June 17, 2009

“It takes patience to appreciate domestic bliss; volatile spirits (i.e. cats) prefer unhappiness”

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Hi everyone!

Well, a week on, and I still have all three cats, no new bite marks, and most of my sanity. Hooray!  (Now if we could all just learn whose food is whose, and that the bathtub is not a litter tray, 100% domestic bliss will be achieved!)

Mr LiberryDwarf is bitter this week since Swine Flu has broken out at the highschool where he works (cue the “students are pigs” jokes in 3…2…1…) but although the kids get the week off, he does not. And while he does tend to rant like an old person when grouchy, at least he’s got lots of time to road-test and add suggestions to the Time-Wasters list that forms this blog. So there you have it – this week’s links have passed Bored Teacher Quality Control inspections! (So don’t say you weren’t warned…)

1) What do you do if you’re an artist, architect, devoted Holmes fan and have far too much time on your hands? Probably something a lot like this

2) If you ever watched 30 Rock with a strange sense of Deja Vu, this might explain why… (Actually I think it’s scarily accurate and does go a long way to explaining why I like both shows…)

Clue =

3) YouTube this week – and yes, naughty cats are back in the good books. Couldn’t stay away long, could I?


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