July 24, 2007

Ackbay otay Oolschay!

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School’s back! Suffer in your jocks, lazy first-year students! And unwitting librarians trying to find a carpark at noon!

1) I walked past two students today having the most animated argument about the particulars of pig latin – so I thought I’d share with you all this English to Pig Latin Translator, to settle the argument once and for all. Orfay ethay ovelay ofway Odgay, on’tday etgay addictedway!

2) Want to save the planet? Take a little baby (admittedly shamefully lazy) step with Blackle – the Google mod that searches with a black screen instead of a white one, and consumes 59 watts to display instead of the usual 74. And has less ads, as it turns out! Come on, get your smug treehugger-ness on in style!

3) Mental Floss always comes up with the best quizzes, so today I bring you the Nintendo Historian Quiz. Match the game element with the game…I am ashamed to admit I did very, very, VERY poorly on this one. 2/10 poorly. I think I was born too late for my own good. Either that or had a terribly bookish childhood (oh yeah that’s right I remember now…) How will you do?

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July 18, 2007

It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important.

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Welcome back! Enjoy some links! WordPress made me put an About Me section somewhere here on this blog (if you find it, you win a cookie!) but if you’ve been reading it won’t be anything new, don’t worry…

1) I’m crazy about Sherlock Holmes. Especially new “versions”. ESPECIALLY Holmes-Dracula crossover versions…but that’s enough about me and my sad predilections. Anyway, thanks to the magic of public-domain-internet-ness and wicked copyright and stuff (Hey, I am not the only librarian who slept through all the copyright lectures, thankyou very much!) all Conan Doyle’s original Sherlock tales are free on the web HERE. Go you crazy drug-fiend mastermind!

2) Who says statistics can’t be fun? Or colourful, for that matter? Check out Wellington Grey’s “World Obesity Rankings” in cartoon format. Go you little fat people! (P.S For extra time-wasting check out the archive of other cartoons…)

3) Finally, consider this my nod to the oh-so-average Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix movie – Harry Potter in Lego, thanks to YouTube. Go you Lego Weasleys!

July 12, 2007

“Remarkable bird…lovely plumage…”

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Ack! Sorry for the delay – crazy stuff! I am never going on holidays again – it’s too hard to catch up! If you (unlike me) are lucky enough to have some time to waste this week, here’s some things you could try your hand at…

1) Check out our latest Giant Squid here in Oz…awesomely cool and squishy. And sex-crazed…and cannibalistic…ah, go check Google News, you’ll understand. Anyways, this baby’s a whole lotta calamari for your curious eyes to feast on!

2) Marvel to yourself at “what will those crazy Europeans think of next?” – take a look at this story from Ars Technica about the German Government paying companies to write “accurate” articles about them for Wikipedia instead of making their own website. A group shudder for insidious propaganda on three, people… followed by a thumbs-up for sheer laziness. I love Europeans!

3) Finally, chow down on some You-Tube deliciousness – have been having a Flying-Circus-Fest on holidays, but couldn’t go past this one. The famous Dead Parrot Sketch – all new and in Nigerian Bank Scammer style! Long (and maybe a bit dubious) but worth it!

July 3, 2007

And the winner is… Syd-e-nee!!

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Sorry for the week’s silence, folks. I’m on vacation (yay!) at the moments, and currently in an internet cafe in The Rocks (Sydney’s historic colonial district) posting – cool, no? So I will share these links with you before I trudge off on my guided tour and then hit up the justice museum to giggle at 1930’s mugshots…

1) Oh, have I found theBEST time waster ever or WHAT?? is a highly addictive trivia game from the folks at The game is all about how much you thought you knew. Answer each deceitful statement with a simple “way” or “no way” and see how you did against everyone else. This baby ate up my entire last day at work, almost…

2) Another marvelous time waster (and probably more educational than the previous) is – a site and tool for gauging popular opinion on a wide range of topics – from sports, movies and politics to relationships and philosophy. They have functionality for you to submit your own poll question, too, and see what people think. What time I didn’t spend on Blufr I spent here on my last day. Never ever tell my boss…

3)  Finally, to cap off this week’s educational streak, here’s a lesson on How to Pimp-Slap. Ah, the Liberry’s just full of gems, aint it? Peace out, and keep my poor tired legs in your prayers!