April 22, 2008

“Make three correct guesses consecutively and you will establish a reputation as an expert.”

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This week has been all about stretching myself, flexing my Liberrian muscles. I COULD get someone else to help that student looking for information on organic chemicals. Little Miss Classics-Graduate-Turned-Economics-Librarian COULD do that, yeah. Or she COULD do the hard yards, spend a half-hour looking for online organic chemistry dictionaries, swear, make coffee, look it all up on Wikipedia so she knows what the words mean and then point them back to the online organic chemistry dictionary because it happened to be right in the first place. Yeah, I feel way smart now. Me likey this email reference thing – no pressure, time to think, so weird eye contact or awful interruptive ring tones. Plus, reference interview + emoticons = yay!! I’ve had a play with everything from tartaric acid (well, information on tartaric acid. The real thing would be fun though) to Pliny’s letters. Not case law though. I have my standards.

Anyhoo, Super-Reference-Expert-Hottie is taking a break to bring you YOUR links this week. HOW LUCKY ARE YOU!!!!

1) I’ve been trying out a new search interface for search engines this week: EcoCho. What’s the deal? For every search you do on this search engine, the site builds up carbon credits which it converts to planting trees [allegedly!] They used to give you a choice between Google and Yahoo (with Yahoo earning you double carbon credits) but Google has pulled the plug on them. Why would you do this instead of just searching Yahoo? Or using your Firefox Google Widget, which is way easier? Guilt free karma points, perhaps. Or the happy little tree man on the homepage. Is he a tree or an olive? Or both? Or because Australians finally invented something that didn’t involve alcohol (at least not visibly. But I guess they did invent EcoOliveHead there…)

EcoOliveHead...or at least that's what I'm calling him...

Can you argue with that?

2) Book lists are always popular when I put them up here – and this one I was kind of surprised (and a bit embarrassed) I hadn’t worked my way through much at all… here are The Twenty Science Fiction Novels that Will Change Your Life.  *Sigh* and just when my BookMooch wishlist was getting kind of manageable…

3) Finally, a bit of fun – I love things that make Australians look not-quite-so-dumb-as-the-rest-of-the-world… tonight it’s Britain’s turn. Yes indeedy, Britain’s Got Talent, folks. Or Britain’s Got Ferrets. Which all adds up to the same thing, really… Actually, it’s somewhat Ironic, Britain’s Got Talent features freaked-out ferrets, Australia’s Got Talent features Danni Minogue… the similarities are striking!

April 16, 2008

“Oh, to be in England now that April’s there…”

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I have tickets to London – squeeeee!!! Now I’m poor and have no money, and will probably starve to death, but at least I’ll do it in London…

As tribute to my impending tourist-in-Britain-ness (it’s still 8 months away, but hey, I’m excited!) this blog post is getting a British theme…

1) Who’s the ultimate London blogger, I hear you ask? Would you believe Samuel Pepys?? No? Well think again! Some clever souls are blogging Pepys’ diary, day at a time. It’s actually kind of cool, imagining Pepys there with his iBook by candlelight… for those not 100% up on their 17th century social and historical references (read: not a die-hard history nerd) the kind transcribers have nifty hover-overs for anything tricky to give you all the details. Perhaps not as tourist-friendly as Lonely Planet, but heaps more fun!

2) I believe I’ve probably brought you things like Overheard in New York, and Overheard at the Beach, in previous posts? Well, Londoners have their own version, sort of Overheard on the Underground. I like to think it proves the differences between Brits and Americans – Brits slightly less blankly unredeemable dumb, slightly less random, and slightly less bite-sized-pieces with the web design… anyway, it’s a giggle!

3) Finally – how could we go to Britain without Monty Python? Managed to find for you my favourite… The Body in the Library. I must ask that nobody leave the room!

April 8, 2008

“I definitely believe in plastic surgery. I don’t want to be an old hag. There’s no fun in that. “

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So, WordPress has a new interface, eh? Seems JSTOR’s not the only e-Botox-whore this week then! Not going to say I don’t like it… but I must admit I do feel a bit, well, uncomfortable? Going to take me a bit of getting used to. At least WP’s working, which is more than I can say for JSTOR (haha… grumpy librarian much??) Anyway, to prove to myself how flexible and adaptable and wonderful I am (that’s what my resume says and I’m sticking to it…well, not the wonderful part, paraphrasing there) let’s dive right in!

1) We know by now I love art, and I love food. And I love to combine the two…. actually if you’re a long time reader you know the grosser the better. This isn’t gross, but it is pretty cool: ever compared the used gum under your cinema seat to a Gaugin? No? Well Italian artist Maurizio Savini begs to differ…

2) Well, I thought this was interesting: the future of the internet?? Don’t know if you’ve ever read William Gibson’s Sprawl books (Neuromancer in particular) but that immediately sprang to mind… I especially like the part where they’re being sued because of the risk of creating giant black holes. And not just by one crazy, but two SEPERATE crazies, so hey, we should really look a little closer… The irony of winning the case and then being sucked into said black hole does not escape me!

3) Finally, one for the Liberry’s BookLover fans… grab your red pens and tick off your collection in the Telegraph’s 110 Best Books list, covering everything from the Classics to science fiction to kid’s books. Oh, and the reader comments at the end? Almost more interesting and telling than the list itself! Perhaps the only disappointment is that “The Greek Billionaire’s Baby Revenge” didn’t make it on the Romance list… what is the world coming to, eh?

Cover - The Greek Billionaire's Baby Revenge

April 2, 2008

“Designing pages in HTML is like having sex in a bathtub…”

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Actually, the rest of that quote goes “If you don’t know anything about sex, it won’t do you any good to know a lot about bathtubs”, but I reckon if we left it at the first half we’d solve all our country’s IT shortages in a matter of months. This off the back of my suggesting to a lovely little freshman student who asked me how you became a librarian that doing a little bit of IT might be helpful – she stared blankly and then said “so it’s something you actually need a degree for?” Me and my three degrees just about went home and cried… Ah, never mind. I’ll use all my wondrous HTML skills to lazily write another installment of this blog and give you some links…

1) We all know how much I like useless statistics. Apparently, people who work in offices like them too, and with a darn sight more time on their hands, they like to play with them. Hence the birth of GraphJam: Pop culture for people in cubicles. Proving that a) Stats are fun when you’re bored and in a silly frame of mind, and b) that computers in no way save companies time and money, and c) the human race is very, very, very strange…

2) My local radio station decided to ring in April Fools Day by making all their time calls an hour off yesterday morning(5:30 at 6:30, for example) The irate “I was late for work/school/court hearing/etc” calls that followed this morning were in fact much funnier than the original prank, to be honest. But in honour, I’m bringing you last years (because I assume this years isn’t finished) Urgo List of 2007 Website April Fools Jokes. The World of Warcraft tinfoil hat brings back fond memories… ah yes…

3) Finally – a colleague whined at me this morning about how “today’s young people” (cringe!!) were completely unable and unwilling to engage with adults. Let’s celebrate that, shall we? Oh – and let’s celebrate it in song. Because we can.