January 19, 2011

Wednesday Weekly Links

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Here are this week’s linky treats. Enjoy!


Movie characters who were supposed to die but got saved by last minute rewrites


Gaiman. Simpsons. Awesome. That is all.


12 notorious bookstore cats… (I think this is an American phenomenon – I’ve never met one here…)

Italian authorities are pretty sure they’ve found the tomb of crazy Roman Emperor Caligula

Science is evil, and animals are innocent victims – in two parts…


August 10, 2009

“So foul and fair a day I have not seen…” (bad pun, sorry!)

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Morning! This week we’ve got Wednesday off, ostensibly to go to the Royal Exhibition (kind of like a big county fair, I guess) spend too much money on crap in brightly coloured bags, vomit on the swing chair and completely ignore the animals which are the entire reason for there being an exhibition… I will be spending it at home sleeping in, I think! (Even though we’ve only just had a weekend – mid-week public holidays RULE!!)

Here are this week’s links – tastier than overpriced and slightly-melty strawberry icecream, more variety than an overcrowded petting zoo and more fun than district wood-chopping finals! Enjoy!

1) Like Shakespeare? Like DOS-based text adventures? (If you just said yes to both – hello kindred spirit!) Perhaps you’ll like Hamlet: The Text Adventure… that is the question! (*apologies, that was a cheap one…*)

2) Reasons why Winston Churchill is awesome and every guy on the planet should aspire to be like him…

3) YouTube this week – and who could possibly go past David Tennant in bad drag…?

October 24, 2007

I’m not a dictator. It’s just that I have a grumpy face….

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Super, thanks Pinochet, we all believe you. Speaking of grumpy, I can’t believe nobody answered my wooden box question? Shame on you people! Anyways, its just as well there’s such a thing as Forums and bored people out there or I might never be able to sleep for wondering!

Here are your links this week (though you don’t deserve them, bad blog readers, grumble grumble…)

1) The internet makes everyone an expert on something, doesn’t it…? That’s why I quite like the idea of Squidoo lenses. Go take a look if you have no idea what I mean. Anyway, some clever soul’s made a Monty Python Squidoo page, so rather than bring you snippets of Pythonism here and there, I thought I’d bring you the motherlode… every ham and jam and spamalot you’d ever need!

2) The Godchecker is the ultimate resource for religious reference, trivia and a bit of fun. Also guaranteed to appeal lots to Dungeons and Dragons gamers, people who like to name cats silly names, and Stargate fans who disagreed with scriptwriters choices for Goa’uld character names…

3) Finally, as tribute to my lovely boss asking me to make our next year’s orientation programmes “A bit more emo, so they appeal to the kids” (groan!!!) I thought we’d all get a big mascara-d hug from Tickle Me Emo, courtesy of MadTV…

April 10, 2007

“Why did Jesus die?”…”To get to the other side.”

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Happy Easter-slash-Passover, Liberry patrons! Apologies if my crude joke offended, or if you’re the clever student who’s been going around campus adding the above punchline to the Evangelical Students Society’s easter posters…

 Anyway, this week, after far too much chocolate, here are some zany treats of another kind…

 1) Having seen “300” on the weekend am desperate to write the terrible wrongs perpetrated on Ancient Greece. And waste some time! So am bringing you, from the British Museum. In particular, try your hand at the “Challenges” in each section – waste hours matching up the Greek Gods with their pottery images and festivals, or put the daily life objects in the right rooms of the villa! Great fun…also check out ancientrome and ancientindia…

2) If you like e-Books (and boy oh boy I know I do) take a look at – like Project Gutenberg but easier on the eyes. Check out the Edgar Rice Burroughs stuff – go the Chessmen of Mars!

3) Picked this up off another librarian’s blog – again, so very very glad I don’t work with children. Or bread.

What children think of librarians...

November 10, 2006

There’s a lot of bad “isms” floating around this world, but one of the worst is commercialism…

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Hello all,

I got some feedback this week regarding my post about last week – seems my posting commercial sites is unpopular. Very well, she says in an eager helpful voice. From this point forward, fun of the non-paymental variety only will be offered up in the Liberry. (cheapskate!)

1) Today’s first treat fits well with the pirate jokes and useless facts of a fortnight ago. (How did that party go? You know I’m talking about you, right…?) Latin is excellent. Latin speaker are witty, get all the potential partners and go on to become film stars, political leaders or really top-notch chefs. Therefore I present to you Handy Latin Phrases at Try one! Fac me cocleario vomere! See, how cool am I?

2) Found this little gem out there – I heartily recommend. Particularly if, like me, you work in the public service industry. I personally will be trying out #27 on this list at work at the library on Monday (particularly since it’s exam week…).

3) At the moment I’ve got a pile of books to read taller than I am, and am sorta missing the hour long bus trip to work I gave up recently to drive in like a grownup instead. If I could somehow read when I drive… well, I’ve taken a look at a free podcast magazine called MechMuse ( original and re-published fiction in an audio format. And it appears to feature some quite famous print authors – Kevin J Anderson, David Farland and Miles Romney, for 3 examples. Of course this in no way solves my problem, just gives me an extra excuse for a car accident every morning. I tell ya, I got it coming…

Until next week, children, as the Romans would have said…Totum dependeat!!