November 1, 2010

Meme Monday: Scary Movie Meme

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In honour of Halloween just past – the top 5 movies that have scared me the most – with a note, I don’t consider myself a particularly easy-to-scare girl. I don’t consider gore scary, it’s just horrible, so there’s no Saw I, III or LCVIII here (whatever they’re up to) and movies get on here for their suspense, shock or general eeriness.

1. Scream: as I said a few posts ago, this was probably the first horror movie I ever watched, I was probably far too young and innocent for all that gore, and it well-and-truly scared the pants off me for months. ( I know, gore here – but it wasn’t the gore that was the scary part, the suspense in this one was actually pretty well done.)

2. The Devil’s Advocate: maybe it’s just just Al Pacino, but I’ve always found this one creepy. It’s not jump-out-of-your-chair shocks and things, but just this decidedly disturbing vibe throughout. Delicious!

3. Shutter Island: I know, I know, this was a mystery more than a scary movie. But again, had that all-round creepy vibe, particularly around Michelle Williams’ character, definitely gave me chills in the pit of my stomach.

4. The Village: I’ll probably get some grief for admitting to having an M. Night Shyamalan film in a top 5 of anything list, but stupid as the ending turned out to be this was a ripper of a scary movie, particularly the suspense fed off Ivy’s fear and blindness.

5. From Hell: again, I’ll probably cop some grief for film choice here too, but again this one was utterly creepy the whole way through. Even the so-called hero was creepy. (And yeah, lots of gore, but never mind…)

So that’s my five. Feel free to agree, disagree, bemoan my bad taste or challenge me with your own list!


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