September 2, 2009

“Exercise: done against one’s wishes and maintained only because the alternative is worse.”

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Hi friends! Well the weather is back to normal, the students are back to crazy, and now it’s only 4 months to Christmas so I am happy! I also did a 10km charity walk on the weekend(gasp! Liberrydwarf! Doing something healthy!) first time ever, and now my muscles have gone back to non-agony state (only 2 days later, haha) I’m happy to be blogging! Here’s the fun I found for you this week…

1) Another for the “Odd but Great Webcomics” file – Goats. The link here takes you to the start of the story arc so you don’t miss anything. Nothing like drunk demonic chickens to make you giggle into your herbal tea…

2) Something intelligent and intellectual yet still weird (and we know that’s why you’re here!) – Peter Leeson’s just written a book about the economics of piracy, but for free you can listen to him on EconTalk discussing why pirates are the best case study of economic rationalism ever. Don’t you feel smarter already?

3) On the subject of pirates, I dug out the sheet music to this to have the guys in choir sing it – best musical song ever. And the Kevin Kline version is the best version ever – nuthin’ but the best here at the Liberry for you!


October 1, 2008

“It is neither good nor bad, but thinking makes it so.”

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Plusses this week – I get out of night shifts for the rest of the year. I get my iPod Touch next week (for free! Read ’em and weep!) I read Angus Wells’ “Godwars” trilogy and it was awesome!

Minuses – it’s hot. My dog won’t play with other dogs at the dog park and I feel like a failure. The production company who makes the Horatio Hornblower movies isn’t planning to make any more.

So it all kinda balances out, doesn’t it? September and October are a bit like that!

Links are below (and all are plusses, I promise!) Enjoy!

1) Everyone, I’m sure, had a fantastic time on Talk Like A Pirate day recently. Apparently, even did. Who says financeers aren’t fun? Here they present their list of History’s Top Earning Pirates. It’s interesting, even if it does take all the fun out of pirates because you can’t get the image of your accountant in an eyepatch and funny hat out of your head as a result…

*hums a long-forgotten Monty Python song… “It’s fun to charter an accountant…”

2) Maughta from JudgeABookByItsCover loves to hate Michael Crichton – and it’s infectious! Courtesy of a link from her blog, I’d like to share with you the secret to instant money, movie deals and/or being a complete tool – Write Your Own Michael Crichton Novel. You know who to dedicate it to…

3) No YouTube this week, because I thought this one had to go in in full-colour image glory. A few weeks ago we brought you CakeWrecks, remember? Well, this week CakeWrecks provides us with gross food so wrong it brings tears to the eyes! The Krispy Kreme burger… part burger, part donut, 100% monstrosity. Hungry?

Krispy Kreme Burger

June 12, 2007

And wouldst thou leave me so unsatisfied…? (HBO, not Juliet)

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Well, for the second most deadly-dull week of the semester, it’s been all upsy-downsy hasn’t it just! Upsy because I did really well for my conference presentation (hardly surprising seeing as how I was better than half the keynotes, and NOT just in my own humble opinion I assure you!)

Downsy because I got up, came to work, got sent home at 12 then had to come back again and work all ungodly night… the Great Library God hates me.

Then Upsy AND Downsy at the same time since I bought the final season of Deadwood – up because c’mon, it’s DEADWOOD people! And down because I already KNOW it’s going to end all open and stuff and I’ll have to sit and wait for HBO to make a movie-length closure piece that will NEVER happen…hence our post title tonight!

Anyway, having atypically chronically overshared…then kicked myself for doing it because I promised not to… here are some links to play with. Enjoy, please, thankyou.

1) Statistics/economics buffs, one for you – we all know the US has some obscenely huge GDP, but what about its states, how do they rank with the rest of the world? The Strange Maps blog features one map of US States renamed for countries with similar GDP’s. One one level (the obvious one) it’s pretty scary stuff. On another, it’s pretty crappy because poor Australia ends up as Idaho. On yet another, it’s ironic because seeing as only 10% of US citizens can find even their own country on a map, this might actually help them get geography a bit better…

2) Second, a clever gem from The Onion – which everyone knows is the best news source in the world – about the MySpace Outage of a few weeks ago (I can think of at least 3 people reading this right now who just practically brown-trousers panicked and rushed off to check their MySpace to make sure it was still working…they’re talking about you guys here, you know. Mockery and such…)

3) Finally tonight, we’re upping the cute factor with the (very) short French YouTube film “Un chaton qui a sommeil”. I am told this translates as “A kitten which is sleepy”; don’t worry, whatever you think the subtext is here it really is just a sleepy kitten. Watch him doze off, die from cute and call me in the morning…Dr LiberryDwarf signing out!