March 18, 2011

Friday Weekly Wrap-Up: Movies, Melting and Maternity

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The week that was!

One Good Thing: Saw “The Adjustment Bureau” on Tuesday – highly recommended, very enjoyable. Not sure it’s quiet “Bourne Identity Meets Inception” as the trailers seem to indicate, but a great story and very entertaining.

I wish I was Emily Blunt - she's so gorgeous!

One Bad Thing: It’s still horribly horribly hot. It’s almost the end of March, and still sweltering. Yuk!

One Thing I Learned: Apparently my husband is terrified of me going into labour. Like, keeps-him-awake-at-night terrified. And would insist on a caesarean, all side-effects notwithstanding, 100% to prevent the whole labour thing. But he won’t tell me why…



  1. Ah poor guy. Hope he can bring himself to address his fears before the event. The thing about labour is that (for the most part) it starts off slow. So he probably will have time to adjust to it.
    Give him a job – it makes them feel useful. I made hubster administer water to me and he was also chief applier of back pressure points during contractions.

    Comment by Penny — March 28, 2011 @ 9:07 am

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