March 4, 2008

“It’s nice to know that what you’re doing is being read and enjoyed by a good deal of people.” (or at least a couple, and neither of them’s your Mum)

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It’s nice to be read. Blog stats, as I believe I’ve said before, are super-cool fun (teehee! Kitten Burger!) but pingbacks make my day. *sigh* It’s nice not to feel futile. Makes a nice change from the day-job!

Anyway, time to earn that absolute wave of blogosphere respect…

1) A continuation of last week’s literary theme (thanks for this link go to Kalafudra as I found it on her blog): you thought the weird titles of last week were a hoot? Take a look at the Literary Review’s Bad Sex in Fiction Awards, of which the late great Norman Mailer was the latest recipient. I was going to find you a snippet to stick here as a teaser, but quite frankly I couldn’t find much that wouldn’t get me fired or make me vomit inside my mouth, so you’ll just have to look for yourself – now there’s incentive!

Read the shortlisted passages. Out loud. To your significant other. If nothing else, roll-on-the-floor snot-dripping laughter will guaranteed bring you closer together…

2) I saw a Warhol exhibit on the weekend, so naturally I was going to try and find a Warhol-izer for you to play around with. I go searching, and what do I find? The time-waster MOTHERLODE, I tells ya! I present for your enjoyment The Generator Blog – not just one new toy to play with, but a new one pretty much every couple of days. Find your Harry Potter Name. Make and download your own mobile/cell phone wallpaper. Translate your name into Tibetan character. Oh, and when you resurface 3 years later, drop me a thankyou note, yeah?

3) Finally, out of a random mix of nostalgia and copyright nautiness (plus someone was singing the theme song when I was out the other night and it’s stuck in my head): here’s Disney’s sweetest ever cartoon: Lambert the Sheepish Lion. If you can prove the theme song did NOT get stuck in your head, I will publish a LTSL Hall of Fame next week and you will be on the list!



  1. Bad sex in fiction awards… priceless!



    Comment by babychaos — March 4, 2008 @ 11:00 pm

  2. “If you were Harry Potter, your name would be Harry Potter!”

    Kind of a disappointment – although I do like to have the main part 🙂

    Lambert is so cute – I didn’t know him before… “He’s not ferocious as a sheep but he has a sheepish grin.”

    Comment by kalafudra — March 5, 2008 @ 8:03 am

  3. All together now… “Laaaaaambert, the sheepish lion…” I did warn you…

    Comment by liberrydwarf — March 7, 2008 @ 7:59 pm

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