November 22, 2010

Monday Meme: Top 5 Foods

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Holiday season is upon many of us (and others of us are just celebrating the chance to eat whatever we want, pretty much, without judgment being passed…) So this week, we’ll explore the top five things that, given the choice between anything else, I’d scoop up and chow down on any time…

1) Toad in the Hole

Toad in the Hole

It’s probably horribly horribly bad for you, but there’s just something about smothering your leftover barbecue sausages in Yorkshire batter, baking it up so it’s crispy on the outside and soft-and-still-a-bit-gooey on the inside, and then coating it all in gravy…

2) Cheese Twisties

Cheese Twisties

No other country in the world has these, as far as I’ve seen. And no other cheese-flavoured chip-style snack in any other country I’ve tried has the same texture/consistency or flavour. Another reason why I would never survive if I didn’t live in Australia.

Not ever to be confused with the chicken variety, which are absolute poison, and an evil trap for newcomers…

3) Tabouleh


Belittled as “Goat Food” by pretty much all the men in my family, there’s nothing quite like a fresh tabouleh salad, with just the right ratio of lemon juice : olive oil and really fresh tomato. Sadly on the “banned while you’re knocked up” list…

4) Camembert/Brie Cheese


Yes, I know these are different, but I do love them both – room temperature when they’re a bit oozy, on a crisp thin wafer cracker. Pure unadulterated creamy bliss. Also on the BWYKU list… (booh!!)

5) Honeycomb


Mind you, it’s got to be the right sort of stuff. Not that aerated melt-too-quickly Cadbury stuff. Not the violently-splintering Nestle stuff. Actually, plain is better than chocolate-coated, to be honest. I’d have to say sweet treats are not a favourite of mine, but honeycomb somehow manages it, especially home-made stuff. Really good honeycomb is a little creamy in texture and tastes all summery. Beautiful!


Now I’ve gone and made myself hungry… 😦


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