November 3, 2006

“Procrastination is like a credit card…”

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“It’s a lot of fun until you get the bill.” Apparently.

Anyway, big IT-Business exam tomorrow morning, so naturally I have taken the day off work and am here blogging instead of studying. Why prolong the pain?

So here’s today’s sites a little early, because at least from out the window it LOOKS like I’m studying.

1) Anyone ever watch Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (Affectionately known as MST3K) ? I know I was in fits of laughter as awful old sci-fi was given a good riffin’. Well, rifftrax is a site from Mike Nelson, creator of MST3K, where the fun continues. Pick the movie you want to watch (you need to have it on DVD or something), download the MP3 to go with it, then watch the movie and listen to the MP3 on your player while you do., giggling at Mike’s running commentary all the while. The “Top Gun” download is highly recommended…

2) Started in 2000, this site proudly presents you the largest collection of sour-faced, indignant felines on the Internet. Random snaps of mean, pissed looking cats accompanied by great captions. My personal favourite mean cat here is Angror – “Anger is a dish best served in the bath”…

3) Since I brought you a blog last week, it’s only fair I should bring you another one this week. In the spirit of tomorrow’s exam, this one is “How to Cheat Good.” May it do us all some good…

There you are. I guess it’s back to Enterprise Architecture definitions for this little black duck…wish me luck!!