November 29, 2010

Monday Meme: A Book Meme

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(Taken from here)

1. What book is in your purse/car?

It’s usually whatever I’m reading right now. At the moment it’s Tooth and Claw by Jo Walton.

2. what book is in your bathroom?

There’s a copy of a magazine (if that counts) Cosmopolitan Pregnancy Spring 2010 issue.

3. what book is nearest to your favorite chair?

Oh gosh, we don’t really have armchairs. I guess we have the computer chair in our study? The closest book to that is probably on of my husband’s book on social research and statistics (zzzzz…..)
4. what book is nearest to your couch?

Probably the copy of Anne Aguire’s Grimspace I got from BookMooch a few days ago and haven’t put away yet…

5. what book is nearest to your bed?

Trying to keep my bedroom and bedside table clear of piled-up books, and succeeding at the moment! Hubby has  a copy of Candace Havens’ Charmed and Dangerous on his bedside table…


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