November 25, 2006

Like a caveman…touched for the very first time…

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I’m sitting at work on a wireless tablet PC blogging in the middle of a total network outage. GOD I rock! Seriously, people are NOT impressed. Imagine, coming to a library and not being able to do anything but READ THE BOOKS!! Gasp! Anyway, before my wireless quota runs out (or the lights go out, nothing would surprise me today) here are your 3 links for today:

1) Some of you may know I’ve been dieting recently. It’s very important when you’re dieting to keep your morale up (almost as important as not eating peanut butter straight out of the jar) and humor is a fantastic way to morale-icate. So for laughs – and to ensure I never want to eat again – I’ve been turning to Lilek’s Gallery of Regrettable Food ( any time I feel like cake. Anything that makes carbs look like vomited-up cottage cheese is MORALE, baby! Plus, great for a giggle.

2) I looked around for other librarians who blog (and who do a better job than me!) and found Librarian Avengers ( Librarians (and the cats who love them) after my own heart!!

3) Ooh, I’ve never uploaded a video before…aquiver with anticipation. I hope this will suffice this week – a great little clip from the UQ Law Revue 2005 they showed us in a library presentation on copyright…

Enjoy!! Next week I will be blogging either a little early or a lot late – off to the New Librarians’ Symposium in Sydney!

November 17, 2006

Weather forecast for tonight: dark.

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Crazy-assed weather we’ve been having lately, right? Who’d have ever thought to wear thick tights in November (that’s southern hemisphere November, you Northie imperialists!)

In honour of strange November snow, here’s this week’s three treats.

1) has some cute Calvin and Hobbes snow cartoons I like. I have a healthy respect (and certain level of kindred spirit-ness) for that poor maladjusted child…

2) . What do our kitten-huffing friends over at Uncyclopedia have to say about snow?

3) Not related to snow in the slightest, but rather to that STILL ever-increasing pile of books I have to read. The guardian ran a poll last year on “The best geek novels written in English since 1932”. Their top 20 is at the following address: I’m embarrased (?) to say I’ve only read three of their top 20! Hmm, time to get reading!

5 weeks to Christmas/Spain, and no sign of Himself’s passport on the horizon… sigh…

November 10, 2006

There’s a lot of bad “isms” floating around this world, but one of the worst is commercialism…

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Hello all,

I got some feedback this week regarding my post about last week – seems my posting commercial sites is unpopular. Very well, she says in an eager helpful voice. From this point forward, fun of the non-paymental variety only will be offered up in the Liberry. (cheapskate!)

1) Today’s first treat fits well with the pirate jokes and useless facts of a fortnight ago. (How did that party go? You know I’m talking about you, right…?) Latin is excellent. Latin speaker are witty, get all the potential partners and go on to become film stars, political leaders or really top-notch chefs. Therefore I present to you Handy Latin Phrases at Try one! Fac me cocleario vomere! See, how cool am I?

2) Found this little gem out there – I heartily recommend. Particularly if, like me, you work in the public service industry. I personally will be trying out #27 on this list at work at the library on Monday (particularly since it’s exam week…).

3) At the moment I’ve got a pile of books to read taller than I am, and am sorta missing the hour long bus trip to work I gave up recently to drive in like a grownup instead. If I could somehow read when I drive… well, I’ve taken a look at a free podcast magazine called MechMuse ( original and re-published fiction in an audio format. And it appears to feature some quite famous print authors – Kevin J Anderson, David Farland and Miles Romney, for 3 examples. Of course this in no way solves my problem, just gives me an extra excuse for a car accident every morning. I tell ya, I got it coming…

Until next week, children, as the Romans would have said…Totum dependeat!!

November 3, 2006

“Procrastination is like a credit card…”

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“It’s a lot of fun until you get the bill.” Apparently.

Anyway, big IT-Business exam tomorrow morning, so naturally I have taken the day off work and am here blogging instead of studying. Why prolong the pain?

So here’s today’s sites a little early, because at least from out the window it LOOKS like I’m studying.

1) Anyone ever watch Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (Affectionately known as MST3K) ? I know I was in fits of laughter as awful old sci-fi was given a good riffin’. Well, rifftrax is a site from Mike Nelson, creator of MST3K, where the fun continues. Pick the movie you want to watch (you need to have it on DVD or something), download the MP3 to go with it, then watch the movie and listen to the MP3 on your player while you do., giggling at Mike’s running commentary all the while. The “Top Gun” download is highly recommended…

2) Started in 2000, this site proudly presents you the largest collection of sour-faced, indignant felines on the Internet. Random snaps of mean, pissed looking cats accompanied by great captions. My personal favourite mean cat here is Angror – “Anger is a dish best served in the bath”…

3) Since I brought you a blog last week, it’s only fair I should bring you another one this week. In the spirit of tomorrow’s exam, this one is “How to Cheat Good.” May it do us all some good…

There you are. I guess it’s back to Enterprise Architecture definitions for this little black duck…wish me luck!!