November 12, 2010

Friday Wrap-up: Haircuts, Hidden Secrets and Hell Broken Loose

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The week that was!

1) One Good Thing: Cut off all my hair. Well, not all of it. It now sits about a half-inch to an inch above my shoulder, rather than halfway down my back. It no longer weighs a ton, but I can still clip it up out of my face. Plus, now it looks lighter without having to fork out for more highlights. Score!

2) One Bad Thing: I’ve been helping my Mum pack up her house to move from the country to the city my siblings and I all live in, so we can be one big happy neighbourly family. Anyway, I was packing her bookshelves last weekend and came across her wedding album from when she married my Dad. Some perspective – my parents have been seperated for 17 years. And it wasn’t pretty. And you know how many couples mellow into a somewhat-friendship, or at least tolerance, over time? Not my parents. The bitter hatred ferments like a fine wine and only gets more refined with age. (In a way my parents are like Scotch. Which would please my Dad. But might explain a lot of why they broke up in the first place.) Anyway, she came over and saw me with the album, and then there was this awful tense awkwardness where she pretended like she wasn’t upset I’d found it, and I pretended like it’d never happened in the first place, and now she’s going to want to unpack and throw it out but can’t do that because I’LL KNOW! Or HE’LL WIN! Or something. *sighs* Parents…

3) One Thing I Learned: Having gone to visit the scout section above mine, that my kids are ANGELS and my behaviour management/time management/genera child wrangling skills are AWESOME! Because that other meeting was an absolute shambles – kids tying other kids up, card-games going on at the back of the room, more squealing than I thought possible outside a piggery, and all the while adults ignoring it and talking louder…

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