August 27, 2010

Friday Wrap-up: Courses, Collections and Constitutions

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1) One Good Thing: got to sit down with the course coordinator for the course I’m lecturing in from next week, and not only did she move my class forward to 3-6pm so I can get home in time, she also gave me complete teaching notes for each week! Down to 5 minute intervals! So I pretty much just have to show up and talk! Easiest $35 an hour ever!

2) One Bad Thing: On the collection development front at my library: I’ve been behind in orders (which I maintain is not my fault because now we have to buy stupid eBooks and can’t use our own money so I never get to spend mine!) and now have to find $9000 worth of books to buy before Wednesday. And I’ve run out of publishers to check. *gulp* think I might be in trouble!

3) One Thing I’ve Learned: far more about the Australian political system, Westminster system and the Constitution than I ever thought possible. And I thought I was reasonably well-informed because I’d done Constitutional Studies at highschool. Hurry up and make your minds up, independents – we’re all sick of it now!


August 25, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Links

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Here are this week’s linky treats. Enjoy!


25 Classic Science Fiction Movies That Everybody Must Watch (I’ve only seen 9, and I can think of many many glaring omissions from this list but hey, you don’t argue with!)

Cute cartoon art for StarWars geeks (and MAGIC if you’re also coincidentally a Pooh fan)


Sookie and Bill get real-life married! (everyone… one, two three… AWWW!)


If historical events could have Facebook statuses

eHowTo – How to Write Bad Fanfic (I guess in case you were setting out purposefully to destroy minds…)

A “Downfall” parody nobody outside Australia will get, but I’ll post it anyway…

June 18, 2010

Blogging Month Day 18: Magnus, Masterchef, Monarchs and Musical Instruments

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1) One Good Thing: I lent a colleague my Sanctuary season 1 DVDs. As you might remember from previous posts, I’m reasonably reluctant to lend and recommend in case people don’t like it. And Sanctuary does run the risk of being disliked intensely (as much as it does being liked intensely). But he enjoyed the exploits of Dr Helen Magnus and friends, we had a great chat about it, and have promises of much DVD exchanging in the coming months. Hooray!

2) One Bad Thing: disappointed in last night’s MasterChef elimination. Matthew was one of my favourites. And poor Callum was so distressed – as my sister put it “the bromance is dead!” Lesson – don’t try to be clever! At least he now gets to play cheffies and work for Neil Perry (who, to my Dragonlance-obsessed brain, is probably a kender in disguise. That topknot!)

3) One Thing I Learned: that apparently, the Queen of Australia is Queen Isabel, her husband’s name is King Harry, she has three servants and she’s not as good as the King of the Universe. Asking six-year-olds questions is fun 🙂

4) Today’s Link: special breaking “news” from South Africa from the Onion

(Image cc from Flickr by Coca Cola South Africa)

November 24, 2008

“After every storm the sun will smile…”

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Hi kiddies! The storms are all over, the sky is blue, my cat can finally venture outside again… it’s a good life! Smell the fresh air and enjoy the links!

1) This first one’s probably mostly for Aussies (because we wouldn’t blame you overseas types AT ALL if you didn’t know who he is. GWB barely knows who he is, and they’re supposed to be close-as-brothers political allies…) Anyway, Kevin Rudd’s been in power 1 year to the day today. Happy anniversary, Mr PM! If you were thinking of getting him a gift, there’s loads to choose from at the Kevin Rudd Memorabilia Store. Proudly brought to you by the Liberal Party in opposition. Free venomous hate and giftwrapping for the first 100 lucky customers…

2) Next, two great stories about Google’s new super-awesome voice search – apparently it’s racist because it doesn’t like British people. That or Brits really ARE obsessed with sex and talk about nothing else… and who would have thought, “izzit?” isn’t really a word?? Sorry, British people! We Aussies aren’t immune either though, take heart… obviously we need more Hugh Jackman market saturation! Talk more broadly Australian, dammit Hugh! Though maybe since he played Wolverine the world’s been a bit confused, perhaps he’s really Canadian… *finishing here, massive “Australia” rant tangent rapidly approaching!*

3) Finally, this is just SO wonderful I’m not even going to embed it, it’s too big! Apparently after years of being ripped off by YouTube users posting up illicit clips from Flying Circus, the Monty Python boys have decided that if you can’t beat them, join them, and they’ve launched their own Monty Python YouTube channel with all their clips in High-Quality format. Lupins all round!!

October 27, 2008

“The sources of poetry are in the spirit seeking completeness…”

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Feeling very fulfilled this weekend – forced myself to do my taxes and plan the tail end of my UK trip, and now I’m full of smug completing-stuff goodness! Hooray!

Now, let’s not ruin the run of box-ticking, here are this week’s links…

1) I blame the heat, but I’ve been having weird dreams lately. Last night I dreamed that someone kidnapped my laundry hamper and I found it out on the highway median strip filled with grass clippings. And that’s pretty much par for the course at the moment. Anyway, to help me out… delving into the world of deeply-psychological-meets-internet-narcissistic, meet – you can record your dreams, tag them style, and (here’s where it gets weird) search by keyword for other people’s dreams. You can even request people interpret them for you. Just don’t blame me when every interpretation you get inevitably leads back to sex, your childhood, or both…

(And an aside: who the hell dreams about Mark Ronson? Really!)

2) A friend at work sent me this one – wonder what the Oval Office would be like if S.P ran the joint? Probably not a bit like this, but it’s good clean mouseover fun anyway…

3) Finally – I’m sure everyone on the whole planet has seen this clip of Animator vs Animation before, but it’s cute anyway…