, terribly unfit and high-heel-wearing librarian to run for the security guards. Which I did (and if I’d heeded my own advice and taken the damn heels of, I would have done it a lot quicker) and ambulances were called and interesting-looking medical things were applied. Karma tells me that I did the right thing, because my bus waited for me as I tottered to the rescue. Yay! Gotta love when that happens. But damn it, SHOULD I HAVE LOST THE HEELS?? Would it be wrong to ring every hospital in the city with a vague story about a collapsed-at-the-bus-shelter old guy to try and find out if he made it or not??

If you need me, I’ll be over in the corner having a mini ethical crisis while you check out your weekly links… *whimpers*…

1) Tonight’s first link is for my sister, who was grouchy with me after she told me all about her new anchor tatt (“it grounds me”, she says) and I told her it made her look like a sailor’s doxie. If you’re going to get a tatt, get something classy, folks. Damn thing’s with you forever, so get something you’re going to like waking up and looking at in the mirror. May YuppiePunk’s “(Not So) Complete History of Literary Tattoos” provide you with some good ideas (or at least something interesting to gawk at if you are, like me, not of the body art persuasion…

2) Last week I brought you a news story from my home town. One I thought couldn’t be topped for sheer stupidity. Lucky for me (or not-quite-so-lucky, depending on your perspective) our Kiwi mates from over the strait have obliged with a doozy of a dodo-brain for you this week. A little known fact is that our state of Queensland is the only state in Australia where alcohol cannot be accepted as a form of currency – apparently in New Zealand, they have slightly different worries…

3) Finally, this week’s vid blends two of the most wonderful (and yes, at times, most freakishly weird) things in the world – Bjork and cats! A fun little cat-lover’s video, well done…

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