January 24, 2011

Meme Monday: a Rainbow Meme

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(taken from kalafudra as usual…)

Angry Red

1. Are you currently mad at someone?
Not at anyone in particular. At an institution or two, but not specific individuals.

2. Which of your family members has the worst temper?
My sister. Absolute epitome drama queen.

3. Have you ever thrown something at anyone?
Balled-up paper, water-balloons and the like. Never anything deliberately designed to maim.

4. Is anyone mad at you?
I’m probably particularly maddening at the moment. I hope not. That’s never the intention…

5. Are you usually mad?
Not mad. Constantly disappointed, probably, but not mad.

6. When you’re mad do you prefer to stare angrily or yell?
I’m of the vocalising persuasion, but it’s quantity rather than volume.

Exciting Orange

1. Has anyone ever thrown a surprise party for you?
Yes – my husband threw me a surprise birthday party, which I found out about from checking a text message for him, but (I think) managed to still act convincingly surprised for.

2. What event is coming up that you’re most excited about?
Does nervous terror count? If it does, then it involves the addition of a new tiny person to our family…

3. If you won a million dollars, what would be your first thought?
New house, new car, work-quitting investments…

4. If you could have anything right now what would it be?
A decent night’s sleep, and to swap spines with someone else…

Yellow Belly Self

1. Name: Jenny

2. Birthday: March 24th

3. What’s your main goal in life?
Not dying until I’m good and ready.

4. Do you want to have children?
*snorts* it’s a bit late to be asking that now…

5. When do you want to die?
See point 3 above…

Opinionated Green

1. Are you against gay marriage?
Not at all. Even as a married person, I’m not a great believer in capital M Marriage as it is. If people want it (any people) they should be able to go for it.

2. Lower the drinking age?
Nobody pays much attention to it anyway, so I can’t see much reason to change it. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

3. Capital Punishment?
Ooh, hard one. I think against it, because there’s always the chance someone got something wrong somewhere along the judicial line… and there’s no pardon and compensation from being dead.

4. Abortion?
Absolutely pro-choice. But I do also think that there should be more support, and less red-tape, for giving up kids for adoption. And less government incentive for mothers who don’t really want their children, but do like the sound of that $5000…

Lovely Blue

1. Do you love someone?
Many people. In many different ways.

2. Do you believe in love at first sight?
Yes – but I don’t think it can last unless it’s got some real foundation and work going towards it once it’s set up.

3. Do you believe in love?
Would you answer yes for either of the previous questions if you didn’t?

Purple Query

Q: How many glasses of water did you have today?
A: I drink water from bottles rather than glasses. I’ve had one bottle (minus the bit I couldn’t keep down this morning) so about 700mls?

Q: What color are your socks?
A: Sandals today. Which absolutely positively precludes the wearing of socks, under any circumstances.

Q: Name one thing that you do everyday?
A: Hug my cat.

Q: How much cash do you have on you right now?
A: About $30 probably?

Q: Are you for or against Hillary?
A: What, Clinton? I don’t think I care much either way… American politics bemuses me.

Q: Look to your left. What’s there?
A: A pile of papers I’m supposed to be transcribing into a spreadsheet, but I’m blogging and procrastinating instead…

(To be truthful, when I read this question, the first thing that popped into my head was the Old Spice Guy. I was very tempted to respond that it was two tickets to that thing I love – that had just become diamonds…)

Q: What’s the last piece of clothing you borrowed?
A: Expanding size precludes me from a lot of borrowing. I think it was probably a hat that my husband got for shaving his head for charity one year, I wore it to the bus-stop so I didn’t get sunburned. But I didn’t ask, and he’s likely forgotten it exists, so does that count as borrowing?

Q: What website(s) do you visit the most?
A: Twitter, my email, and Facebook. And BookMooch.

Q: Do you have plants in your room?
A: No.

Q: Does anything hurt on your body right now?
A: Don’t get me started…

Q: Do you own a picture phone?
A: A what??

Last but not Least, Pink

1. Person you saw?
A colleague.

2. Person you sent a text message to?
My hairdresser to confirm an appointment.

3. Movie watched in cinema?
Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader. But I’m going to something tonight…

4. Song you listened to?
I think it was one off Kanye West’s recent album, had just started when I turned off the car this morning.

5. Person you talked on the phone with?
My sister, on Saturday, to tell her my bus was late and I was running late for our hair appointment…

6. What are you doing right now?
Surely that’s a bit self-evident…?

7. What are you doing tonight?
Meeting friends to go to the movies.

8. What are you going to eat?
I don’t know yet.


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