March 16, 2011

Wednesday Weekly Links

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Here are this week’s linky treats. Enjoy!


Time magazine’s list of the 25 Best Movie Soundtracks.

“Journey to the West” (AKA “Monkey”) being adapted for new movie. Extra win – by Neil Gaiman!


English people are super-gullible and think science fiction is real… (You can also take a cut-down version of their survey for yourself)

The BobCats (or why it’s best cats don’t have careers…)

November 10, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Links

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Here are this week’s linky treats. Enjoy!


Duchovny spreads rumours (in French, mind you) of a third and final X Files Movie

A brief history of the alien invasion movie

Harrison Ford threatens an Indiana Jones 5 (despite the fact that April Fools Day is still months away!)


JK Rowling says she’s not done with Potter yet... (paving the way for “Harry Potter: The University Years” adult fiction hopefully! *winks*)


20 Awesomely Untranslatable Words from Around the World


June 26, 2010

Blogging Month Day 26: Little Victories, Literacy, Late Risers and Learned Squid

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Big family evening, speedy post before a nice warm bed with a nice warm cat 🙂

1) One Good Thing: Little victories: our OPAC broke down on Friday afternoon and we got an early mark. I got invited to write another review. Oh, and Thursday’s Honey Cookies were fantastic, total smash hit!

2) One Bad Thing: This isn’t really a today thing, it’s been a few things across the last couple of days that go together and have ticked me off. I have a strange-ish surname – Creese. It might be prone to mis-spelling, if one didn’t have it written down in front of them. I have this week suffered not one, but two, bad misspellings, and on reasonably important/official things too. And it’s not like I was dictating over the phone: in both cases these people had my surname written out in front of them (in one case on a driver’s license, for pity’s sake) and still got them wrong. So according to my first published review article, I’m a Crease. Even worse, according to my annual theme park pass, I’m a Cheese. Is it really that hard, honestly people?

3) One Thing I Learned: that I can get from bed to car on a work morning in 5 minutes if need be! My alarm didn’t go off on the morning of my early shift, and I awoke with 5 minutes before I needed to be out the door and on the road, and I made it – clothes on the right way around, medications taken, hair brushed. And I even managed to break a pair of shoes and have to switch to another one in that time too! (Of course, now my argument to hubby that yes, it does take an hour for me to get ready to go out to dinner, isn’t really going to work is it?)

4) Today’s link: and the World Cup is officially so all-pervasive now that even psychic octopuses are getting in on it

June 12, 2010

Blogging Month Day 12: Sales, Slip-ups, Speaking Dutch and Sisters Who Look Alike…

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Whoah… big day. Must say, for being left all alone to my own devices for the weekend I haven’t had much time to myself! Today (for the most part happily so) revolved largely around books…

1) One Good Thing: after doing the laundry (well, half of it anyway) and spending a good 90 minutes putting a printable wishlist of books together (and whittling down the 300-odd “I Want”s to the “Need to Get to Finish the Series and Move On with Life”s) I headed into town to the Lifeline Bookfest…

View down one out of about 300 tables of books. This thing fills an entire hall of the convention centre...

Anyway, not only was I remarkably restrained to the point of only 2 overflowing bags (both of which fit not too uncomfortably into a backpack) and only $60 spent, but I was also able to tick quite a number of long sought-after books off the wishlist, including a good number of Bernard Cornwell’s Sharpe books

2) One Bad Thing: Didn’t do quite a good enough job with wishlist weeding/whittling. Ended up with 2 copies of Tanith Lee’s “Night’s Sorceries“, didn’t get “Sharpe’s Waterloo” because I thought I had it but I didn’t. And grabbed what I thought was a Susanna Gregory standalone, but is actually Book 7 in a series, so the wishlist has ballooned again… d’oh!

3) One Thing I Learned: (other than that there are people out there who are WAY bigger book nerds than me that is?) Well, yesterday I had dinner with my in-laws, who are going away overseas for the year to Holland. They’re learning Dutch, and I asked them to say something in Dutch for me. And now I have learned that to greet someone you say “Hallo, hoe gaat het?” or something like that. Languages are groovy! 🙂

4) Today’s Link: because I love Improv Everywhere. And because my sister and I were reminiscing about how we used to pretend we were twins when we were little, even though there’s 3 years between us, she was taller than me even at the age of eight, and we’ve essentially swapped hair colours since then…

December 21, 2009

“At Christmas play and make good cheer, for Christmas comes but once a year.”

