March 27, 2007

Frustrated boyfriend: “Stop acting stupid!” Frantic girlfriend: “I’m not acting!”

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Happy birthday to me! Now a year older and savouring the delights of tennis…

I am currently preparing for the world’s worst seminar on WCM…*groan* Hands up who else will retch if they see another bad corporate blog or library MySpace? Anyway, in true liberrydwarf fashion I be procrastinatin’ again… enjoy the fruits of my labour.
1) Celebrities say the dumbest things. (Actually, to be fair, Summer on the O.C. says the dumbest things. May she rest in axed-tv-show peace…) Anyway, takes it all down, keeps it in one big happy database so you can feel superior every time Jessica Simpson et al open their mouths and shoot off another corker…

2) If your OED online just doesn’t cut it anymore and your Roget’s is weighing you down, check out VisuWords – check out how your word relates to its parts and synonyms. It’ll even tell you (in nifty colours) what gramatical part of speech it is – no more arguments on LiveJournal over whether nouns have past tenses!!

3) Another YouTube vid to wrap up tonight – Claymation meets biting sarcasm in MST3K’s take on “Gumby – Robot Rumpus”. That squares my breasts!!


March 21, 2007

“I think the best thing I can do is to be a distraction….”

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Hi everyone! (Hi Dr Nick!) Let’s get to the point, we’re all busy people. So busy, in fact, that we need our distractions RIGHT NOW!! Thanks to the lovely late Jackie Kennedy for our quote and post title (sadly not quite distraction enough for some men…)

1) First up I bring you another geek webcomic – This time a gaming geek, rather than a math nerd. Some of it is groan and shake your head stuff, but perhaps liberrydwarfs (dwarves) who’ve bought 3 new games in one week shouldn’t throw stones around that particular glass house…

2) I love those Mac vs PC ads on at the moment. This ( is a very clever take on how Gates et al probably feel…

3) Finally, we haven’t had a YouTube vid in a while – here’s Animal from the Muppetsteeing off for a drum solo competition with Buddy Rich. Aside from the drumming (which is pretty breathtaking in itself) watch for the appropriately muppety irreverent ending. I wonder why famous people ever agreed to go on this show sometimes…

March 13, 2007

“No, I’m not obssessed with kittens. I’m a librarian, it’s a job requirement.”

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Having been accused of being kitten obssessed, I thought I’d do the logical thing and turn around and offer you…yep, More Kittens. Just because I’m comfortable in my own sanity and logical approach to life (and cos kitties be CUTE!)

1) – I swear, my husband wasted 3 hours on this site, voting for which kitten is the cutest. You can’t stop the kittens. Nobody can stop the kittens. (Oh god that was bad, my apologies to the Village People.) Come to think of it, there’s probably more than enough Kitten on this site, so I’ll do us all a favour and break the theme here.

2) – a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. Math nerds, IT geeks and librarians will find these hilarious. That covers pretty much my whole circle of friends very neatly – aren’t I a lovely person? In particular, the Ninja Turtle vs Renaissance Artist episode is a gem.

3) – in as a present to my sister (I know you visit here, you aren’t too cool!) Beyond Hogwarts is an online newsletter where hardcore fans write on the HP books and movies, JK Rowling and the whole HP phenomenon. Actually, some of this stuff is well-argued, thoughtfully and creatively written, and quite clever. And not a giant squid in sight…

Soooo tired…just because your workday only starts at 2pm doesn’t mean you don’t wake up at 6 anyway!

March 7, 2007

“It’s time to cut the crap…er, fat…”

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All I want to say this week is to put on record how much I hate The Biggest Loser. Particularly the one-liners. There, all said and done now, we can get on with our lives (and links)

1) Today I feel like kittenny goodness again. And as much as I despise LiveJournal, I thought I’d share the CatMacros community ( Wonderful beautiful cats and kitties with catchy (well, sometimes catchy) captions. Not all of these are appropriate to view at work, people, be warned! Some have sweary-naughty words. Some may make you wet yourself from the kittenny-ness of it all. So think twice. View at home. Put down a drop sheet.

2) For some weird and wonderful, check out “Strange houses around the world” ( Yes, people actually live/work in these. I just want to point out that #10 on there is a Gaudi in Barcelona and I HAVE SEEN IT WITH MY OWN EYES!!! YES INDEEDY!!

3) And finally, Flash animation of a James Bond movie medley played out entirely by cartoon rabbits. ( Talented fans? Or just idjits with too much time on their hands? At any rate, it’s quite clever.

Until next time!