March 4, 2011

Friday Weekly Wrap-up: Buying, Breeches and Bloomers

Filed under: Children, family — liberrydwarf @ 8:44 pm

One Good Thing: I now have pretty much every large expensive item for LiberryBaby. (We just won’t look at credit card statements for a while…)

One Bad Thing: LiberryBaby is the wrong way up. This means either acupuncture (weird), turning physically (uncomfortable) or hacking me up (worst possible outcome). Husband’s suggestion of hanging upside down from light fitting met with all the scorn it deserves…

One Thing I Learned: A story from my mother about my grandmother – she had twins, who were toddlers at the time of said story. She was crossing the street, one four-year-old holding each hand, and an elderly gentleman was coming the other way. In the middle of the crossing, my tiny innocent four-year-old uncle reached around with his free hand, yanked up my grandmother’s skirt, and shouted “look Sir, my mother has new knickers”. This goes a long way towards explaining many of the slightly strained relationships in my extended family…


  1. love the knickers story.
    My first was the wrong way too in the sense he was facing out(posterior)rather than breech which is what I suspect you mean. Still. Try the cat yoga pose or using an ironing board on a slope… google ironing board turning baby ;P

    I might add that mine didn’t end up turning and I gave birth to him as a posterior baby via ventouse extraction. You might say it was a sucky birth.

    Comment by Penny — March 8, 2011 @ 12:03 pm

    • Penny – no, full on feet-first, apparently. But it’s been a bit like an octopus thumb-wrestling tournament in there this week, so hopefully bub has wriggled around 180 degrees and will stay there!

      Comment by liberrydwarf — March 12, 2011 @ 8:27 pm

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