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Hi friends! I am pretty sure this is the last time I’m going to Blog before Christmas (though after Christmas I’ll have 3 lovely weeks of, so lots of time for web-surfing and uncovering oddities!) so Merry Christmas to All!! Hope these links are suitably festive (if not, drink really rumnmy eggnog while browsing, it’ll help!) Those of you with snow about, stay warm and cozy (and make snowmen for me) those of you in summer, stay cool!

1) A blogosphere friend of mine (babychaos) has written a short story, a sort of taste test for the book she’s bringing out. You can find it here. Friendly bias and stuff aside, it’s really very good in a Douglas-Adams-y kind of way…

2) In summer we chuck stuff out at my University Library. In the gallery of Awful Library Books, their public library’s doing the same thing. Only with more “so-bad-it’s-awesome” titles. And cover art. Gotta love public library cover art…

3) Again, more muppets. Because they’re just fabulously awesome. And because, well quite frankly, this one’s slightly creepy…

October 2, 2009

“You cannot be lonely if you like the person (or cat) you’re alone with.”

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I am all by myself this week (Mr LD is interstate for work) and the one thing I have learned is that If I hadn’t gotten married, I would definitely have been a Crazy Old Cat Lady. It’s sort of comforting, chilling and a little disappointing all at the same time… and Cat is now thoroughly sick of the sound of my voice.

Hopefully you don’t share his sentiments! Here, have some links…. good kitty, goooood…

1) I’m sure if you’re a fan (or training as a travel agent) you’ve certainly seen this one before – but I know where I’m taking my next holiday to…

2) If you’re a Bulwer-Lytton fan, the Redlines & Deadlines blog runs a similar contest, in case (like me) you can’t get enough.

3) Finally YouTube – and though I’m not one to forward plan too much, I now know exactly what I’ll be doing the day I quit working in libraries!

June 10, 2009

“Some people say that cats are sneaky, evil, and cruel. True, and they have many other fine qualities as well.”

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Hello everyone! Happy birthday, Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II! (Yes, we know, not your actual birthday, but thanks for the long weekend all the same!)

Want to know how I spent my 3 days of freedom?

Chasing cats. No metaphor here. Literally, I got given my mother’s two cats, lost them, roamed the neighbourhood handing out fliers and hunting for them, lured them back with food, lost them again, repeated previous two steps, etc… oh yeah, and earned a nasty bite for a failed attempt at claw clipping.

Cats suck. Other people’s cats suck. Even mine (who’s been sulking under the bed for the last 3 days, and will probably continue to do so for most of the next 3 weeks) sucks.

Welcome to a week without cat links…

1) Picture this: you love a particular someone in your life very much. More than can be adequately verbally expressed – what words could you possible find to say just how much you love that someone? Never fear – let social internet experimentation do the work for you. I Love You More Than Blank not only lets you tell the world how much you love someone, but also lends you someone else’s ideas for declaring your passion. So, whether you love your significant other more than fruit parfait (or slightly more creepily, more than your mum…) this is the site for you. Unless you mention Edward or Bella anywhere, in which case go back to your corner and sit there alone…

2) In the current economic and environmental crisis, it’s good to see that Britain’s still battling on tackling the questions we all really needed answers to… like this one…

3) I’m told that ABSOLUTELY everyone has already seen this, but anything from YouTube which makes me shriek with laughter for almost 10 minutes straight is totally worth blogging anyway. If you haven’t seen this clip before, be patient – and maybe don’t watch if you’ve got a heart condition and can’t take sudden shocks. Or are at risk of dying from cute.

Better than cats. A million times so.

December 10, 2008

“Technology is a queer thing. It brings you great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in the back with the other…”

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Sorry for the delay – I’ve been at a conference, and until they come up with a mobile-friendly version of WordPress for iTouch there’ll be no conference-blogging for me!

Anyway, when I haven’t been learning about weird and wonderful Apple stuff, I’ve been staying out of the heat and finding some links (let me tell you, one’s much easier than the other!) Here’s this week’s serve. Enjoy!

1) Satisfying my love of lists (in case you didn’t get enough last week!) get out your pen and start adding to your Christmas list if you haven’t got them – it’s the NY Times 100 Notable Books of 2008… (Actually, I think this is a bit America-centric, this list, as I haven’t read many at all! Or is it another case of ‘Shame on Me’?)

