March 27, 2009

“Too much of any one thing is unsound…”

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Too…. much… birthday cake…. *groans*.

If you need me, I’m the one curled up in the corner covered in strawberry cream, spongecake crumbs and a giant contented smile…

1: When you watch as many movies/tv shows as I do, you often see the same faces over and over again. They’re never the big-name stars, they often play the same roles with the same flawless indescribable style. And you inevitably go “hey, it’s that guy that was in that thing one time!” Wonder no more at these mystery men: Empire Online brings you their gallery of the best of the “That Guy from That Thing” bunch…

2: Apologies here – this one might only be enjoyable (or even understandable) if you’re a history or classics buff, or ever studied Latin. If you fit one of those categories, it’s a scream! (Be sure to enlarge so you can see it). What if Vergil’s Aeneid had its own Facebook page?

3:YouTube this week: listening to snippets from Barenaked Ladies new(ish) album to see if I liked it enough to buy (although they’re the best band in the universe, it IS a kid’s album, and as neither a young child or a parent I’d have to come up with a pretty self-convincing argument to buy it. Even considering the songs about Ninjas.)  Anyway, this, from the “Snacktime” album, might just be the cutest music video ever…

March 20, 2009

“There is no harm in repeating a good thing. “

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Eek, nearly let the week go by without posting! Frantically trying to find low-sodium birthday cake recipes, in between answering the same stupid Introductory Management assignment question for students 900 times a day… why are 17-year olds all (apparently) stupid? I’m sure I was never that stupid.. *sighs*

None of this week’s links will be useful for you Introductory Management assignment, kiddies. But they might be fun!

1) Random House has 5 free books for download: Hobb, Novik, Turtledove, Pratt & Kim Stanley Robinson. Actually, not much more to say than that. Sufficed to say – if you’re a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Fan, it’s Christmas baby!

2) In case your appetite was whetted and you want more Book Love in your life, iLibrarian’s got a treasure-trove of literary links for you in her 10 Websites for Book Lovers (and only half of these I’ve been to! Ack! Call myself a LiberryDwarf?!)

3) Finally YouTube – this is especially for me 🙂

March 7, 2009

“Damn your principles! Stick to your party!”

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Hi friends! Another start of semester gone, another thousand-odd freshers I’ve bored to tears, another plaintive cry of “is it Easter yet?” By the way, are costume parties a fun idea, or a terrible idea? I posed the idea of a costume birthday party later this month with my friends – unanimously the answer was “if you do that, we won’t come.” People suck! Oh well, in a few years I’ll be thirty – significant birthday – and it’s my understanding that people will do anything you ask them to at a party for a significant birthday. If only because then they get to tease you for being old. Haha, now thirty is something to look forward to!

Mindless rant over: play nice with this week’s links…

1) This musical delight could be either really awesome, or really really dreadful: there ain’t gonna be no middle ground here…

2) Mindless fun for cat-lovers and masochists alike (though some might say that there’s no distinction, all cat-lovers are masochists). Get the cats to do what you want them to. Now get them to keep doing it… except for the 4am whining and the shameless self-cleansing, they’ve got cat behaviour down pretty good!

3) The second I saw this, the first thing I thought was “hey, does anyone in the greater Brisbane area want to get together and try this?” (second was “I wonder if that food-court girl got fired for doing that?”) Anyways, staged or not, it’s wonderful, if only for the faces of the food-court patrons…