March 30, 2011

Wednesday Weekly Links

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Here are this week’s linky treats. Enjoy!


10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Doctor Who


10 Reasons why Gandalf is a terrible wizard (hey, totally not saying I agree or not, this isn’t my list. Just bringing it to you.)

Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods” set to become a movie (and about time too!)


This is horrible. Just horrible. Is this really what real people think  about librarians? If I was still working I’d be doing jeans and heavy metal t-shirts for a month to try and tip the balance…

10 Megalomaniacs Who Should Rule You (And Why)

Results from the Oxfordshire World Poohsticks Competition (I can’t even begin to say how sweet it is they actually hold this…)


March 28, 2011

Meme Monday: What TV shows do you currently watch?

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(Taken from Kalafudra, as usual. But limiting my answers to one of each…)


Older Shows That I’m Finally Getting Around to Watching

Mysterious Cities of Gold. My husband used to watch this as a kid and they recently brought out a DVD box set. It’s… well it’s dated, and more than a bit racist, and the dubbing is really bad. Plus they have these weird “educational” segments at the end of each episode. Usually we sit and MST3K-style heckle, then feel bad…

Guilty Pleasure Shows

The Amazing Race – I know it’s tacky and trite. And I know Americans are awful, particularly when they’re overseas. And I know their team stereotypes are horribly offensive, and that lots of the high interpersonal drama is totally scripted. I know it probably should have run its course ages ago (although it’s nothing compared to Survivor on that count). I don’t know, maybe it’s Phil. But I just can’t look away, every single season.

Shows That Are Really, Really Awesome

Ooh, controversial – should be “shows that I think are really really awesome that others might not agree with”, really. Deadwood probably tops my list here…

Shows That I Continue to Watch Though I Don’t Really Know Why

Glee – I thought most of the first half of Season One was funny, fresh and bold. Most of the second half of Season One was week-on-week-off hit and miss. Season Two seems to be mostly “tired old stuff we’ve done before with the occasional new joke”. I used to laugh out loud at Season One, now I can go a whole episode without cracking a smile. Sad. (Maybe you should bring back Neil Patrick Harris, Glee. That might just cure everything…)

Everything Else you’re watching now

Surprisingly, not much else at all. Nothing regularly. If something like The Simpsons or Big Bang Theory is on and I’m channel surfing I’ll stop to watch the whole episode, but we tend to do our serious TV watching from DVD, and do one series at a time.

Current Shows That I’ve Been Meaning to Start Watching

Dexter. Though I have promised myself I’ll read the Book 1-3 omnibus I have first.

Currently On Break, But Awaited

Waiting for True Blood season 3 on DVD. Yes, I know I could download it. But I won’t… I’m a good responsible copyright-considerate librarian…

Looking Forward To

To quote Kalafudra verbatim – “Game of Thrones. Of course.” Enough said. (And this one I will be trying to watch online weekly. Because morally I can cope with that better than I can cope with downloading. I know it’s such a fine line as to be pretty much non-existent, but it helps me sleep at night.)

March 23, 2011

Wednesday Weekly Links

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Here are this week’s linky treats. Enjoy!


New Discworld TV series coming (and from the makers of “Hogfather” so hopefully it’ll be done right!)


10 potentially great sci-fi movies coming out in 2011


Fact: Boy toy ads sound different to girl toy ads. Interesting: swapping the sound around


This comes out here tomorrow – on my birthday! Mere coincidence – I think not! (Plus – Turk!)


March 9, 2011

Wednesday Weekly Links

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Here are this week’s linky treats. Enjoy!


Not to be outdone by Wolverine, Peter Pan’s getting an Origins movie too. Probable bad idea made worse by involvement of Channing Tatum…

Geeks make the house from “Up” in real life!


Firefly was divinely inspired (if you believe The Cutting Room webcomic, that is)


Never cared much for the original song, but in parody form it’s quite amusing. Watch for minor celebrity cameos!


(I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I SO want to do that!)



March 7, 2011

Meme Monday – TV Meme

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(Taken from here)

1. Earliest remembered television?

I’ve got a awful memory as far as childhood goes – I do remember watching PlaySchool in my kindy class at about 4 years old, just not the specifics of any given episode

2. TV series you would want on a desert island

If there was no fast-approaching hope of rescue, probably Stargate, as ten seasons would probably last me a fair while 🙂

3. TV that made you laugh

The last thing that made me genuinely laugh, to the point of tears and practically wetting myself, was Community. Fantastic comedy, very good fun.

