July 29, 2008

“O shame! where is thy blush?”

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Is it strange and ironic – when you get up in front of dozens of people in jingly coin belts, tassley skirts and belly-dancing get-up, throw your jiggly self around the stage for five minutes AND get filmed doing it – why is it the AUDIENCE who are the ones looking embarrased??

We reckon we’ve got it all worked out why they wear veils now…

Anyway, when not dying of shame here’s what I’ve been playing with this week:

1) Against all rhyme or reason, I have been wasting enormous amounts of time equipping a hedgehog to launch into space. ‘Nuff said.

2) After bringing you the Editing Room’s version of the Indiana Jones script a few weeks ago, I’ve another Crystal Skull treat for you. Grab this year’s two biggest movies in one thanks to McSweeney’s – “Sex and the City and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”

3) Finally, as I drool over (well not really as that would spoil their beautiful as-new-box-set condition!) my new D&D 4th edition manuals which I finally got up the guts-slash-boredom to pick up, I laugh at all the friends who call me loser and uphold that at least I’m not as bad as this… (lengthy, but if you’re a gamer, a geek or even just like laughing at people like us, worth a view!)


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