March 25, 2008

“You don’t get older, you get better…”

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That’s a lot to live up to, thanks Shirley Bassey! (Who rocks, by the way, I can see why she said that…)

Well, older, but probably not much wiser… plus I spent Easter long weekend looking after poor suffering sick Mr LiberryDwarf who had the bad manners to get the ‘flu on Easter, and what’s more on my birthday! As evidenced in an earlier blog entry, men really are the BIGGEST BABIES when sick! Oh well, at least there was waaaay too much chocolate to make up for it!  So here are this week’s links, high on sugar and pretending to be far more mature than they really are…

1) Think you’re a Monty Python fan? Take Mental Floss’s Monty Python Quiz and find out once and for all! Ranging from the very silly to the fiendishly hard – it’s worth getting to the end just to read back over the comments of other quiz “contestants”! More fun than the sound of two bricks being smashed together… (But not more fun than Cardinal Richlieu’s impersonation of Petula Clark, not by half…)

2)  Gotcha more gross food! Try keeping your chocolate down after you check out The Sneeze’s fantastic column of gross-barely-food-ness, Steve, Don’t Eat It! Remember, I only bring you this because I care…

3)  Finally, Youtube feeds my need to share my childhood nostalgia again… remember Trapdoor? (if you’re not from the UK or Aus, you might very well not!) Good ol’ Berk and his haunted castle… and the bad bad jokes… *sniff* all together now, “They don’t make ’em like they used to…”


March 20, 2008

“She’s not crazy, it’s just the litany of the (quarter)-life crisis.” Me and Tom Cruise both…

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Yay! Long weekend! Plus Birthday weekend! Double celebration…sorry this week’s installment is late, but teaching back to back classes on Banking resources all week drains the ability to do anything except drool and watch The Biggest Loser right out of you… Now I’ve regained some of my usual peppiness, have some links!

1) Just in case you don’t have NEARLY enough to read, or to do with your books once you’ve read them, everything any bibliophile could ever need in a We 2.0 world can be found in this list of 80 Online Resources for Book Lovers. Hmm, that takes care of MY Easter long weekend.. *sob* I just can’t help myself, can I?

2) If you like your webcomics with a little intelligent wit and a passion for the crazy stories of world history, check out Kate Beaton’s work.  Very cute, smirk-worthily funny, and if you can find a clean one, guaranteed to brighten up any highschool history lesson…

3) Finally, what happens when you mashup Tarantino with the Muppets? (No, not Muppets Wizard of Oz. Well yes, true, but think more classic Tarantino…) Yes, folks, you do indeed get… Pulp Muppets…

March 12, 2008

The Internet: transforming society and shaping the future (and making Liberrians cry…)

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How did people teach stuff before the Internet? Are there any of you still alive? I need some tips… when you’re drawing the layout for your website on a whiteboard and telling your students “here’s where you SHOULD be clicking” the whole “convenience of the web” thing goes out the window…

Well, I’ve had too much consolatory chocolate and am feeling a bit sorry for myself, so here are this week’s links to cheer us all up (or at least, in number 3’s case, to make us puke up all that chocolate!)

1) Working odd shifts and nights (as I do, and often whine about here), you often miss an episode or two of whatever show’s flavour of the month. You COULD read TV Guide to find out what you missed…or you could experience it all, blow by blow, snark by snark, at Television Without Pity. Admittedly, some write-ups are more fun than others, but from forums to fanfic to videos, Television Without Pity makes up for anything you might ever miss. Or when you want to lie and join in the lunch-room gossip about Terminator:Sarah Connor Chronicles but you’d rather die than subject yourself to that weekly…

2) One of the best modern fantasies ever, Neil Gaiman’s book “American Gods” has been put online for FREE!! for the month of March.  Absolute 100% must must must read!! (Worth the headache of reading 600 pages online, trust me!)

3) And the grand finale? Nope, no YouTube this week. Instead, tuck into the Six Most Terrifying Foods in the World… I am never complaining about Yum Cha again. Scout’s Honor.

Baby Mice Wine... shudder...

March 4, 2008

“It’s nice to know that what you’re doing is being read and enjoyed by a good deal of people.” (or at least a couple, and neither of them’s your Mum)

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It’s nice to be read. Blog stats, as I believe I’ve said before, are super-cool fun (teehee! Kitten Burger!) but pingbacks make my day. *sigh* It’s nice not to feel futile. Makes a nice change from the day-job!

Anyway, time to earn that absolute wave of blogosphere respect…

1) A continuation of last week’s literary theme (thanks for this link go to Kalafudra as I found it on her blog): you thought the weird titles of last week were a hoot? Take a look at the Literary Review’s Bad Sex in Fiction Awards, of which the late great Norman Mailer was the latest recipient. I was going to find you a snippet to stick here as a teaser, but quite frankly I couldn’t find much that wouldn’t get me fired or make me vomit inside my mouth, so you’ll just have to look for yourself – now there’s incentive!

Read the shortlisted passages. Out loud. To your significant other. If nothing else, roll-on-the-floor snot-dripping laughter will guaranteed bring you closer together…

2) I saw a Warhol exhibit on the weekend, so naturally I was going to try and find a Warhol-izer for you to play around with. I go searching, and what do I find? The time-waster MOTHERLODE, I tells ya! I present for your enjoyment The Generator Blog – not just one new toy to play with, but a new one pretty much every couple of days. Find your Harry Potter Name. Make and download your own mobile/cell phone wallpaper. Translate your name into Tibetan character. Oh, and when you resurface 3 years later, drop me a thankyou note, yeah?

3) Finally, out of a random mix of nostalgia and copyright nautiness (plus someone was singing the theme song when I was out the other night and it’s stuck in my head): here’s Disney’s sweetest ever cartoon: Lambert the Sheepish Lion. If you can prove the theme song did NOT get stuck in your head, I will publish a LTSL Hall of Fame next week and you will be on the list!