2) A bit of nerdy fun – sing your favourite Christmas carols in the best language in the world – Latin! At Gaudium Mundo, you’ll find everything from the obvious “Silens Nox” to the slightly more obscure “Dum Servant Pecus Pastores” (AKA “While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks”) . They’ve even got “Rudolphus Rubrinasus” on there – see if you can guess that!

3) Last, a pretty cool YouTube video – actually, everything on their channel’s pretty cool, and highly recommended. This group, Topology, performed at this conference I’m at and pretty much blew everyone away. What they do shouldn’t even ATTEMPT to be explained by a music-less person like me, but basically they look at the musical inflection within voices, particularly in powerful emotive pieces of oration, and build their music around it. Here’s a particularly famous one…

November 24, 2008

“After every storm the sun will smile…”

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Hi kiddies! The storms are all over, the sky is blue, my cat can finally venture outside again… it’s a good life! Smell the fresh air and enjoy the links!

1) This first one’s probably mostly for Aussies (because we wouldn’t blame you overseas types AT ALL if you didn’t know who he is. GWB barely knows who he is, and they’re supposed to be close-as-brothers political allies…) Anyway, Kevin Rudd’s been in power 1 year to the day today. Happy anniversary, Mr PM! If you were thinking of getting him a gift, there’s loads to choose from at the Kevin Rudd Memorabilia Store. Proudly brought to you by the Liberal Party in opposition. Free venomous hate and giftwrapping for the first 100 lucky customers…

2) Next, two great stories about Google’s new super-awesome voice search – apparently it’s racist because it doesn’t like British people. That or Brits really ARE obsessed with sex and talk about nothing else… and who would have thought, “izzit?” isn’t really a word?? Sorry, British people! We Aussies aren’t immune either though, take heart… obviously we need more Hugh Jackman market saturation! Talk more broadly Australian, dammit Hugh! Though maybe since he played Wolverine the world’s been a bit confused, perhaps he’s really Canadian… *finishing here, massive “Australia” rant tangent rapidly approaching!*

3) Finally, this is just SO wonderful I’m not even going to embed it, it’s too big! Apparently after years of being ripped off by YouTube users posting up illicit clips from Flying Circus, the Monty Python boys have decided that if you can’t beat them, join them, and they’ve launched their own Monty Python YouTube channel with all their clips in High-Quality format. Lupins all round!!

November 17, 2008

“Why didst thou promise such a beauteous day, And make me travel forth without my cloak, To let base clouds o’ertake me in my way…”

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Hello! I’m in a good mood (despite having no electricity for the better part of a day, and having to wade out my front door this morning) because my UK trip is all booked, all organized! And yes, bring on the jealous – this includes tickets to Romeo & Juliet by the Royal Shakespeare Company at Stratford-Upon-Avon! Woohoo, rocks to be me!

(Yes, I know, I have been looking at the weather reports, I know it’s shaping up to be the coldest European winter for years. Don’t bring me down, haters!)

Come share in my good mood, indulge in some delightful (and toasty-warm) links:
1) Just in case you missed it, the world’s going to end on December 12, 2012. Or December 21, 2012, if you prefer (and you’ve got big plans for those 9 days). Be super-prepared for Doomsday (because obviously it’ll make all the difference!) at December 21 I’m pretty sure this is for serious, people. I mean, Indiana Jones 4 as proof? That’s science in all its glory! And hey, if Mel Gibson’s a celebrity believer, we all should be too, right?

2) If you’re not quite sure how to fill in your remaining 4 and a bit years (or if you’re not quite convinced by The Smashing Pumpkins & Friends above) and you fancy yourself a bit of a writer – especially if you’re a lazy writer – why not drop past It’s a wiki-style collaborative novels project – someone starts a story, and then others can chip in with more story, plot ideas or character suggestions, and then people can vote on which direction they think the story should go in. Most collaborative novel projects online I’ve seen tend to fail dismally, but some of the stuff in here is fun, and anonymous as you like!  (Note: I am going straight to hell for the next sentence…) Hey, if Michael Crichton were still alive, I’m sure it’d be perfect for his next book!

3) Finally, because I just rewatched it again (is it possible to wear out DVD’s by overwatching?) here’s a snippet from one of the best songs ever, from the best movie ever, by the best felt puppets ever. And the latter’s a big call…

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