January 19, 2011

Wednesday Weekly Links

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Here are this week’s linky treats. Enjoy!


Movie characters who were supposed to die but got saved by last minute rewrites


Gaiman. Simpsons. Awesome. That is all.


12 notorious bookstore cats… (I think this is an American phenomenon – I’ve never met one here…)

Italian authorities are pretty sure they’ve found the tomb of crazy Roman Emperor Caligula

Science is evil, and animals are innocent victims – in two parts…



October 6, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Links

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Here are this week’s linky treats. Enjoy!


Ten new alien movies set to invade cinemas in the next year (yay!)

Yet another reason why Johnny Depp is awesome


Britain’s biggest new chart star – Winston Churchill?


I’m sure the whole planet has seen this by now but…


Great photos of complete nutters having fun re-enacting the Battle of Hastings

Do Not Eat This! (Speaks for itself, really…)

October 1, 2010

Friday wrap-up: Crashers, Colds and Curtis

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The week that was!

1) One Good Thing: Mum’s back, and she brought with her an awesome story of her mistakenly gatecrashing an official OPEC function while holidaying in Europe. Told in fits of laughter while proudly wearing her OPEC cap and polo-shirt received in the press-pack she got because they thought she was a journalist, instead of just a tourist who can’t read timetables properly…

2) One Bad Thing:  Have dreadful head-cold. Facing weekend filled with working and marking. Sleeping poorly as a combination of the aforementioned. Not fun.

3) One Thing I Learned: That Tony Curtis died. Made me kind of sad. Vale, sir…

July 14, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Links

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Here are this week’s linky treats. Enjoy!


Neil Gaiman talks Vampires with EW. *fangirl drool…*


Twilight Saga: Eclipse as performed by Lolcats

Costumes and Singalongs – the new movie theatre craze. (You would never catch me dead doing this. Ever. I knew they did it in Britain with Mama Mia! but I just assumed it was one of those nutty British things…)


Ghylene blogged the hilarious “Old Spice – the man your man could smell like” ad clip during Blog Every Day Of June. I shared this newer follow-up with her, but it’s worth sharing with everyone. (If you’ve never seen the original, go have a look, it’s brilliant and well-deserving of the awards it’s won!)

(Update: Isiah Mustafa will apparently now do you one of these on request via @oldspice on Twitter…)

Seven D-Bags on TV that we love to watch.

June 29, 2010

Blogging Month Day 29: Sharing Sites, Salons, Silly Names and Sookie Stackhouse

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I have something large and overarching prepared for tomorrow as the last day of June, so this is probably my last entry of day to day “good thing/bad thing/learned thing/link thing”. So enjoy!

1) One Good Thing: Taught an, um, “older” colleague (okay, he’s old. Not like my grandfather old, but probably older than my dad. I often get accused of being ageist. I’m not, I’m just observant about these things…) anyway, taught a colleague how to use LibraryThing. He’s a classic book hoarder, has sheds full of bookshelves on his property, thousands and thousands of titles, and had the idea that not only did he want a list of exactly what he had, but he also wanted to be able to sort or filter it by things like topic, year, author etc. He’s also, not to be unkind, a two-finger typing technophobe. But I showed him how my account worked, and how he could use a barcode wand to scan in the ISBNs from the back of his books to add them to his account quickly, and he’s happily going off to give it a go, and if he gets to 200 titles on his free account and likes the way it works for him, he’ll get an upgraded one. Sensei Liberrydwarf, guiding pupils to greatness!

2) One Bad Thing: My old hairdresser has moved out of town, and I’ve been putting off the decision about a new one for ages. I finally called the local salon for an appointment – painstakingly explaining what I usually have done, etc. And I get the feeling that they think I’m a complete idiot. I’m hoping that it was just the girl answering their phone who wasn’t overly thrilled to be getting my business – and that they don’t screw it up! D-day is Thursday, so hopefully I won’t have to come and put “I’m so horrified” pics up!

3) One Thing I Learned: that apparently in NZ you can name a baby “Midnight Chardonnay” but not “Fish and Chips”. By law. Ah, thank you Mental Floss!

4) Today’s Link: pinched from kalafudra – again! I know! I’m sorry! But since the Book and TV Memes proved so many #blogeverydayofjune bloggers were Charlaine Harris/True Blood fans, I absolutely had to share this new Snoop Dogg clip 🙂

April 20, 2010

“Don’t blame the boss. (S)He has enough problems.”

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Okay, so for the next 4 weeks while my boss is away (in theory away – she was going to France, she may turn around and come home if she can’t get there and all this will be a moot point anyway) I am THE BOSS! And it is, frankly, quite terrifying. All these people who were my good friends are now somehow beholden to hate me – but only for the next 4 weeks. Then we’ll be super friends again. Sheesh.

Anyway, you all still love me, so here’s your reward for the week…

1) Even celebrities have guilty-but-not-thoroughly-researched pleasures… Mr Keith Richards, I will  gladly swap you, and then after you answer the same dumb first-year management assignment question fifty frickin’ times see if you’re still keen!

