January 21, 2009

“This is my idea of heaven, coming home and watching the news…

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Okay, so I’m back. I know I promised to check in and tell you I was alive, but for a variety of reasons (crappy wifi access being one of them) it kind of never happened. But never mind! I’m back home in Aus – thankyou Britain, you rocked! And I’m back to surfing around for the weird and wonderful of the web to dish up to my faithful friends and readers! It’s good to be home!

1) I’ve never been a terribly big fan of viral marketing, but I guess this one worked because I did go look it up… a particular insurance vendor in Britain while I was there visiting broadcast a whole bunch of TV ads stressing that they were most definitely not… what is, I hear you ask? I dare you to go find out! (Animals in clothing = the advertising industry at its best, no?)

2) This one’s kind of a New Years present to my buddy Kalafudra who I know is into at least ONE of these gentlemen – were these famous cuties seperated at birth?

3) Finally, a little taste of what I truly missed when I was away… (you know when you Brits say it it really isn’t the same!)