4. TV that made you cry

I remember crying in the Angel finale. I don’t tend to cry at sad TV because invariably my husband does, and someone’s got to keep it together and remind him that it’s just TV, honey, it doesn’t matter… 🙂

5. TV crap that you enjoy

I’m not a huge fan of mindless crap, to be honest. (And isn’t crap in the eye of the beholder?) Most TV I watch is on DVD, and they don’t tend to put the mindless crap on DVD…

6. TV you’ll never forget.

I doubt most of what happened in Spartacus: Blood and Sand will be leaving my brain any time soon (though probably not for great reasons…)

7. Favourite TV adaptation.

Hands down, gotta be Pride and Prejudice. No contest.

Need I say more?

7. Favourite nerdish program

There are far, far too many to name. Pretty much everything I watch is nerdish…

8. One TV program you are currently watching

Finishing off Heroes. Season 4 is pretty godawful… we just need closure.

9. One TV show/series you have been meaning to watch

Dexter. Now I have the first 3 books I’m happy to read those and then watch the series, didn’t want to do it the other way around…

March 2, 2011

Wednesday Weekly Links

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Here are this week’s linky treats. Enjoy!


18 trivia facts about Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Gallery of famous historical personages, Lego style

Fifteen historical inventors’ ideas which were ahead of their time



February 23, 2011

Wednesday Weekly Links

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Here are this week’s linky treats. Enjoy!


If Star Wars had been a Western, and there had been action figures made, they’d probably have been something like this…

Ten trivia fact things you didn’t know about “The Empire Strikes Back”


One throwaway comment later, and we’re all helping Nathan Fillion raise money to buy Firefly and get it back on the air


I believe I’ve said it before – librarians are totally uncool. Daggy-in-a-cute-way, but uncool.

Cat Superhero

I have NO idea what is going on here. It is, however, adorable.

February 18, 2011

Friday Weekly Wrap-Up: Heroes, Herbs and Hairdresser Gossip

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The (2) week(s) that was! (Or were, rather. It’s been an exhausting fortnight. You can have a double concentrated dose.)

1) Two Good Things: Rediscovering Heroes: Season 1. And watching it with hubby this time (rather than alone) and he’s really enthusiastic, it’s kind of cute… 🙂

On the other hand, it's really going to suck when it gets crappy and breaks his heart...

Also got to attend a follow-up session for a conference I missed (apparently big fat preggos don’t fly interstate real well) and catch one or two of the presentations I was really sore about missing. Of course, with one more week of work there’s not a whole lot I can actually DO with all these cool new ideas, but at least I now have them. Fodder for daydreaming, at least.


2) Two Bad Things: All my lavender has, through a combination of drowning and drying out, died horribly. 😦

Was aiming for this. Needless to say, do NOT have this.

Also, apparently nobody makes children’ s face paint anymore. It’s impossible to get. And despite one’s best efforts to improvise with water-based acrylics and baby lotion, apparently today’s children are far too fussy to have their faces painted, delicate little flowers that they are. What is this sad world coming to?

3) TwoThings I Learned:

Pretty much every intimate detail about the shopkeepers who were flooded out at our dearly-departed local shopping centre – who was insured, who’s coming back, who was going bankrupt anyway. Apparently dog groomers are much like hairdressers are in the human world, and know EVERYTHING.

Nothing like what actually happens. Nothing to do with this story at all, really. But amuses me nonetheless...

Also – Do not wear Mary Janes when you’re pregnant, or a Sumo Wrestler will swap feet with you when you’re not looking and you will end up with scary jelly ankles and be forced by your colleagues to lie down with your feet in the air for most of the afternoon.

February 14, 2011

Meme Monday: Superhero Meme

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Taken from kalafudra.
And like her, these are my personal favourites, rather than who I think would win a fight. Because I am not nerd enough for the latter challenge, not by half.

With the caveat – most of my superhero experience would be from TV or Movie incarnations of said heroes, never went in for print comics much

Male Against Male

1. Conan or Superman?
Superman. Purely by exposure. Though once Jason Momoa’s Conan comes out I may be a changed woman. (Or at least a very drooly one.)

