October 4, 2010

Monday Meme: the Pet Peeves meme

Filed under: Memes — liberrydwarf @ 1:16 pm

List the top 10 things that irritate you above all other things.

(Hey, it’s just been one of those weeks…)

  1. People who idle in full carparks waiting for someone to come along so they can stalk them and take their space. You block the road so nobody can move around the carpark, and you’re just downright creepy.
  2. Misuse of it’s/its. Drives me bananas. Misuse of the possessive apostrophe as a plural in general I think.
  3. Teenage shop assistants who call you “sweetie” or “darl” or similar terms of endearment. I would possibly put up with it from ladies my grandmother’s age, but not from you, highschool girl!
  4. People who talk back at the screen, or talk loudly to their friends, in movie theatres. Acceptable for your own loungeroom, not for public spaces.
  5. Drivers who run orange lights that changed AGES ago, or just plain run red lights.
  6. On the same topic, drivers who roar past you in overtaking lanes when you’re already sitting above the speed limit!
  7. Sport-related variety shows (for example, see here)
  8. People who automatically refer to my cat as a female. You wouldn’t do that for a child, don’t do it for a pet.
  9. Religious people (yes, even friends) who turn every element of every conversation into some sort of point about their deity.
  10. People who want to know where I went to highschool. I’m 27. Highschool was 10 years ago. Why does it matter to anyone but you?

There you go, and only one of these was at all related to the student assignments I’ve spent all week marking. I’m a healthy balanced person! Must admit, this meme was actually kind of fun, and reminded me a bit of this song


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