April 19, 2011

A very important update… Part 2: the details

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Some people have asked for the back-story behind the arrival of LiberryBaby – with a minimum of gory details, here goes.

Visited the doctor on April 5th. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I’ve got high blood pressure and it’s been on the watch-list for the last few months, and it was a little elevated so some tests were requested which came back negative. I was told off for not monitoring my blood pressure regularly, and told to repeat the tests in 3 days time.

The next day, Wednesday 6th, I guiltily checked my blood pressure when I woke up – 151/105. Not fantastic – checked again at about 10am – 153/108. Also not fantastic. About 1pm a third check revealed the same elevated readings, so I phoned my doctor’s practice. 3.30pm she came on duty, returned my call and suggested I go to hospital for observation.

I phoned my husband to suggest he come home, and phoned my mother, who revealed same thing happened to her and that she was kept in hospital on bedrest for a few days. I grumbled at the thought of this, packed an overnight bag, stuck my maternity hospital bag in the car just in case, and waited for hubby to return.

Once he got home, we drove leisurely in and headed down to the pregnancy assessment unit, with me moaning the whole way about how boring bedrest was going to be. We arrived, waited an hour as my doctor’s receptionist had not, as promised, phoned to let them know we were coming, then got to see the doctor who luckily was on call for the evening. She took my blood pressure, felt my stomach. Then dropped a bombshell on us.

“It’s a good night to have a baby. Let’s not risk anything, let’s take you down to theatre now.”

Then in a blur I put on my anti-clot stockings and theatre gown, nodded dumbly at the anaesthetist’s explanations of what was going to happen, waddled down to the operating theatre and watched my husband go off to change into scrubs.  And promptly burst into tears. What the hell? Three hours previous I was watching the X-Files, eating macaroni and telling my cousins that I’d only go to my grandfather’s birthday party if they went. Why was I having a caesarean? I didn’t want a caesarean. I wanted blood pressure drugs and a ride home!

Hubby came back, I finished my cry, we went into theatre. I had my spinal, lay down, and about 30 minutes later I had a baby brought over to me. All of a sudden, with very little effort on my part, and pretty much zero mental preparation on my part, I had a son.

Holy crap…

Anyway, from there it was a hour of recovery and then five days in the post-natal ward, which were kind of crap for a variety of reasons and I don’t feel like whining about now. We’ve been home for just over a week, and it’s still a big adjustment, every day feels like a step forward and a step back at the same time.. Nothing is like it is in pop culture. Nothing is much like it is in the specialist baby books, pregnancy books, breastfeeding guides or mother and baby magazines either. But I love the hell out of my son and we’re making it work so far, so we’re going to be okay.

I am not doing any of this again for a very, very long time…

Let’s finish with another baby shot. Because he’s cute as, and he’s already starting to change his features and the faces he pulls, and I’m taking any opportunity I can to share these early pictures.

If you think he perhaps looks a little goblinoid here, it's okay. We think so too... it's the ears...


April 12, 2011

A very important update…

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Apologies for the missed posts, but I have been doing something very much more important since about 7.30pm last Wednesday evening…

LiberryBaby, AKA Eric, is here!

We’re home but in heavy-duty ‘adjusting’ mode, so blogging might be a bit more sporadic for a bit. But I’ll try to keep bringing you the fun things I find (they may now have a decidedly 3am slant) and memes here and there. Occasional cute baby news is probably inevitable, but I don’t want to turn this into one of those blogs!

April 4, 2011

Meme Monday – Book Meme

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[taken from here]

1. What new book coming out soon do you plan to buy?

I almost never buy books new…I do know we’ll be getting the next Harry Dresden the second it comes out though. (Warning: spoilers for previous book in link!)

2. What upcoming book are you dying to read?

A Dance with Dragons. Like every other Game of Thrones fan. (At least, still holding on to hope and assuming it’s still upcoming…)

3. What series is a must read for you?

The Dresden Files. Discworld. Also, sadly, the Stephanie Plum books too…

4. What new author have you found so far in 2011?

New-new, or new to me? New to me = Many. None mind-blowing, from memory. I never know who’s new-new, but I haven’t been impressed with any first-timers I’ve come across yet. ‘Oldies But Goldies’ have done the trick for me this year…

5. What little known author are you a fan of?

I’m probably way-off about who’s little-known and who’s not. I don’t suppose Markus Zusak is particularly well-know outside Australia, but I thought The Book Thief was masterful…

April 1, 2011

Friday Wrap-up: Surprises, Silliness and Sauce

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The week that was!

One Good Thing: Made it through March without surprise baby showing up! Yay!

One Bad Thing: By not being at work, I will have missed out on all the university April Fools Day jokes. In the past we’ve had some wonderful things, from reported “loose animals” to fake voice-recognition on photocopiers. No giggles for me…

One Thing I Learned: How to make bechamel sauce. And, having stuffed up the original Italian recipe from the Margaret Fulton Italian cookbook utterly, how to cheat on bechamel sauce