2. Spiderman or Silver Surfer?
Cartoon version Silver Surfer. Not from the Fantastic 4 movie. The live-action movies were not as cool as the cartoons ever were, and the second movie particularly so.

3. Captain America or Batman?
Batman. Don’t think I’ve ever come across Captain America before.

4. Wolverine or Cyclops?
Wolverine. I’m nothing if not a patriot. Please pass this message on to Hugh Jackman so he can send his (preferably shirtless) thanks.

5. Daredevil or The Phantom?
Ugh – hard work. Awful Ben Affleck or Awful Billy Zane? It’s like picking a dish off an offal menu when you can’t stand offal but you have to eat something… I’m going to go Phantom, because I’ve probably seen that movie once more than Daredevil.

6. Hellboy or Hulk?
Hellboy. The Hulk has just had too many incarnations recently, spoils it a bit.

7. The Flash or Green Lantern?
Haven’t really had much experience of either…

8. The Punisher or Blade?
Blade – guilty pleasure. Even Blade III *hangs head in shame*

9. Zorro or Thor?
Zorro. 100%. There’s something physiologically wrong with anyone who could pass on Banderas…

10. Blade or Spawn?
Blade again. They should probably have had someone else unique here?

Female Against Female

1. Batgirl or Supergirl?
Batgirl. I mean come on, she’s a librarian. Who else was I going to pick?

2. Elektra or Catwoman?
Catwoman. I was always Catwoman when I played Batman with my friends in grade 1. Happy memories.

3. Wonder Woman or Phoenix?
Wonder Woman – never heard of Phoenix

4. She-Hulk or She-Ra?
*sings* She-Ra! Princess of Power! (Admittedly, I wasn’t aware there even was a She-Hulk…)

5. Ultra-Violet or Wildstorm?
I’ve never heard of either of these superheroes…

6. Wonder Woman or Elektra?
Again, hard choice. Megan Fox (who I can’t stand) in a role I haven’t seen, or Jennifer Garner (who I love) in a terrible role? I’m going Elektra purely out of Garner loyalty, and I’ll just have to cringe later…

7. Leeloo or Buffy?
Why are these two even paired together – they’re absolutely nothing alike for comparison! I’m going with Leeloo, because unlike Buffy she never did anything that remotely annoyed me, and Buffy was on the odd occasion maddening as hell.

8. Queen of Swords or Xena?
Xena by default, as I have no idea who the Queen of Swords is.

9. Red Sonja or Nikita?
I assume Nikita = La Femme Nikita? I’ve never heard of Red Sonja before…

10. Storm or Wonder Woman?
Storm. And cartoon Storm, rather than Halle Berry Storm.

Female Against Male

1. Buffy or Blade?
I think Blade. Wesley Snipes’ one-liners are just too priceless to pass up.

2. She-Hulk or Hellboy?
Hellboy – but again, by default.

3. Red Sonja or Conan?
Conan – default again.

4. Supergirl or Superman?
Superman. Supergirl was kind of lame…

5. Xena or Spiderman?
Xena. I love the cheesiness…

6. UltraViolet or The Punisher?
Haven’t really come across either one…

7. Queen of Swords or Zorro?
Zorro – by default, true. But also because he’s awesome 🙂

8. Catwoman or Cyclops?
Catwoman. Cyclops is a whiny girl…

9. Nikita or Batman?
Batman. Batman would win pretty much any competition hands down though.

10. Phoenix or Silver Surfer?
Silver Surfer, by default.

January 26, 2011

Wednesday Weekly Links

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Here are this week’s linky treats. Enjoy!


A nice big long critics’ opinion piece on upcoming HBO juggernaut Game of Thrones. In case like certain others of us, you just can’t get enough GOT. Ever.


As if you ever needed more proof Christopher Walken was awesome…


via (so you can’t say you weren’t warned) 6 Cats More Badass Than You (And Most Superheroes)

Cat versus Internet…

Win for me and fellow dino-fans – hooray, Triceratops has been redeemed and declared a dinosaur again! (Now, we work on reinstating Pluto…)

Made me smile as we’re arguing about what sort of bookshelves we want at home at the moment…at least we can agree, not these…


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