May 30, 2007

A man may esteem himself happy when that which is his food is also his medicine…(or not, in this week’s case)

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Third time I’ve tried to do this post – die, Firefox, die! Normally I have no problems with the browser, but today I have no patience either so Grumpy has taken over the airwaves, so to speak. Anyway, this week…

1) I’ve been preparing a training program on first aid for work, and browsing around the net looking for picture instructions because I’m too lazy to photocopy anything. Anyway, much to my distaste I found these – Bacon Strip Bandages, bandaids done up to look like bacon. A touch of the macabre here – you always hear how the closest thing to the flesh of a man is the flesh of a pig, well now it’s TRUE, folks! Possibly more worrying is that these babies come from the online store of a US organic garden and vegetable co-op, and this is presumably what passes for kitsch humor among tree-huggers these days…

2) I found a very bizarre yet well-thought-out blog post philosophizing over the truth of the old rumor “Every time you masturbate God kills a kitten.” I’ve said many times that statistics can be used to prove any damn thing you want – I guess the Good Reverend’s post on Cat Killing is case in point…

3) I’ve been teaching older colleagues how to blog. Chanelling my inner preschool teachers. “Don’t click that. Just wait one minute. Don’t hit enter. No, DON’T hit enter.”…etc. Anyway, as I couldn’t face the blank stares and possible tears that might hit when we got to RSS feeds, I found this cute little video “RSS in Plain English” on Youtube – fun, easy, and best of all uses GoogleReader as an example, which I like. Enjoy – and don’t complain the Liberry don’t never learn you nuthin!

May 22, 2007

“If you don’t want green stuff growing out of our plates please wash your dishes. Cheers.”

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Another week, and still partly deaf…oh well, at least when I was seated next to a very drunk grandmother at the family dinner on the weekend I mostly couldn’t hear her. On to today’s timewasters!

1) My sister is leaving the country in 2 days time, so we’ve been reminiscing…partly about some terrible housemates. Ever had a passive agressive housemate? Or co-worker? Or neighbour? This collection ( might make you feel very much at home…

2) A news story from China earlier this year…read this ( and think twice before you criticise YOUR local council for wasting your rates money…
3) Almost through my nostalgic Angel-fest… thought I would share with you my very favourite moment of the show, courtesy of YouTube, when Angel is turned into a hand-puppet by evil magic and confronts his vampire rival Spike…

May 16, 2007

People are going deaf because music is played louder and louder, but because they’re going deaf, it has to be played louder still…

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 Hello everyone! Nice thing about this inter-me-net thing is I can talk, I can listen (visually anyway) and ignore the fact that I can’t actually HEAR anything in the real world at the moment… everything sounds sort of like I’m in the bathroom or down the hallway. Fingers crossed that it develops into some sort of virulent eastern influenza the day of my Symposium presentation (which I haven’t started yet!)

In due deference to the fact I haven’t done any work, the Liberry proudly presents to you…the links for what LiberryDwarf has been doing all morning instead of working on her presentation! Yay!

1) In a previous post to the Liberry here, I may have mentioned a penchant for Calvin and Hobbes. Today I bring you the Calvin and Hobbes Searchable Database –  (  Stick in your theme or word, and you’ll be served up C&H cartoons that match the theme from a pool of about 4000…  see what you find (or better yet see if you can work out how its search algorithm works! Dear sweet god I am SUCH a nerd!)

2) From the people who didn’t bring you Guitar Hero and wish they had… it’s ACCORDION HERO!! ( Ignore the Christmassy theme (unless you feel like Christmas in May…at least finish your easter eggs first, really…) choose your hero and follow the screen to become a polka GOD, baby!

3) Crying out for another YouTube clip, not least of all because my posts look a bit bare otherwise, I thought I would share with you, for my mind anyway, my funniest moment of The Simpsons so far this year. As someone who has always been quite vocal in my dislike of the White Stripes, this little section made my day…month…well, year so far, let’s be honest. All hail the Simpsons!

May 8, 2007

It’s about networking and being nice to people and not burning any emos…

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What makes a bad week? Discovering MySpace, that’s what… talk about time wastey (non)goodness! At least my tween cousins don’t change their MySpace accounts as often as they do their email addresses so I have SOME way of keeping tabs on them… If someone doesn’t throw a bucket of cold water on me, I might even get me a FaceBook account next…Anyway, onto some time-wasting of a less emo flavour!

1) This first one, I guess, is for my Aunt & Uncle, congrats on the 25th wedding anniversary. Anyways, they’re big home-brewers and chocoholics, so this recipe for Oreo Beer ( might intrigue. Or make them (and you) violently ill. Who can tell?

2) Actually I lied and haven’t really moved on from myMySpace addiction. The first band to ever friend me, Barenaked Ladies, have theirs here ( Tasty new music samples, videos and tour dates abound (of course never any tours in my hemisphere, but we can dream…)

3) Yet again I get another reminder of how very lucky I am I don’t work in the public sector….although it is nice to see that the librarian still commands a little respect around, as this entry from Overheard in the Office ( demonstrates…

May 1, 2007

Why waste time learning (or studying), when ignorance is instantaneous?

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Back at work at night again. Do. Not. Want.

In happier news, I got my car back. Secretly disappointed to see they hadn’t fixed the spot where I scraped the side against the brickwork of my garage when they panel-beat (beated??) the rest of it. The little white vibrator on wheels (not in a good way) is now back with its grateful mummy and daddy.

Enough about me, more about time-wasting! It’s almost time to start studying, 4 weeks of classes left here! Of COURSE you should be procrastinating!!

1) Love numbers? Love useless trivia? At What’s Special About This Number ( find out something special about every number from 0 to 9999. Did you know that 5832 is the cube of the sum of its digits? Ha, I thought not. Admittedly, neither did I. The Liberry is forever a place of learning… see if you can find something for 234 as it’s clearly losing the author a great deal of sleep!

2) If like me, you grew up in the 90’s, you probably secretly long for the good old days of “Talk to the Hand” and “Whatever”. Or possibly for HammerTime, you know, whatever does it for you. Well, my fellow borderline-generation-X-Y-ers, Stop Collaborate and Listen! Take a trip down memory lane – or teach your nieces and nephews to talk like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air – at the Slang of the Ninties mini-dictionary. ( That junk is bangin’, I’m crunk bout it!! *rolls eyes*

3) Ever wonder how Persian cats evolved their unique look? Wonder no more, my child, this animation ( has the answer. If you are passionate anti-animal cruelty and devoid of a sense of humour, you won’t like this one. Don’t say I didn’t give you fair warning.