2) Art. Politics. Dacshunds. What a combo! Not sure entirely what the artistic point this is, but Dacshunds can be nasty little buggers, it should be quite fun to watch (hey, maybe that IS the artistic point!)

3) Only been waiting SINCE I WAS 13 for this film to be made!!!

August 10, 2009

“So foul and fair a day I have not seen…” (bad pun, sorry!)

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Morning! This week we’ve got Wednesday off, ostensibly to go to the Royal Exhibition (kind of like a big county fair, I guess) spend too much money on crap in brightly coloured bags, vomit on the swing chair and completely ignore the animals which are the entire reason for there being an exhibition… I will be spending it at home sleeping in, I think! (Even though we’ve only just had a weekend – mid-week public holidays RULE!!)

Here are this week’s links – tastier than overpriced and slightly-melty strawberry icecream, more variety than an overcrowded petting zoo and more fun than district wood-chopping finals! Enjoy!

1) Like Shakespeare? Like DOS-based text adventures? (If you just said yes to both – hello kindred spirit!) Perhaps you’ll like Hamlet: The Text Adventure… that is the question! (*apologies, that was a cheap one…*)

2) Reasons why Winston Churchill is awesome and every guy on the planet should aspire to be like him…

3) YouTube this week – and who could possibly go past David Tennant in bad drag…?

March 7, 2009

“Damn your principles! Stick to your party!”

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Hi friends! Another start of semester gone, another thousand-odd freshers I’ve bored to tears, another plaintive cry of “is it Easter yet?” By the way, are costume parties a fun idea, or a terrible idea? I posed the idea of a costume birthday party later this month with my friends – unanimously the answer was “if you do that, we won’t come.” People suck! Oh well, in a few years I’ll be thirty – significant birthday – and it’s my understanding that people will do anything you ask them to at a party for a significant birthday. If only because then they get to tease you for being old. Haha, now thirty is something to look forward to!

Mindless rant over: play nice with this week’s links…

1) This musical delight could be either really awesome, or really really dreadful: there ain’t gonna be no middle ground here…

2) Mindless fun for cat-lovers and masochists alike (though some might say that there’s no distinction, all cat-lovers are masochists). Get the cats to do what you want them to. Now get them to keep doing it… except for the 4am whining and the shameless self-cleansing, they’ve got cat behaviour down pretty good!

3) The second I saw this, the first thing I thought was “hey, does anyone in the greater Brisbane area want to get together and try this?” (second was “I wonder if that food-court girl got fired for doing that?”) Anyways, staged or not, it’s wonderful, if only for the faces of the food-court patrons…

January 21, 2009

“This is my idea of heaven, coming home and watching the news…

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Okay, so I’m back. I know I promised to check in and tell you I was alive, but for a variety of reasons (crappy wifi access being one of them) it kind of never happened. But never mind! I’m back home in Aus – thankyou Britain, you rocked! And I’m back to surfing around for the weird and wonderful of the web to dish up to my faithful friends and readers! It’s good to be home!

1) I’ve never been a terribly big fan of viral marketing, but I guess this one worked because I did go look it up… a particular insurance vendor in Britain while I was there visiting broadcast a whole bunch of TV ads stressing that they were most definitely not… what is, I hear you ask? I dare you to go find out! (Animals in clothing = the advertising industry at its best, no?)

2) This one’s kind of a New Years present to my buddy Kalafudra who I know is into at least ONE of these gentlemen – were these famous cuties seperated at birth?

3) Finally, a little taste of what I truly missed when I was away… (you know when you Brits say it it really isn’t the same!)

July 2, 2008

‘I never think that people die. They just go to department stores…”

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Yesterday I had a day off (after working Saturday, 8 hours in which I talked to about 23 patrons in total. Booooring…) and I saw Kung Fu Panda. I have a much greater respect for possums now than I ever did before.  I also learned that the Myer department store chain and its stupid wedding registry section are evil and have a super-plot to take over the world by wasting everyone’s time, and that my friend Georgie better love the pants off her stupid crystal cake server thingo or else!!!

Ironically, on the subject of wasting time, here are some links provided by me to help you waste yours (seems I’ve got a super-plot to take over the world too. But it’s not an evil one so it’s okay!)

1) A few weeks ago when I brought you Literary Tattoos, I discovered I’d only just tapped the tip of the iceberg! Discover more body art for the bookish at Contrariwise… particularly if you’re a Vonnegut fan, apparently. Does an overused literary tattoo go from cool to kitsch, perhaps?

2) Oscar Wilde isn’t the only guy who loves diaries… (to be fair, Wilde probably mostly just loved his own, but I think the point’s valid anyway!) If you’re a bit of a voyeur like I am, take a look at the Diary Junction – if you’re looking for the diaries of anyone famous (or even just people whose diaries make them famous) this site will point you straight to them. Sadly, no Wilde in sight – we’ll have to find something else sensational to read on the train…

3) I love stupidly pointless violent cartoons. Happy Tree Friends is one of my favourites. So when they venture into the world of libraries, I couldn’t resist…

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