March 7, 2011

Meme Monday – TV Meme

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(Taken from here)

1. Earliest remembered television?

I’ve got a awful memory as far as childhood goes – I do remember watching PlaySchool in my kindy class at about 4 years old, just not the specifics of any given episode

2. TV series you would want on a desert island

If there was no fast-approaching hope of rescue, probably Stargate, as ten seasons would probably last me a fair while 🙂

3. TV that made you laugh

The last thing that made me genuinely laugh, to the point of tears and practically wetting myself, was Community. Fantastic comedy, very good fun.

4. TV that made you cry

I remember crying in the Angel finale. I don’t tend to cry at sad TV because invariably my husband does, and someone’s got to keep it together and remind him that it’s just TV, honey, it doesn’t matter… 🙂

5. TV crap that you enjoy

I’m not a huge fan of mindless crap, to be honest. (And isn’t crap in the eye of the beholder?) Most TV I watch is on DVD, and they don’t tend to put the mindless crap on DVD…

6. TV you’ll never forget.

I doubt most of what happened in Spartacus: Blood and Sand will be leaving my brain any time soon (though probably not for great reasons…)

7. Favourite TV adaptation.

Hands down, gotta be Pride and Prejudice. No contest.

Need I say more?

7. Favourite nerdish program

There are far, far too many to name. Pretty much everything I watch is nerdish…

8. One TV program you are currently watching

Finishing off Heroes. Season 4 is pretty godawful… we just need closure.

9. One TV show/series you have been meaning to watch

Dexter. Now I have the first 3 books I’m happy to read those and then watch the series, didn’t want to do it the other way around…



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