March 25, 2011

Friday Weekly Wrap-up: Growing Old, Growing Up and Growing Spring Onions

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The week that was!

One Good Thing: Happy Birthday to Me for yesterday! (And yep – DID get Sims Medieval! Happy days!)

One Bad Thing: Had my last night with my little Scouts last night for a while – sad thing is. I’ll only be away for a few months (unless I’m making the assumption that six-month-olds give you an hour off a week incorrectly) but by the time I get back many of those kids will have had their birthdays, moved on and I’ll never see them again 😦

One Thing I Learned: There is a spring onion growing in my front garden. I didn’t plant it there. I didn’t use another spring onion and then put the remains in the compost, thereby inadvertently causing a new one to grow. So, how did it get there? And is it safe to eat?


February 18, 2011

Friday Weekly Wrap-Up: Heroes, Herbs and Hairdresser Gossip

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The (2) week(s) that was! (Or were, rather. It’s been an exhausting fortnight. You can have a double concentrated dose.)

1) Two Good Things: Rediscovering Heroes: Season 1. And watching it with hubby this time (rather than alone) and he’s really enthusiastic, it’s kind of cute… 🙂

On the other hand, it's really going to suck when it gets crappy and breaks his heart...

Also got to attend a follow-up session for a conference I missed (apparently big fat preggos don’t fly interstate real well) and catch one or two of the presentations I was really sore about missing. Of course, with one more week of work there’s not a whole lot I can actually DO with all these cool new ideas, but at least I now have them. Fodder for daydreaming, at least.


2) Two Bad Things: All my lavender has, through a combination of drowning and drying out, died horribly. 😦

Was aiming for this. Needless to say, do NOT have this.

Also, apparently nobody makes children’ s face paint anymore. It’s impossible to get. And despite one’s best efforts to improvise with water-based acrylics and baby lotion, apparently today’s children are far too fussy to have their faces painted, delicate little flowers that they are. What is this sad world coming to?

3) TwoThings I Learned:

Pretty much every intimate detail about the shopkeepers who were flooded out at our dearly-departed local shopping centre – who was insured, who’s coming back, who was going bankrupt anyway. Apparently dog groomers are much like hairdressers are in the human world, and know EVERYTHING.

Nothing like what actually happens. Nothing to do with this story at all, really. But amuses me nonetheless...

Also – Do not wear Mary Janes when you’re pregnant, or a Sumo Wrestler will swap feet with you when you’re not looking and you will end up with scary jelly ankles and be forced by your colleagues to lie down with your feet in the air for most of the afternoon.

December 10, 2010

Friday Wrap-up: Classes, Crashes and Crunchy Stuff

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The week that was!

1) One Good Thing: not only did I teach an unplanned IL class because the students pestered their lecturer non-stop until we organised one for them, but they actually all showed up! And stayed an extra half hour! And clapped at the end! (Non library people – this never ever happens usually. None of it. Hence a good thing!)

2) One Bad Thing: One of our little Scouts tripped and fell at the Sleepover on the weekend, gashed his head and needed 3 stitches. Thank goodness for Army-trained parents, because I just sort of froze in horror at the blood and shrieking. And thank goodness next week is my first aid course!

3) One Thing I Learned: That children do not, repeat NOT, eat salad by choice. And that salad you made for 15 children and 5 adults takes a looooong time for two people to eat… *burps*

November 12, 2010

Friday Wrap-up: Haircuts, Hidden Secrets and Hell Broken Loose

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The week that was!

1) One Good Thing: Cut off all my hair. Well, not all of it. It now sits about a half-inch to an inch above my shoulder, rather than halfway down my back. It no longer weighs a ton, but I can still clip it up out of my face. Plus, now it looks lighter without having to fork out for more highlights. Score!

2) One Bad Thing: I’ve been helping my Mum pack up her house to move from the country to the city my siblings and I all live in, so we can be one big happy neighbourly family. Anyway, I was packing her bookshelves last weekend and came across her wedding album from when she married my Dad. Some perspective – my parents have been seperated for 17 years. And it wasn’t pretty. And you know how many couples mellow into a somewhat-friendship, or at least tolerance, over time? Not my parents. The bitter hatred ferments like a fine wine and only gets more refined with age. (In a way my parents are like Scotch. Which would please my Dad. But might explain a lot of why they broke up in the first place.) Anyway, she came over and saw me with the album, and then there was this awful tense awkwardness where she pretended like she wasn’t upset I’d found it, and I pretended like it’d never happened in the first place, and now she’s going to want to unpack and throw it out but can’t do that because I’LL KNOW! Or HE’LL WIN! Or something. *sighs* Parents…

3) One Thing I Learned: Having gone to visit the scout section above mine, that my kids are ANGELS and my behaviour management/time management/genera child wrangling skills are AWESOME! Because that other meeting was an absolute shambles – kids tying other kids up, card-games going on at the back of the room, more squealing than I thought possible outside a piggery, and all the while adults ignoring it and talking louder…

November 5, 2010

Friday Wrap-up: Countdowns, Cold Cuts and Communication

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The week that was!

1) One Good Thing: It’s only 6 more weeks until I’m on holidays now!! (That’s assuming I can make it through 6 more weeks, but think positive!)

2) One Bad Thing: Overate at Melbourne Cup Lunch. Still groaning days later… And just like with WW wine, there was tonnes of cold meats and those delicious French soft cheeses, none of which I can eat anymore. Salad and I are uncomfortable friends now…

3) One Thing I Learned: “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” in sign language. At least mostly learned. I hope none of our kids try this on a real live person with a hearing impairment, just in case we inadvertently switched “like a diamond in the sky” with “your grandmother is a goat” or something similar….

October 29, 2010

Friday Wrap-up: Witching Hour, Withdrawals and Wine

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The week that was!

1) One Good Thing: Got the older kids (14-18) to run a Spooky Night for our little Joey Scouts last night (Halloween being off-limits in case someone found it offensive. Schools and church youth groups can do it, but not us apparently.) Anyway, they had great fun digging in cold spaghetti for lollies, hunting for “eyeballs” (round wooden beads) in gel polymer with their toes, making masks and playing “pin the frown on the ghost”. Only one set of tears, so night of success!

2) One Bad Thing: Looking at throwing a whole lot more old books out of our work storehouses. Death by Spreadsheet. My backside is numb…

3) One Thing I Learned: They make Weight-Watchers-friendly wine now. Of course, now when I can neither drink nor diet, they would come up with this. Not two years ago when I was happily (or not so) trying to balance both. #fail.


August 20, 2010

Friday Wrap-up: Air Activities, Agony and Apple

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Last chance to breathe before election fever!

1) One Good Thing: took my little Scout kids out to the airport at Archerfield for an activities day – they painted stuff, built stuff, played games, read stories, raced around in sparkly silver outfits pretending to be clouds… and all I had to do was hand out the paintbrushes and drink tea, someone else did all the work. Days like this, being a Scout leader is awesome!

2) One Bad Thing: I keep hearing rumours that my library branch (well, one of the two that I work in) is going to close. It’s not a huge life-changing-job-threatening kind of problem, as my permanent position is in my other branch, so I’m not going to lose my job or anything. It’s just upsetting, as there’s nothing concrete either way from the management to set us straight, and not only is it making it hard to plan for coming months, but it makes it hard to have any enthusiasm about the rest of the year at all. *wails* I feel so undervalued and in the dark!

3) One Thing I Learned: Far, Far, Far too much about how different and difficult and stupid Endnote is on an Apple laptop. Why we don’t have seperate Endnote classes for Mac users is beyond me (though it’s probably segregation and discrimination and illegal…)